He’s Back: Henry Cejudo to return to wrestling competition

Updated: January 13, 2011

From Novuss Media

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Olympic gold medalist, author and hometown hero Henry Cejudo hopes to add another gold medal to his remarkable life story by competing in the 2012 London Olympics. The 23 year-old wrestling powerhouse plans to return to competition as soon as possible. As a fierce competitor and uncompromising athlete, he has stayed loyal to an aggressive training regimen since winning the gold medal in 2008.

The youngest gold medalist in United States wrestling history, Cejudo achieved his dream of becoming an Olympian at 21 years old. An improbable goal for an unlikely hero, his character and spirit were strengthened through a childhood spent fighting for survival on and off the mat. Cejudo is confident that the dedication, determination and desire that propelled him from adversity to Olympic gold will serve him again in 2012.

“Winning another gold medal for my country would be an honor for me” stated Cejudo. “Training to perform at the Olympic level takes everything you have in your body, heart, mind and soul. I have always been committed to wrestling and the United States; I am ready to put everything I have behind that commitment again.”

Cejudo plans to return to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., where he trained for four years prior to winning the Olympic gold medal in Beijing.

“Henry Cejudo is the reigning Olympic champion. Anytime you have an athlete of that caliber in your program is a huge lift,” said USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender. “We are excited about his return and look forward to his quest for another Olympic title.”

“Getting Henry back is exciting for American wrestling. It is always great for our program to have our Olympic champions on the mat,” said National Freestyle Coach Zeke Jones. “He has a lot of work to do. We will have a chance to evaluate where he is at, and set a training and competition schedule for him.”

About Henry Cejudo
Olympic gold medalist and author, Henry Cejudo, achieved his dream of becoming an Olympic gold medalist at just 21 years old. Henry made history by becoming the youngest American wrestler to bring home the gold. The American born son of undocumented immigrants from Mexico, Cejudo spent his early years in fear of his criminal father and immigration officials. He struggled to find consistency in his chaotic world as he fought for survival on and off the wrestling mat. His amazing story of determination and triumph has won the hearts of America. A story that was captured by Henry Cejudo and Bill Plaschke in a book titled “American Victory.” Henry continues to achieve his dreams with another book deal, adidas shoe endorsement and inspiring millions of young athletes and troubled youth through his work with numerous charities. Many have expressed that Cejudo represents everything that is right with this country and that his journey embodies the ethos of the American Dream.