Pac-12 Championships

March 9 • Tempe, Ariz.

2019 Final Pac 12 Team Scores and Championship Bracket Results

Teams Ranked in WIN’s TPI (Total and Top-8 Ranked): 13. Arizona State (3/2); 20. Oregon State (2/2); 28. Stanford (2/1); 41. CSU-Bakersfield (2/0). Rest of Conf.: Cal Poly

2018 NCAA Review: 25 qualifiers, one champ, five AAs

2019 NCAA Automatic Qualifications Per Weight Class:


2018 Pac 12 Review: Six champs led Arizona State to a second straight team title with 96 points to finish ahead of Oregon State (70).

Returning Champs: 125-Ronnie Bresser (OSU), 157-Josh Shields (ASU), 174-Zahid Valencia (ASU). Arizona State’s Anthony Valencia (165), Kordell Norfleet (184) and Tanner Hall (Hwt) are redshirting this year after winning titles in 2018.

History: Oregon State has won 23 team titles, including five since the conference changed its name to Pac 12 in 2011. Arizona State, which has won the last two Pac-12s, has won 18 all-time titles. The only other current school to win a team championship was CSU-Bakersfield (1996 and ’99). Four former Pac-12 schools, which dropped wrestling, also won titles:  Boise State (6, the last in 2011), Oregon (three, 1982), UCLA (1, 1964), Washington (two, 1971 and ‘74) and Washington State (one, the first tournament in 1963). 

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