RMN Events wrestlers and “Where are they now”: Tyger Taam

Updated: December 29, 2023

Photo: Tyger Taam will be shooting for his third Hawaii state championship after he was named the No. 1 pound-for-pound wrestler in his state by Bedrock Sports.

A Preface …

Nearly seven years ago, the initial RMN Events Outwest Update began as a monthly article in the October 10, 2017 issue, which featured Taylor LaMont, a four-time Utah state champion and four-time Outstanding Wrestler.

Since that time, this space has featured 90 individuals or programs who have not just performed at a higher level but who have done so while maintaining their integrity and demonstrating how adversity strengthened their character. They inspired the wrestling family to be at their best on and off the mat. Outwest has now interviewed 57 wrestlers, 17 coaches, 14 clubs or teams and two officials. 

Because we were touched by their initial stories, we invited those featured to share where they are now. What follows here and in future columns will describe how wrestling has continued to influence and serve as a moral compass for their daily lives. 

Here is a “Where Are They Now” feature on one of those special athletes:

Aloha, my name is Tyger Taam. I’m from Honolulu, Hawaii (Oahu). Currently a junior at Moanalua High School, I have wrestled ever since I was five years old, loving the sport since Day 1 when I first stepped on the mat, wrestling with my bare feet.  

I eventually improved through the years by competing in small state tournaments. Eventually, I worked my way up to going to tournaments up on the mainland, where I first didn’t do very well. But, I just went back into the wrestling room to perfect my craft. Later, I started to place more at tournaments.

I have been traveling to mainland tournaments for 10 years, specifically the Rocky Mountain Nationals, World of Wrestling tournaments in Reno and Tulsa and also Super 32, NHSCA Virginia Beach High School Nationals, and the Doc Buchanan, as well as competing in freestyle at the U.S. Open, Western Regionals, and Fargo Jr. Nationals. These all helped me grow as a wrestling athlete.

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Also, I am trained in the traditional art of judo, where for the past ten years I have competed monthly and entered quite a few judo nationals, earning three national titles. In addition, I have trained in jiu-jitsu for four years, competing in local tournaments and NAGA.

The USA Judo National Team invited me to travel with them to international competitions representing the United States in Athens, Greece where I placed second at an international tournament.

Back in Hawaii, in high school wrestling competition I went undefeated both my freshman 132-pound year and sophomore season at 138 pounds with a total record of 44-0. I ended up taking home two state titles during the two-year stretch. 

Bedrock Sports in Hawaii ranked me pound-for-pound No. 5 my freshman year and No. 2 P4P my sophomore year. Now a P4P No. 1 as a junior, I am eager to earn a third state championship, then work toward a fourth state title to complete my goal of becoming one of Hawaii’s four-time state champions.

Beyond these aspirations, I would love to take myself to the next level of wrestling: NCAA wrestling. In addition, I’m really looking forward to experiencing the college life, learning how to get around and live independently, experience new places, and meet tons of new people.

I am eager and would like the opportunity to experience college wrestling at its finest. I want to train diligently and perfect my craft, gain friendships with my teammates and coaches and be open to learning from the best. 

Born and raised in Hawaii, I am 17. I love to spend time with my close family, friends and my dog, George. In my free time, I like to read and I try to make some side money so I can have a little something when I go to college. 

I like to work out so I can get bigger, stronger, more confident and improve my body and self. I also like to shop at thrift stores and select cool clothes and shoes to make some nice outfits out of them.

As an athlete, I strive to be the hardest worker in the room, always looking to improve all aspects of my game. My willingness to learn is what is important to me. I know I can always improve and develop for the next level. I will look forward to reaching out to all and hope to learn from the best.