Dan Gable’s Q&As from 2012-13

Updated: June 29, 2013

Dan Gable, who won both NCAA championships and World/Olympic gold medals as both a wrestler and coach, keeps up with the current events in wrestling and gives routinely gives his thoughts about wrestling in every issue of WIN magazine.

V11I2 BW, master (Page 8)The following are Gable’s comments from Volume 19 in 2012-13:

• Issue 10 (printed June 28, 2013): College wrestling can learn a lot from the struggle to save Olympic wrestling

• Issue 9 (May 1, 2013): It’s time for certainties in international wrestling

• Issue 8 (printed April 2, 2013): More physical wrestlers performed better at the 2013 NCAA Nationals

• Issue 7 (printed March 13, 2013): Team balance can be as important as star power at the NCAA tourney

• Issue 6 (printed Feb. 29, 2013): Wrestling must change FILA before changing the sad IOC decision

• Issue 5 (printed Feb. 5, 2013: Learning to compete in wrestling will help in other sports … and life

• Issue 4 (printed Jan 9, 2013: Top teams need team leaders dominating now to create momentum

• Issue 3 (printed Dec. 18, 2013): Midlands provided the best wrestlers a chance to be great in any style

• Issue 2 (printed Nov. 21, 2012): Like a marriage, good coaching partners complement each other

• Issue 1 (printed Oct. 24, 2012): The coaches summit showed coaches want to work as a team