Cornell’s Arujau among top-ranked wrestlers; Penn State No. 1 team in WIN preseason poll

Updated: October 3, 2023

Photo: These three wrestlers all won individual championships at last March’s 2023 NCAAs: Cornell’s Vito Arujau, and Penn State Carter Starocci (middle) and Aaron Brooks. (Photos by Tony Rotundo)

NEWTON, Iowa — Cornell’s Vito Arujau, fresh off a World championship in freestyle wrestling, is one of 10 wrestlers who have been tabbed No. 1 at a weight class in WIN Magazine’s 2023 preseason NCAA Division I national rankings, presented by Cliff Keen Athletic.

Arujau, a senior, is the top-ranked wrestler at 133 pounds, the weight at which the Big Red wrestler captured his first NCAA title last March in Tulsa, Okla.

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Meanwhile, Penn State features four top-ranked wrestlers, including Carter Starocci (174 pounds) and Aaron Brooks (197 pounds), who each will be shooting to win a fourth national championship at the 2024 NCAA Division I Championships next March in Kansas City, Mo. The other No. 1-ranked Nittany Lions are Levi Haines (157) and Greg Kerkvliet (Hwt), who each finished second last March.

Overall, Penn State features eight returning All-Americans, who played a big part in the Nittany Lions earning the No. 1 spot in WIN Magazine’s 2023-24 Preseason TPI (Tournament Power Index) and individual rankings. Shooting to win a third straight team title and 11th since 2011, Penn State is the only school to have all ten wrestlers ranked in the preseason rankings and tallied 149 TPI points. The other returning Penn State All-Americans are Beau Bartlett (141) and Shayne Van Ness (149), while the other two are transfers: Aaron Nagao (133/Minnesota) and Bernie Truax (184/Cal Poly).

WIN’s TPI is based on a point total associated with individual placement and advancement points that could be scored in the 2024 NCAAs if wrestlers finish where they are ranked in the preseason poll. The following is a breakdown of those points: 20 for 1st place, 16 for 2nd, 13.5 for 3rd, 12.5 for 4th, 10 for 5th, 9 for 6th, 6.5 for 7th and 5.5 for 8th. Wrestlers ranked 9-12 earn two points each, followed by one and a half points for wrestlers ranked 13-16 and one point for those ranked 17-20.

Missouri (70.5 points), which features two-time defending national champ Keegan O’Toole, who is table No. 1 in WIN’s preseason rankings, and four other All-Americans Brock Mauller (149), Peyton Mocco (174), Rocky Elam (197) and Zach Elam (Hwt).

Coming in third place in WIN’s TPI is Virginia Tech (64.5) with returning All-Americans Eddie Ventresca (125), Sam Latona (133), Caleb Henson (149), Bryce Andonian (157) and Mekhi Lewis (174).

Rounding out the top-10 in Tournament Power Index is NC State, Nebraska, Arizona State, Michigan, Cornell and Iowa (tied for eight) and Oklahoma State.

The other top-ranked wrestlers are Purdue’s Matt Ramos (125), Iowa’s Real Woods (141), Nebraska’s Ridge Lovett (149) and Northern Iowa’s Parker Keckeisen (184). All have finished second in the past two national tournaments.

These rankings are subject to change as wrestlers finalize what weight class they will wrestle this winter. WIN Magazine, which will update its rankings on Nov. 1, will announce it dual-meet rankings in December.

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WIN’s 2023-24 Preseason Tournament Power Index (TPI)                                                                  

Rk. School Total Top 8 TPI
    Ranked Ranked Points
1. Penn State 10 9 149
2. Missouri 8 6 70.5
3. Virginia Tech 7 5 64.5
4. NC State 7 7 60.5
5. Nebraska 8 4 58
6. Arizona State 5 4 56
7. Michigan 6 5 54.4
8t. Cornell 6 4 53.5
8t. Iowa 6 4 53.5
10. Oklahoma State 6 3 42
11. Iowa State 6 4 38.5
12. Ohio State 6 3 33
13. South Dakota State 6 3 32
14. Northern Iowa 5 1 27
15. North Carolina 3 3 24.5
16. Wisconsin 2 2 21.5
17t. Oklahoma 8 1 20
17t. Purdue 1 1 20
19. Oregon State 5 1 19.5
20t. Illinois 4 2 19
20t. Minnesota 2 2 19
22. Air Force 2 1 17.5
23. Lock Haven 2 1 17
24. Rutgers 7 1 14.5
25 Pitt 5 1 13
26. Lehigh 4 1 11
27. Stanford 4 1 10
28t. Cal Poly 1 1 6.5
28t. Maryland 4 0 6.5
30. Michigan State 3 0 6
31. Penn 4 0 5.5
32t. Indiana 4 0 5
32t. Northwestern 3 0 5
34. Navy 3 0 4.5
35t. Campbell 3 0 4
35t. Northern Colorado 2 0 4
37t. Central Michigan 3 0 3.5
37t. Columbia 3 0 3.5
37t. West Virginia 2 0 3.5
40t. Army West Point 2 0 3
40t. Binghamton 2 0 3
40t. Utah Valley 2 0 3
43t. Appalachian State 2 0 2.5
43t. Ohio 2 0 2.5
43t. Virginia 2 0 2.5
46t. Chattanooga 1 0 2
46t. Drexel 1 0 2
48t. North Dakota State 1 0 1.5
48t. Princeton 1 0 1.5
48t. Rider 1 0 1.5
48t. Wyoming 1 0 1.5
52t. Bucknell 1 0 1
52t. Gardner-Webb 1 0 1
52t. George Mason 1 0 1
52t. Little Rock 1 0 1
52t. SIU-Edwardsville 1 0 1

WIN’s 2023-24 Preseason Individual Rankings                                                                                    

125 pounds                                                                                                                                      

Wt Name School Yr. 2023 NCAA/Other
1. Matt Ramos Purdue Jr. 2nd
2. Anthony Noto Lock Haven Jr. 4th
3. Eddie Ventresca Virginia Tech So. 7th
4. Richard Figueroa Arizona State Jr. Reserve
5. Patrick McKee Minnesota 6th Sr. R16
6. Eric Barnett Wisconsin Sr. R12
7. Drake Ayala Iowa So. Reserve/2022 NQ
8. Jakob Camacho NC State Sr. Injured/3-time NQ
9. Brandon Kaylor Oregon State Sr. R24
10. Michael DeAugustino Michigan Sr. R24/Northwestern transfer
11. Stevo Poulin Northern Colorado So. R12
12. Dean Peterson Rutgers So. R12
13. Noah Surtin Missouri Jr. R24
14. Caleb Smith Nebraska Gr. R32/Appalachian St. transfer
15. Braxton Brown Maryland So. R24
16. Jore Volk Wyoming So. R24
17. Troy Spratley Oklahoma State RSFr. Redshirted
18. Robert Howard Penn State Jr. Injured/2022 NQ
19. Nico Provo Stanford So. R32
20. Ryan Miller Penn Jr. R24


133 pounds                                                                                                  

Wt Name School Yr. 2023 NCAA/Other
1. Vito Arujau Cornell Sr. 1st
2. Daton Fix Oklahoma State Sr. 4th
3. Aaron Nagao Penn State So. 5th/Minnesota transfer
4. Sam Latona Virginia Tech Jr. 7th
5. Kai Orine NC State Jr. 8th
6. Lucas Byrd Illinois Jr. R12
7. Chris Cannon Michigan Sr. R24/Northwestern transfer
8. Zach Redding Iowa State Sr. R12
9. Michael Colaiocco Penn Sr. R16
10. Connor McGonagle Lehigh Jr. Injured/2-time NQ
11. Nic Bouzakis Ohio State RSFr. Redshirted
12. Brayden Palmer Chattanooga Sr. R16
13. Brody Teske Iowa Sr. R24
14. Haiden Drury Utah Valley Jr. Injured/2022 NQ
15. Julian Chlebove Arizona State Jr. Reserve
16. Dylan Shawver Rutgers So. Injured/2022 NQ
17. Ethan Oakley Appalachian State So. R32
18. Domenic Zaccone Campbell Sr. R24
19. Angelo Rini Columbia Sr. R24
20. Brendan Ferretti Navy So. R32


141 pounds                                                                                                  

Wt Name School Yr. 2023 NCAA/Other
1. Real Woods Iowa Sr. 2nd
2. Beau Bartlett Penn State Sr. 3rd
3. Lachlan McNeil North Carolina So. 4th
4. Brock Hardy Nebraska So. 6th
5. Jesse Mendez Ohio State So. 6th/133
6. Clay Carlson South Dakota State Sr. 5th
7 Cole Matthews Pitt Sr. R12
8. Ryan Jack NC State Jr. R24
9. Casey Swiderski Iowa State So. R12
10. Vince Cornella Cornell So. R24
11. Mosha Schwartz Oklahoma Sr. R24
12. Cael Happel Northern Iowa Jr. R16
13. Frankie Tal Shahar Northwestern Jr. R16
14. Mitch Moore Rutgers Gr. R24/149/Oklahoma transfer
15. C.J. Composto Penn So. Injured/2022 AA (8th)
16. Malyke Hines Lehigh Jr. R12
17. Josh Edmond Missouri So. Redshirted/2022 NQ
18. Kal Miller Maryland So. R24
19. Dylan Chappell Bucknell So. R32/149
20. Wyatt Henson Lock Haven So. R24/133/Oklahoma transfer


149 pounds                                                                                                  

Wt Name School Yr. 2023 NCAA/Other
1. Ridge Lovett Nebraska Jr. Redshirted/2022 AA (2nd)
2. Shayne Van Ness Penn State So. 3rd
3. Kyle Parco Arizona State Jr. 4th
4. Caleb Henson Virginia Tech So. 5th
5. Brock Mauller Missouri Sr. 7th
6. Dylan D’Emilio Ohio State Sr. 8th/141
7. Chance Lamer Cal Poly So. R12/Michigan transfer
8. Jackson Arrington NC State So. R12
9. Colin Realbuto Northern Iowa Sr. R24
10. Ethen Miller Maryland So. R24
11. Jaden Abas Stanford Sr. R24
12. Victor Voinovich Iowa So. R16/Oklahoma State transfer
13. Corbyn Munson Central Michigan Sr. R32/157
14. Kellyn March North Dakota State Sr. R24
15. Willie McDougald Oklahoma So. Redshirted/2022 NQ
16. Quinn Kinner Rider Sr. R32
17. Michael Gioffre Virginia RSFr. Redshirted
18. Caleb Tyus SIU-Edwardsville Jr. R24
19. Nate Higley George Mason So. R32
20. Trae McDaniel Army West Point So. DNQ


157 pounds                                                                                                  

Wt Name School Yr. 2023 NCAA/Other
1. Levi Haines Penn State So. 2nd
2. Jacori Teemer Arizona State Sr. Injured/2-time AA
3. Jared Franek Iowa Gr. 4th/North Dakota State transfer
4. Peyton Robb Nebraska Sr. 6th
5. Bryce Andonian Virginia Tech Sr. 7th
6. Ed Scott NC State Jr. 5th
7. Will Lewan Michigan Sr. 8th
8. Daniel Cardenas Stanford So. R12
9. Chase Saldate Michigan State Sr. R12
10. Trevor Chumbley Northwestern Sr. R16
11. Vinny Zerban Northern Colorado So. R12
12. Jason Kraisser Iowa State Sr. R16
13. Paddy Gallagher Ohio State So. R16
14. Cael Swensen South Dakota State So. R12
15. Tommy Askey Appalachian State Jr. R32
16. Peyten Kellar Ohio So. R32
17. Johnny Lovett Central Michigan Sr. R24/149
18. Andrew Clark Rutgers Jr. R32
19. Brayton Lee Indiana 6th Sr. DNQ/Minnesota transfer/AA
20. Jared Hill Oklahoma Jr. R32


165 pounds                                                                                                  

Wt Name School Yr. 2023 NCAA/Other
1. Keegan O’Toole Missouri Jr. 1st
2. David Carr Iowa State Sr. 2nd
3. Cam Amine Michigan Sr. 4th
4. Dean Hamiti Wisconsin Jr. 6th
5. Michael Caliendo Iowa So. 7th/North Dakota State transfer
6. Izzak Olejnik Oklahoma State Sr. 8th/Northern Illinois transfer
7. Mitchell Mesenbrink Penn State RSFr. Redshirted
8. Julien Ramirez Cornell Jr. R12
9. Caleb Fish Michigan State Sr. R12
10. Bubba Wilson Nebraska Jr. R16
11. Peyton Hall West Virginia Jr. R24
12. Holden Heller Pitt Sr. R16
13. Matt Olguin Oregon State Sr. R24
14. Tanner Cook South Dakota State Sr. R24
15. Dan Braunagel Illinois Sr. R24
16. Connor Brady Virginia Tech Jr. R24
17. Derek Gilcher Indiana Sr. R24/157
18. Joshua Ogunsanya Columbia Sr. R24
19. Gerrit Nijenhuis Oklahoma Jr. R32
20. Brevin Cassella Binghamton Jr. R32


174 pounds                                                                                                  

Wt Name School Yr. 2023 NCAA/Other
1. Carter Starocci Penn State Sr. 1st
2. Chris Foca Cornell Sr. 3rd
3. Mekhi Lewis Virginia Tech Sr. 4th
4 Shane Griffith Michigan Sr. 5th/165/Stanford transfer
5. Peyton Mocco Missouri Sr. 8th
6. Carson Kharchla Ohio State Sr. R12/165
7. Edmond Ruth Illinois Jr. R12
8. Cade DeVos South Dakota State Jr. R12
9. Donnell Washington Indiana Sr. R16
10. Tate Picklo Oklahoma Jr. R24
11. Mickey O’Malley Drexel Gr. R24
12. Ben Pasiuk Army Sr. R24
13. Sam Wolf Air Force Sr. R32
14. Lennox Wolak Columbia Sr. R24
15. Travis Wittlake Oregon State Sr. R24/184/Oklahoma State transfer
16. Justin McCoy Virginia Gr. R16
17. Nick Incontrera Penn Jr. R32
18. Luca Augustine Pitt So. R32
19. Sal Perrine Ohio Jr. R32
20. Alex Cramer Central Michigan Sr. R24


184 pounds                                                                                                  

Wt Name School Yr. 2023 NCAA/Other
1. Parker Keckeisen Northern Iowa Jr. 2nd
2. Bernie Truax Penn State Sr. 4th/197/Cal Poly transfer
3. Trey Munoz Oregon State Jr. 6th
4. Dustin Plott Oklahoma State Sr. 6th/174
5. Gavin Kane North Carolina Jr. 8th
6. Isaiah Salazar Minnesota Sr. R12
7. Will Feldkamp Iowa State Sr. 7th/197
8. Colton Hawks Missouri So. R16
9. Jacob Nolan Binghamton Sr. R16
10. Brian Soldano Rutgers So. R16
11. Layne Malczewski Michigan State Gr. R24
12. Lenny Pinto Nebraska So. R24
13. Troy Fisher Northwestern Sr. R16/184
14. Reece Heller Pitt Sr. R24
15. Caleb Hopkins Campbell Gr. R32
16. David Key Navy Sr. R24
17. Cade King South Dakota State Sr. F32
18. Jonathan Loew Cornell Sr. Injured/2022 AA (8th)
19 Giuseppe Hoose Oklahoma Sr. R24/Buffalo transfer
20. Jha’Quan Anderson Gardner Webb Sr. R32


197 pounds                                                                                                  

Wt Name School Yr. 2023 NCAA/Other
1. Aaron Brooks Penn State Sr. 1st/184
2. Trent Hidlay NC State Sr. 4th/184
3. Tanner Sloan South Dakota State Sr. 2nd
4. Rocky Elam Missouri Jr. 3rd
5. Stephan Buchanan Oklahoma Jr. Redshirted/2022 AA/Wyoming transfer
6. Jacob Cardenas Cornell Sr. 8th
7. Michael Beard Lehigh Jr. R12
8. Silas Allred Nebraska So. R12
9. Jaxon Smith Maryland So. R12
10. Luke Surber Oklahoma State Sr. R16
11. Zac Braunagel Illinois Sr. R12
12. Owen Pentz Nebraska Jr. R24/North Dakota State transfer
13. Evan Bockman Utah Valley Sr. R24
14. Gavin Hoffman Ohio State Sr. R24
15. Nick Stemmet Stanford Sr. R24
16. Luke Stout Princeton Jr. R32
17. Wyatt Voelker Northern Iowa RSFr. Redshirted
18. John Poznanski Rutgers Jr. Injured/2021 AA
19. Max Shaw North Carolina Jr. R24
20. Stephen Little Little Rock RSFr. Redshirted



Wt Name School Yr. 2023 NCAA/Other
1. Greg Kerkvliet Penn State Sr. 2nd
2. Wyatt Hendrickson Air Force Sr. 3rd
3. Lucas Davison Michigan Gr. 5th/Northwestern transfer
4. Cohlton Schultz Arizona State Jr. 7th
5. Zach Elam Missouri Sr. 6th
6. Owen Trephan NC State Jr. R16
7. Yonger Bastida Iowa State Sr. R16/197
8. Yaraslau Slavikouski Rutgers Gr. R12/Harvard transfer
9. Dayton Pitzer Pitt RSFr. Redshirted
10. Tyrell Gordon Northern Iowa Sr. R16
11. Grady Griess Navy Sr. R24
12. Taye Ghadiali Campbell Sr. R24
13. Konner Doucet Oklahoma State Jr. R32
14. Josh Heindselman Oklahoma Sr. R16
15. Michael Wolfgram West Virginia Sr. F24
16. Boone McDermott Oregon State Sr. R32
17. Jacob Bullock Indiana Sr.` R24
18. Hunter Catka Virginia Tech Jr. R32
19. Nathan Taylor Lehigh So. R24
20. Cory Day Binghamton Sr. R32