Big Ten champ Penn State picked to also win NCAAs

Updated: March 7, 2016

NEWTON, Iowa — One day after Penn State returned to the top of the Big Ten Conference, the Nittany Lions have been picked to also win the 2016 NCAA Division I Championships, based on WIN’s March 7 national rankings, presented by Cliff Keen Athletic.

The Nittany Lions, who yielded the top spot in both the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments in 2015 … after winning four straight conference and national titles (2011-14) … are projected to produce as many as two champions and six All-Americans (resulting in 97.5 points) at the 2016 Nationals, March 17-19, in New York City. That prediction is from WIN’s Tournament Power Index (TPI), which is based on WIN’s individual rankings and the NCAA points associated with those eventual national finishes, including Top 8/All-American placements.

WIN’s TPI point totals are broken down as follows: 1st – 20 (16 AA points + 4 advancement points); 2nd – 16 (12+4); 3rd – 13.5 (10+3.5); 4th – 12.5 (9+3.5); 5th – 10 (7+3); 6th – 9 (6+3); 7th – 6.5 (4+2.5); 8th – 5.5 (3+2.5). Additional points for other rankings include: 9th/12th – 2; 13th/16th – 1.5; 17th-20th – 1. TPI points will be lower than the final actual NCAA tournament points because it does not include bonus points.

Ranked behind Penn State is Big 12 champion Oklahoma State with six predicted All-Americans and 85.5 points and defending national champion Ohio State (5/76). The Buckeyes are followed by Virginia Tech, which is projected to claim the most All-Americans (7), tallying 71. 5 points.

There were also changes at the top of three individual weight classes: Big Ten champ Zain Retherford is picked No. 1 at 149 pounds after beating Iowa’s Brandon Sorensen; Illinois’ defending national champ Isaiah Martinez returned to number one at 157 pounds after edging Penn State’s Jason Nolf; and 2014 national champ J’den Cox of Missouri is tabbed to win a second national title at 197 after dominating the MAC tournament.


WIN’s March 7 Tournament Power Index

RankCollege Top 8 TPI Pts
1Penn State697.5
2Oklahoma State685.5
3Ohio State576
4Virginia Tech771.5
8NC State457.5
12North Carolina327
21Arizona State116
22Kent State115.5
23tCSU Bakersfield112
23tOregon State212
27Ohio U.110
28Appalachian State19
29tCentral Michigan07
29tSouth Dakota State17
33tIowa State06.5
33tNorthern Iowa06.5
35Old Dominion04.5
38tNorth Dakota State03.5
42tWest Virginia03
45tCleveland State02.5
47tBoise State02
47tFranklin & Marshall02
50tMichigan St01.5
54tNorthern Illinois01
54tNorthern Colorado01
54tLock Haven01
54tUtah Valley01



WIN’s March 7 Individual Rankings

125 pounds

1.Nathan TomaselloOhio StateSo.1st
2.Nico MegaludisPenn StateSr.4th
3.Thomas GilmanIowaJr.2nd
4.Joey DanceVirginia TechJr.3rd
5.Darian CruzLehighSo.7th
6.Eddie KlimaraOklahoma StateSr.5th
7.Barlow McGheeMissouriSo.11th
8.Ronnie BresserOregon StateSo.8th
9.Ryan MillhofOklahomaSo.9th
10.Tim LambertNebraskaJr.12th
11.Dylan PetersNorthern IowaJr.6th
12.Paul PetrovBucknellSr.14th
13.Josh RodriguezNorth Dakota StateJr.15th
14.Connor SchramStanfordSo.18th
15.Sean FauszNC StateRSFr.17th
16.David TeraoAmerican U.Sr.10th
17.Drew TemplemanWyomingJr.16th
18.Conor YoutseyMichiganJr.NR
19.Zeke MoiseyWest VirginiaSo.13th
20.Elijah OliverIndianaFr.20th


133 pounds

1.Nahshon GarrettCornellSr.1st
2.Cory ClarkIowaJr.3rd
3.Zane RichardsIllinoisJr.2nd
4.Cody BrewerOklahomaSr.4th
5.Ryan TaylorWisconsinJr.10th
6.George DiCamilloVirginiaJr.6th
7.Jordan ConawayPenn StateSr.5th
8.Eric MontoyaNebraskaJr.8th
9.Earl HallIowa StateSr.7th
10.Johnni DiJuliusOhio StateSr.13th
11.Mack McGuireKent StateJr.9th
12.Anthony GiraldoRutgersRSFr.17th
13.Cameron KellyOhio U.Fr.12th
14.Nathan KraisserCampbellJr.18th
15.Geoffrey AlexanderMarylandSr.11th
16.Dom MaloneNorthwesternSr.20th
17.Jade RauserUtah ValleySr.NR
18.Gary Wayne HardingOklahoma StateSo.16th
19.Dom ForysPittsburghSo.NR
20.Rossi BrunoMichiganSr.14th


141 pounds

1.Dean HeilOklahoma StateSo.1st
2.Joey McKennaStanfordFr.2nd
3.Kevin JackNC StateSo.3rd
4.Micah JordanOhio StateFr.4th
5.Solomon ChishkoVirginia TechRSFr.5th
6.Anthony AshnaultRutgersSo.6th
7.Joey WardNorth CarolinaJr.7th
8.Matt ManleyMissouriJr.8th
9.Tommy ThornMinnesotaRSFr.9th
10.Richard DursoFranklin & MarshallSr.10th
11.Todd PrestonHarvardSr.11th
12.Randy CruzLehighJr.13th
13.Chris MecateOld DominionSr.15th
14.Jimmy GulibonPenn StateJr.19th
15.Javier GascaMichigan StateSo.16th
16.Danny SabatelloPurdueSr.NR
17.Steve BleiseNorthern IllinoisRSFr.NR
18.Zach HoranCentral MichiganSr.17th
19.Anthony AbidinNebraskaSr.20th
20.Brock ZacherlClarionFr.NR


149 pounds

1.Zain RetherfordPenn StateSo.2nd
2.Brandon SorensenIowaSo.1st
3.Alex PantaleoMichiganSo.6th
4.Lavion MayesMissouriJr.4th
5.Jason TsirtsisNorthwesternJr.5th
6.Anthony CollicaOklahoma StateJr.7th
7.Jake SueflohnNebraskaSr.3rd
8.Evan HendersonNorth CarolinaSr.9th
9.Matt CimatoDrexelJr.11th
10.Michael DePalmaKent StateSr.19th
11.Justin OliverCentral MichiganRSFr.8th
12.Geo MartinezBoise StateSo.12th
13.Alex RichardsonOld DominionSr.10th
14.Jake ShortMinnesotaSo.15th
15.Tyson DipperyRutgersSo.20th
16.Mitch FinesilverDukeSo.13th
17.Dan NeffLock HavenSr.NR
18.B.J. ClagonRiderSo.14th
19.Matt KrausArizona StateSr.17th
20.Davion JeffriesOklahoamaFr.NR


157 pounds

1.Isaiah MartinezIllinoisSo.2nd
2.Jason NolfPenn StateRSFr.1st
3.Thomas GanttNC StateSr.3rd
4.Joe SmithOklahoma StateFr.8th
5.Ian MillerKent StateSr.4th
6.Dylan PalacioCornellJr.7th
7.Nick BrascettaVirginia TechSr.6th
8.Cody PackSouth Dakota StateSr.5th
9.Brian MurphyMichiganSo.10th
10.John BoyleAmerican U.Sr.12th
11.Dylan CottrellWest VirginiaJr.13th
12.Edwin CooperIowaSr.15th
13.Richie LewisRutgersJr.9th
14.Austin MatthewsEdinboroSo.NR
15.Bryce SteiertNorthern IowaFr.14th
16.Jake RyanOhio StateRSFr.17th
17.May BetheaPennSo.20th
18.Chad WalshRiderSo.18th
19.Markus ScheidelColumbiaJr.19th
20.Luke SmithCentral MichiganSr.16th


165 pounds

1.Alex DieringerOklahoma StateSr.1st
2.Isaac JordanWisconsinJr.2nd
3.Bo JordanOhio StateSo.3rd
4.Daniel LewisMissouriRSFr.5th
5.Stephen RodriguezIllinoisSr.4th
6.Max RohskopfNC StateJr.6th
7.Anthony PerrottiRutgersSr.7th
8.Chad WelchPurdueSr.8th
9.Tanner WeathermanIowa StateSr.9th
10.Austin WilsonNebraskaSr.10th
11.Devon GabboHarvardSr.NR
12.Jim WilsonStanfordJr.14th
13.Ryan PreischLehighFr.12th
14.John StaudenmayerNorth CarolinaSr.15th
15.Cooper MooreNorthern IowaJr.13th
16.Jake FaustDukeSo.17th
17.Duke PickettCornellSr.11th
18.Clark GlassOklahomaJr.18th
19.Dave McFaddenVirginia TechFr.19th
20.Adam FierroCSU BakersfieldSr.NR


174 pounds

1.Bo NickalPenn StateRSFr.1st
2.Brian RealbutoCornellJr.2nd
3.Ethan RamosNorth CarolinaSo.5th
4.Zach EpperlyVirginia TechSo.3rd
5.Blaise ButlerMissouriSr.8th
6.Zac BrunsonIllinoisJr.4th
7.Cody WaltersOhio U.Sr.7th
8.Myles MartinOhio StateRSFr.15th
9.Bryce HammondCSU BakersfieldSr.10th
10.Mike OttingerCentral MichiganSr.11th
11.Nate JacksonIndianaJr.12th
12.Alex MeyerIowaJr.6th
13.Brian HarveyArmySr.17th
14.Lelund WeatherspoonIowa StateJr.20th
15.Matt ReedOklahomaJr.16th
16.Jadaen BernsteinNavySo.18th
17.Chandler RogersOklahoma StateRSFr.NR
18.Casey KentPennSr.13th
19.Nick WanzekMinnesotaSo.19th
20.Jon SchleiferPrincetonSo.14th


184 pounds

1.Gabe DeanCornellJr.1st
2.Victor AveryEdinboroSr.2nd
3.Blake StaufferArizona StateSr.4th
4.Domenic AbounaderMichiganJr.5th
5.Nathaniel BrownLehighSr.3rd
6.Zack ZavatskyVirginia TechSo.6th
7.Sammy BrooksIowaJr.12th
8.Matt MillerNavySr.10th
9.Nolan BoydOklahoma StateJr.9th
10.Timothy DudleyNebraskaJr.7th
11.Hayden ZillmerNorth Dakota StateSr.8th
12.Pete RendaNC StateJr.11th
13.Jack DechowOld DominionJr.14th
14.Matt McCutcheonPenn StateSo.17th
15.Lorenzo ThomasPennSr.15th
16.Willie MiklusMissouriSo.13th
17.Jordan EllingwoodCentral MichiganSo.NR
18.Nicholas GravinaRutgersSo.19th
19.Jeff KoepkeIllinoisJr.16th
20.Kenny CourtsOhio StateSr.18th


197 pounds

1.J’den CoxMissouriJr.2nd
2.Morgan McIntoshPenn StateSr.1st
3.Conner HartmannDukeSr.4th
4.Nathan BurakIowaSr.5th
5.Brett PfarrMinnesotaJr.3rd
6.Reuben FranklinCSU BakersfieldSr.6th
7.Jared HaughtVirginia TechSo.7th
8.Aaron StudebakerNebraskaJr.9th
9.Phillip WellingtonOhio U.Sr.11th
10.Mike BoykinNC StateSo.10th
11.Max HuntleyMichiganSr.8th
12.Brett HarnerPrincetonJr.13th
13.Zach NyeVirginiaSr.14th
14.Kyle ConelKent StateRSFr.16th
15.Ryan WolfeRiderJr.20th
16.Nate RotertSouth Dakota StateSo.15th
17.Preston WeigelOklahoma StateRSFr.NR
18.Sam WheelerCleveland StateSr.18th
19.Pat DowneyIowa StateJr.NR
20.Trent NoonNorthern ColoradoSr.17th



1.Kyle SnyderOhio StateSo.1st
2.Nick GwiazdowskiNC StateSr.2nd
3.Ty WalzVirginia TechJr.3rd
4.Adam CoonMichiganJr.4th
5.Austin MarsdenOklahoma StateSr.5th
6.Denzel DejournetteAppalachian StateSr.6th
7.Amarveer DhesiOregon StateSo.8th
8.Max WessellLehighSr.9th
9.Michael KroellsMinnesotaJr.10th
10.Billy SmithRutgersSr.11th
11.Joe StolfiBucknellSr.14th
12.Nathan ButlerStanfordSo.15th
13.Tanner HallArizona StateFr.12th
14.Blaize CabellNorthern IowaSr.13th
15.Riley ShawCleveland StateSr.16th
16.Tanner HarmsWyomingxxNR
17.Ross LarsonOklahomaJr.18th
18.Jared JohnsonChattanoogaJr.20th
19.Brooks BlackIllinoisJr.NR
20.Colin JensenNebraskaJr.19th



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