• FCA Girls Wrestling helps Hankins make an impact

    Photo: Lisa Hankins (center) discussed life lessons with several girls during a recent Fellowship of Christian Girls Wrestling meeting in Georgia. Note: The following column by Sandy Stevens was publishing in the...

  • Cliff Keen Athletic endorses women’s freestyle wrestler Katherine Shai

    Cliff Keen Athletic is pleased to announce that they have entered into a marketing and athlete endorsement deal with Women’s 53 KG Freestyle Wrestler Katherine Shai. Katherine joins Team Cliff Keen...

  • The Hildebrandts: Today’s New Wrestling Family

    Photos: (Left) Sarah Hildebrandt (front) took this selfie of her family after last summer’s Final X that sent her to her third World Championships in women’s freestyle. Joining in the fun (from bottom...

  • USA women make gold history at UWW Worlds

    Photo: Jacarra  Winchester (left), Adeline Gray (center) and Tamyra Mensah-Stock celebrated with the American flag as each won gold medals at the 2019 UWW World Championships in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. (Photos by...

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