Training Technique of the Week: Lateral Mini-Band Walks

Updated: November 29, 2011

By Scott Goodpaster

Lateral mini-band walks are an excellent exercise to activate the glute medius. This muscle is often overlooked when it comes to decreasing the potential for injury.

At Cincinnati Functional Fitness it’s a must for our wrestlers not to neglect the small muscles. We use lateral mini-band walks in our dynamic warm-up. This exercise will decrease injury and strengthen the hips so you can be a more powerful wrestler.

CFF wrestlers Drew Hobbs and Ryan Thomas demonstrate lateral mini-band walks. Notice how both wrestlers keep tension on the band and maintain good posture with this exercise.

• Stay down in a wrestling stance.

• Take a big step with outside foot and a small step with inside foot.

• Perform lateral mini-band walks for 20 yards both directions.

(Scott Goodpaster, CSCS, is the Director of Cincinnati Functional Fitness, an MMA Certified Strength & Conditioning coach and nationally recognized in the field of strength & conditioning for wrestlers.)