Sites of All-Time NWCA National Duals

The following breaks down where past NWCA National Dual Championships have been held. It was just a tournament for NCAA Div. I schools before 2002, when the NWCA also offered the event from schools in the NCAA Div. II and III as well as NAIA, NJCAA and women’s college teams.

Year Div. I Tournament Only Multi-Div. Duals #
  1989 Hampton, Va.
  1990 Hampton, Va.
  1991 Hampton, Va.
  1992 Ann Arbor, Mich.
  1993 Lincoln, Neb.
  1994 Lincoln, Neb.
  1995 Lincoln, Neb.
  1996 Lincoln, Neb.
  1997 Lincoln, Neb.
  1998 Iowa City, Iowa
  1999 Iowa City, Iowa
  2000 University Park, Pa.
  2001 University Park, Pa.
  2002 Columbus, Ohio
  2003 Columbus, Ohio
  2004 Cleveland, Ohio
  2005 Cleveland, Ohio
  2006 Cedar Falls, Iowa
  2007 Cedar Falls, Iowa
  2008 Cedar Falls, Iowa
  2009 Cedar Falls, Iowa
  2010 Cedar Falls, Iowa
  2011 Cedar Falls, Iowa
  2012 Stillwater, Okla.* Springfield, Ill.
  2013 Minneapolis, Minn. Springfield, Ill.
  2014 Columbus, Ohio Des Moines, Iowa
  2015 Iowa City, Iowa Fort Wayne, Ind.
  2016 Host Sites (Dual Series) Fort Wayne, Ind.
  2017 Host Sites (Dual Series) Fort Wayne, Ind.
  2018 Fort Wayne, Ind.
  2019 Louisville, Ky.  
  2020 Louisville, Ky.  
  2021 Cancelled  
  2022 Louisville, Ky.  
  2022 Louisville, Ky.  

* – Rutgers, Cornell, Iowa State and Oklahoma State served as regional sites.

# – Division I school competed in the Multi-Divisional National Duals between 2002-11.

Source: Jason Bryant

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