2010 Midlands: Top Contenders Announced for Dec. 29-30 Event

Updated: December 23, 2010

EVANSTON, Ill. — The 2010 Midlands Tournament Committee has announced the top contenders for the annual event, which takes place at Northwestern University on Dec. 29-30. Although the final seeding for Midlands may extend beyond the top eight at each weight class, the pretournament contenders reflect only the top eight wrestlers and are subject to change. Final seeding for the event will be determined on Tuesday, Dec. 28.

In the field at this year’s Midlands are 97 nationally ranked competitors, including four ranked No. 1 in the country at their weight class and five more ranked No. 2.

Weight-by-Weight Top Midlands Contenders

1. Matt McDonough, Iowa
2. Brandon Precin, Northwestern
3. James Nicholson, Old Dominion
4. Jarrod Patterson, Oklahoma
5. Alan Waters, Missouri
6. Ryan Mango, Stanford
7. Joe Langel, Rutgers
8. Frank Lomas, Cal-Bakersfield

–Other Contenders–
Anthony Zanetta, Pittsburgh
Ryak Finch, Iowa State (Unattached)
Thomas Williams, American
Derek Reber, Bucknell


1. Tyler Graff, Wisconsin
2. BJ Futrell, Illinois
3. Filip Novachkov, Cal Poly
4. Tony Ramos, Iowa
5. Kyle Hutter, Old Dominion
6. Scotti Sentes, Central Michigan
7. Levi Mele, Northwestern
8. Justin Paulsen, Stanford

–Other Contenders–
Frank Cagnina, Lehigh
Jose Mendoza, Cal State Bakersfield
Jordan Keller, Oklahoma
Nate Moore, Iowa
Jimmy Kirchner, Rider
Cashé Quiroga, Purdue

1. Jimmy Kennedy, Illinois
2. Zack Bailey, Oklahoma
3. Boris Novachkov, Cal Poly
4. Tyler Nauman, Pittsburgh
5. Mark Ballweg, Iowa
6. Chris Drouin, Iowa State
7. Todd Schravrien, Missouri
8. Kaleb Friedley, Northwestern
–Other Contenders–
Elijah Nacita, Cal State Bakersfield
Mike Koehnlein, Nebraska
John Kohler, Maryland
Matt Mariacher, American
Tristen DeShazer, Northern Illinois
Trevor Melde, Rutgers
Jon Kohler, Maryland
Kenny Jordan, Adams State

1. Kevin LeValley, Bucknell
2. Andrew Nadhir, Northwestern
3. Corey Jantzen, Harvard
4. Ganbayar Sanjaa, American
5. Mario Mason, Rutgers
6. Eric Terrazas, Illinois
7. Cole Schmitt, Wisconsin
8. Nate Carr Jr, Iowa State

–Other Contenders–
Joey Napoli, Lehigh
Nick Fisher, Cal-Poly
Zac Cibula, Rider
Dan Osterman, Michigan State
Nick Lester, Oklahoma
Kyle Bradley, Missouri

1. Steve Fittery, American
2. Jake Patacsil, Central WC
3. Jason Welch, Northwestern
4. Derek St. John, Iowa
5. Walter Peppelman, Harvard
6. Matt Lester, Oklahoma
7. James Fleming, Clarion
8. Bryan Deutsch, Northern Illinois

–Other Contenders–
David Cheza, Michigan State
Darrel Cocozzo, Rutgers
Barrett Abel, Cal Poly
Kyle John, Maryland
Trent Weatherman, Iowa State
Andrew Balch, Cal State Bakersfield

1. Andrew Howe, Wisconsin
2. Jordan Burroughs, Nebraska
3. Josh Asper, Maryland
4. Scott Winston, Rutgers
5. Zach Toal, Missouri
6. Andrew Sorenson, Iowa State
7. Jake Kerr, Iowa
8. Ryan DesRoches, Cal Poly

–Other Contenders–
Brandon Hatchett, Lehigh
Trevor Hall, Cal State Bakersfield
Mike Miller, Central Michigan
Brian Cobb, RoadRunner WC
Jim Resnick, Rider
Chase Nelson, Oklahoma
Ethan Headlee, Pittsburgh
Conrad Polz, Illinois


1. Jon Reader, Iowa State
2. Nick Amuchastegui, Stanford
3. Ben Bennett, Central Michigan
4. Tyler Caldwell, Oklahoma
5. Mike Letts, Maryland
6. Jordan Blanton, Illinois
7. Dorian Henderson, Missouri
8. Alex Caruso, Rutgers

­–Other Contenders–
Austin Meys, Lehigh
Rob Morrison, Rider
Ben Jordan, Wisconsin
Ethan Lofthouse, Iowa
Caleb Kolb, Nebraska
Brian Roddy, Northwestern


1. Grant Gambrall, Iowa
2. Robert Hamlin, Lehigh
3. Travis Rutt, Wisconsin
4. Josh Ihnen, Nebraska
5. Erich Schmidtke, Oklahoma
6. Tony Dallago, Illinois
7. Ian Hinton, Michigan State
8. Aaron Jones, Northwestern

–Other Contenders–
Mike Larson, Missouri
Ryan Loder, Northern Iowa
Max Thomusseit, Pittsburgh
Corey Peltier, Maryland
Lee Munster, Northwestern (Unattached)


1. Trevor Brandvold, Wisconsin
2. Zac Thomusseit, Pittsburgh
3. Jerome Ward, Iowa State
4. Luke Lofthouse, Iowa
5. Joe Kennedy, Lehigh
6. Riley Orozco, Cal State Bakersfield
7. Daniel Mitchell, American
8. Brent Haynes, Missouri

–Other Contenders­–
Alex Thomas, Clarion
Mario Gonzalez, Illinois
John Schoen, Northwestern
Jay Hahn, Bucknell
Ryan Smith, Cal-Poly
Keldrick Hall, Oklahoma
Andy Johnson, Nebraska
Tyler Smith, Rider


1. Zach Rey, Lehigh
2. Ryan Tomei, Pittsburgh
3. D.J. Russo, Rutgers
4. Ryan Flores, American
5. Dom Bradley, Missouri
6. Tucker Lane, Nebraska
7. Jarod Trice, Central Michigan
8. Nathan Fernandez, Oklahoma

–Other Contenders–­
Eric Bugenhagen, Wisconsin
Christian Brantley, Northern Iowa
Mike McClure, Michigan State
Blake Rasing, Iowa
Kyle Simonson, Iowa State
Atticus Disney, Cal Poly
Mike McMullan, Northwestern (Unattached)
David Morgan, Cal State Bakersfield
David Wade, Eastern Michigan

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