A Piece of History: View The 1973 Iowa State vs. Mankato State Dual Meet Program

Updated: February 4, 2011

By Matt Krumrie
WIN Magazine Contributing Writer

An interesting PDF (view the program below) was sent to me by an uncle of mine recently. It’s the official program of the Jan. 5, 1973 dual meet between Iowa State University and Mankato State University held in Ames, Iowa. Iowa State won the NCAA Division I title in 1973, with two Cyclones – Rich Binek at 177 and Chris Taylor at heavyweight (called Unlimited then), winning national titles. Mankato State finished 7th in the nation in 1973, in the NCAA Division II national tournament. So, this dual featured the best Division I team that year against a top 10 Division II team.

The program cover features Chris Taylor on the front, and there are a number of interesting sections within the rest of the program that longtime wrestling fans will enjoy.

Not only is it interesting reading the rosters and lineups for each team (my uncle, by the way, is in the lineup – Jim Augustin, a 126-pounder for Mankato State). Three of my uncles (Bill Augustin, Rich Augustin and Marv Augustin) from the legendary Augustin family of St. James, Minnesota, drove to the match to watch their brother Jim – a 1972 Minnesota state high school runner-up back when it was only one class – compete on what sure to be a cold winter night in the early 1970’s. Through all of these years, they have kept this program and many, many others.

I remember looking at my uncle Jim’s 1973 MSU wrestling team program. What stood out to me about that program was the Mavericks schedule that year. They competed against nine Division I teams. Nine! So, Mankato State wrestling a team like Iowa State wasn’t out of the ordinary, but more of the norm back then.

What also stood out to me was the Iowa State schedule listed in the program. Right away I noticed teams like Colorado State, Colorado, Washington and Oregon – all schools that now no longer have wrestling. The NCAA tournament that year was also held in Seattle, Washington.

Another section that stood out to me was the scoring section, describing wrestling terms and the point system. This would be a great resource for the casual fan or the fan that is just learning about the sport – as well as work as a good guide when fans debate points given. For example, if one fan thought it was a nearfall and another didn’t, they could refer to the scoring guide as a point of reference to debate/prove their points.

It’s also interesting reading the ads and seeing how they have changed over the years.

It’s amazing the history and memories one program from nearly 40 years ago can hold. What stands out to you? What is it about programs and wrestling history you find interesting? Comment on the article below and we’ll publish your favorite memories.

View the program here:

Official Program: Iowa State vs. Mankato State, Jan. 5, 1973

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