Matt’s Mat Notes: Twitterverse talking about Iowa win over Penn State

Updated: January 30, 2011

By Matt Krumrie
WIN Magazine Contributing Writer

The college wrestling world was buzzing Sunday, as fans across the country were tuned in following the much-anticipated Iowa vs. Penn State match. Would Cael Sanderson and the top-ranked Nittany Lions end Iowa’s streak of 72 consecutive matches without a loss? Or would Tom Brands and his Hawkeyes prove that they are still a team to be reckoned with, despite falling out of the top 10 in WIN’s Jan. 24, 2011 Tournament Power Index (TPI) rankings? By now – we all know the results, Iowa surprised many (except the loyal Hawkeye faithful who stood by the black and gold) and defeated Penn State 22-13 Sunday at Rec Hall. The Twitterverse was blowing up with comments and postings about the dual. Here is a sampling of what was said as of 8:15 eastern time Sunday evening:

Note: The hashtags #Iowa, #PennState, #CollegeWrestling and #Iowawrestling were searched:

THANK YOU LION FANS! The crowd was great, the white out was OUTSTANDING! We will learn from this, the national title is still our goal!

Who’d a thunk it? Fans leaving Rec Hall in second period of heavyweight bout with #PennState down 22-10. #collegewrestling

#Iowa upsets #1 #PSU. you gotta love #collegewrestling #bigten

Hawkeye wresting doin work on penn state right now. Two of the top programs in the country. #collegewrestling

Breaking News: RAMOS helps #Iowa knock off #PennState today to keep their unbeaten streak alive (73 in a row)!

Wow: More than 6,000 people turned out for today’s #PennState wrestling match.

Congrats to the Iowa wrestling team. Showing where they still belong by spanking #1 Penn State.

Cael = Fail. Iowa beats PSU.

@ brianvandell
Was this #psuwrestling best chance. Both r young, #iowawrestling big in critical weights.

Note to Cael; 2 be the man u gotta beat the man. Iowa beats #1 PSU

Was this #psuwrestling best chance. Both r young, #iowawrestling big in critical weights.

“Iowa is Iowa. They win,” #PennState wrestler David Taylor said.

PINNED: No. 1 #PennState wrestling downed by No. 8 Iowa 22-13 in front of nearly 6,700 fans in Rec Hall…

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