Who do you want to see wrestle at the 2013 NWCA All-Star Classic?

Updated: August 29, 2013

NWCA All Star Classic; You Decide

By Wade Schalles

There will be 10 matches contested November 2nd on the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. We’d like to know what match-ups you’d find interesting. Which ones would you drive 2 hours to see?

Below are listed several possible pairings. There could certainly be more given the level of talent in America’s collegiate wrestling rooms, but we only have room for 10.
You may select the same person to wrestle twice. Why not put the best of the best on the mat for more than seven minutes? Give each athlete their NCAA mandated 45 minute rest and throw them out for a second go-around. This is a goldmine opportunity for the fans who get to watch their favorite wrestlers compete a second time and an opportunity for the athletes to achieve a level of stardom not previous available to them.
Please click on only 10 bouts. If you’d like to suggest other possible match-ups, please place them in our “comment” section.

Ramos (Iowa) – Megaludis (Penn State)
Maple (Oklahoma) – Stieber (Ohio State)
Taylor (Penn State) – Howe (Oklahoma)
Ruth (Penn State) – Perry (Oklahoma State)
Perry (Oklahoma State) – Howe (Oklahoma)
Maple (Oklahoma) – St. John (Iowa)
Carter (Virginia Tech) – Ramos (Iowa)
Megaludis (Penn State) – Delgado (Illinois)
Stieber (Ohio State) – Carter (Virginia Tech)
Ramos (Iowa) – Delgado (Illinois)
St. John (Iowa) – Taylor (Penn State)
St. John (Iowa)-Caldwell (Oklahoma)
Delgado (Illinois)-Garrett (Cornell)
Nelson (Minnesota) – In a tag team match versus McMullan (Northwestern) and Telford (Iowa)
Brown (Penn State) – Perry (Oklahoma State)
Gadson (Iowa State) – Ruth (Penn State)
Gadson (Iowa State)-Loder (Univ. of Northern Iowa)
A.J. Schoop (Edinboro) – Garrett (Cornell)
Kraisser (North Carolina) – Garrett (Cornell)
Alton (Penn State) – Green (Nebraska)
Sheptock (Maryland) – Storley (Minnesota)
Davis (Notre Dame, D-II) – Taylor (Penn State)
Kokesh (Nebraska)-Brown (Penn State)