Andy’s Angles at the 2015 Worlds

andy hamilton

Wrestling journalist Andy Hamilton at the 2015 World Championships at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

Andy Hamilton, nationally-known wrestling journalist from Des Moines, Iowa, will be at the 2015 UWW World Championships … and will provide a daily unique insight while covering the international event from within the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

Below are his daily observations, his angles on the 2015 Worlds:

Sept. 8 — The winner looked like a loser; the loser looked like a winner

Sept. 9 — 13-time World champ Yoshida adds to her legacy and has plenty of Japanese media following her

Sept. 10 — UWW president Lalovic still facing tough task of making sport more fan friendly; proposes big changes

Sept. 11 — It’s amazing what wrestling’s kids — America’s Kyle Snyder and Russia’s Abdulrashid Sadulaev — are doing these days, especially in the 2015 Worlds

Sept. 12

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