NCAA Div. III Rankings – Nov 16, 2016

National Wrestling Coaches Association Division III — November 16, 2016


Dual Team Ranking                       

RankTeam Record
1.Wartburg College (IA)(0 – 0)
2.Wabash College (IN)(1 – 0)
3.Ithaca College (NY)(0 – 0)
4.University of Wisconsin – La Crosse(0 – 0)
5.Roger Williams University (RI)(0 – 0)
6.Johnson & Wales University (RI)(0 – 0)
7.Concordia College – Moorhead (MN)(0 – 0)
8.SUNY Cortland (NY)(0 – 0)
9.Augsburg College (MN)(0 – 0)
10.Central College (IA)(0 – 0)
11.Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)(1 – 0)
12.Coe College (IA)(0 – 0)
13.Messiah College (PA)(0 – 0)
14.College of New Jersey(0 – 1)
15.University of Wisconsin – Whitewater(0 – 0)
16.New York University(4 – 0)
17.Wilkes University (PA)(3 – 1)
18.York College (PA)(0 – 0)
19.Baldwin Wallace College (OH)(1 – 0)
20.Cornell College (IA)(1 – 0)
21.SUNY Brockport (NY)(1 – 0)
22.Ursinus College (PA)(0 – 0)
23.US Coast Guard Academy (CT)(0 – 0)
24.Delaware Valley College (PA)(1 – 2)
25.Millikin University (IL)(1 – 0)



Tournament Team Ranking

Rank            School            Points

1.Wartburg College (IA)(45)
2.Messiah College (PA)(33)
3.Wabash College (IN)(29)
4.Ithaca College (NY)(28)
5.Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)(25)
6.University of Wisconsin – La Crosse(24)
7.University of Wisconsin – Whitewater(22)
8.Wilkes University (PA)(21)
9.Central College (IA)(18)
10.Augsburg College (MN)(17)
11.Wheaton College (IL)(15)
12.York College (PA)(15)
13.Coe College (IA)(12)
14.Cornell College (IA)(12)
15.SUNY Oneonta (NY)(11)



Individual Rankings


125 pounds

1.Lucas MalmbergMessiah College(sr)
2.CJ PestanoCentral College(jr)
3.Zac DennyUW Whitewater(sr)
4.Arnulfo OleaWartburg College(sr)
5.Guessepe ReaWilkes University(sr)
6.Jakob StagebergConcordia College – Moorhead(jr)
7.James KaishianIthaca College(sr)
8.Jan RosenbergCoe College(sr)
9.Carlos FeuntezWheaton College(jr)
10.Nick ManciniUniversity of Mount Union(jr)


133 pounds

1.Chris WilliamsMillikin University(so)
2.Troy StanichStevens Institute of Technology(fr)
3.Ryan FlynnYork College(sr)
4.Sam BennyhoffAugsburg College(so)
5.Joe BrodmanUW Whitewater(sr)
6.Michael TriplettLoras College(jr)
7.Ryan WeinmannUW La Crosse(sr)
8.Austin SiscoOneonta State(jr)
9.Zach BylykbashiWashington & Lee University(so)
10.Jay AlbisJohnson & Wales University(so)


141 pounds                                                                                               

1.Devin BroukalWabash College(jr)
2.Matt GrossmannWilkes University(jr)
3.Josh MartinCornell College(jr)
4.Gregg WarnerYork College(so)
5.Dustin WeinmannUW La Crosse(sr)
6.Connor CampoWartburg College(sr)
7.Nick WahbaIthaca College(sr)
8.Alvontae DrummondMcDaniel College(sr)
9.Layten BinionNorth Central College(sr)
10.Joe FerindeJohnson & Wales University(so)


149 pounds

1.Seth LansberryLycoming College(sr)
2.Daniel Del GalloUniversity of Southern Maine(sr)
3.Ben WilliamsonNorth Central College(so)
4.Cross CannoneWartburg College(so)
5.Josh EvansWilkes University(jr)
6.Brendon SeyfriedWilliams College(so)
7.Sam SchneiderIthaca College(fr)
8.Zach WilhelmStevens Institute of Technology(jr)
9.Zack LeBarronKeystone College(fr)
10.Alex KramerUrsinus College(sr)


157 pounds

1.Grant ParkerAugsburg College(sr)
2.Nick BovaWabash College(sr)
3.Derek ArnoldUrsinus College(sr)
4.Christopher SullivanUS Coast Guard Academy(jr)
5.Jeff HojnackiMessiah College(jr)
6.Logan ThomsenWartburg College(jr)
7.Aaron EngleCornell College(sr)
8.Ty HerzogRoger Williams University(sr)
9.Ray JazikoffNew York University(jr)
10.Thomas PoklikuhaStevens Institute of Technology(so)


165 pounds

1.Logan HermsenUW Stevens Point(sr)
2.Ryan HarringtonCoe College(sr)
3.Nick VelezIthaca College(jr)
4.Larry CannonMessiah College(sr)
5.Nolan BargerLycoming College(sr)
6.Colin NavickasStevens Institute of Technology(sr)
7.Stephen AielloWheaton College(sr)
8.Ryan VandallCentral College(sr)
9.Nick HerringThe College of New Jersey(sr)
10.Tristan ZurfluhLuther College(sr)


174 pounds

1.Ben SwarrMessiah College(jr)
2.Eric DevosWartburg College(jr)
3.Sonnieboy BlancoWashington & Jefferson College(sr)
4.Josh SibbliesCentenary College(sr)
5.Garrett BeamanSaint Olaf College(so)
6.Richard CarlsonUW La Crosse(sr)
7.John MessingerNew York University(sr)
8.Stephen JarrellJohnson & Wales University(sr)
9.Jon GoetzUW Platteville(so)
10.Mason MergenerConcordia University – Wisc(sr)


184 pounds

1.Justin KreiterLuther College(sr)
2.Austin CookUW La Crosse(so)
3.Jordan NewmanUW Whitewater(jr)
4.Grant WedepohlUW Platteville(so)
5.Dillen DeckerHeidelberg University(so)
6.AJ McBroomCentral College(sr)
7.Patrick RooneyUS Merchant Marine Academy(sr)
8.Bryan LevsenWartburg College(sr)
9.Ricky BriggsConcordia College – Moorhead(jr)
10.Jordan BusheyOswego State(fr)


197 pounds

1.Riley LefeverWabash College(sr)
2.Michael SwiderWheaton College(sr)
3.Carlos ToribioIthaca College(sr)
4.AJ KowalStevens Institute of Technology(jr)
5.Kyle FankWartburg College(jr)
6.Luke FernandezElizabethtown College(sr)
7.Mason BaumgartnerConcordia University – Wisc(sr)
8.Tyler MaclellanBaldwin Wallace College(jr)
9.Guy PatronLoras College(fr)
10.Matt SeaboldCentral College(sr)



1.Zach RoseberryDelaware Valley College(sr)
2.Lance EvansWartburg College(jr)
3.James BethelOneonta State(so)
4.Paul TriandafilouGettysburg College(so)
5.Kyle FosterRoger Williams University(sr)
6.Nino MajoyHeidelberg University(sr)
7.Matan PelegUrsinus College(sr)
8.Justice DavisConcordia College – Moorhead(sr)
9.Austin BellileMilwaukee S. of Engineering(jr)
10.D’Andre JohnsonUW Platteville(so)




Ranking Committee: Kevin Bratland (US Coast Guard Academy), Mike Howard (Oswego State),

Corey Luce (New York University), Jon Laudenslager (Wilkes University), Eric Keller (Wartburg College),

Phil Moenkedick (Concordia College – Moorhead), Joe Norton (North Central College)


Next Ranking: December 7, 2016


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