Wrestling’s history with Title IX and 2022 Worlds Preview highlights current WIN

Updated: August 31, 2022

Title IX is federal amendment put in place in 1972 to ensure all people had opportunities in educational settings receiving federal money, most people know it for how it has impacted sports on the college level. The impact Title IX has had on wrestling is complicated after 100s of men’s college programs were dropped because of the ill-intended consequences of Title IX after it first came out, to now women’s wrestling being one of the fastest growing sports on college campuses across the nation.

Yes, women’s wrestling has grown steadily over the past few years as 36 state high school organizations have sanctioned girls wrestling, while over 100 women’s college programs have been created. That includes over 50 programs — including Power-5 Conference school in the University of Iowa, traditionally one of the top men’s programs — within the NCAA, which has granted women’s wrestling with emerging-sports status.

Check out WIN’s cover story about the history and future of this subject … as well as a special preview of the upcoming UWW World Championships in the September issue of WIN, which was printed on Aug. 31 and is already available in digital form.

Page 10 – WASHINGTON NOTEBOOK – Perhaps no wrestler in this state had more success this summer than Shelby Moore, who competed in her first U17 Worlds. Meanwhile, keep an eye on Thor Michaelson, Abigal Varady and Bianca Johnson.

Page 11 – ILLINOIS NOTEBOOK – Dominic Munaretto of Barrington, Ill., dominated the U17 Worlds for a gold medal and a trio of Illinois girls in Valerie Hamilton, Gabriella Gomez and Sydney Perry also left Rome with U17 World medals.

Page 20 – GOLDEN THREESOME AT U20 WORLDS – This has been a busy summer for high school multi-sport star Ben Kueter, future Wyoming wrestler Jore Volk and Amit Elor, who will also wrestle at the Senior and U23 Worlds. All captured gold medals in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Page 22 – BACK AT CAMP – Wrestling author and coach Dan Harding Jr. of Connecticut relives his experience of returning to a Ken Chertow camp in Pennsylvania for the first time in nearly two decades.

Page 24 – FUTURE IS NOW IN WOMEN’S WRESTLING – Despite a slow start as a college sport since Title IX became law in 1972, much has happened recently, including the hope that the sport will go from an emerging sport to a championship sport in the near future.

Page 26 – ZAIN TRAIN … BACK ON TRACK – The former three-time NCAA champ and two-time Hodge Trophy winner from Penn State will return to his first Worlds since 2019 at a heavier weight and with a better perspective on competing.

Page 28 – TRUE IDENTITY – Dom Parrish hopes to end any confusion about her first name and what country she represents as the native of California and graduate of Simon Fraser U. in Canada will compete in her first Senior World Championships.

Page 30 – TIME TO PEAK  – This Wisconsin native and member of the Northern Michigan RTC hopes to ignore the confusion that has impacted the USA Greco-Roman program as he wrestles in his first World Championship.

Page 38 – FAMOUS FAMILY NAMES BECOME COACHES – Kenny Monday and Nate Carr Jr. are both part of important wrestling families and each man is taking over a college program; Monday at Morgan State and Carr at Davidson.

Page 39 – ADIDAS NATIONALS – Over 700 coaches and 1,830 wrestlers from 38 states gathered for the 19th annual tournament in historic Independence, Mo., where the “Her Circle National Duals” kicked off the event.

Page 40 – RMN EVENTS FEATURE: LEISTER BOWLING – Leister Bowling, the three-time state champ and three-time NAIA All-American, has created a family culture with “Colorado Top Team” while also bringing in notable coaches like World champ Joe Warren.

You will also find thought-provoking columns by Dan Gable, Wade Schalles, Mike Chapman, John Klessinger, Kyle Klingman, Rob Sherrill, Sandy Stevens, Bryan Van Kley and Mike Finn … as well as special training/technique pages from Zach Even-Esh, USA Wrestling and Ohio State.

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