WIN’s Jan. 24 Rankings Previews Battle between No. 1 Penn State and No. 2 Iowa

Updated: January 24, 2022

Photo: Penn State’s Carter Starocci (left) defeated Iowa’s Michael Kemerer in last season’s NCAA final at 174 pounds after the Hawkeye beat the Nittany Lion in the 2021 Big Ten finals. This could be one of five match-ups between Top-5 wrestlers, who could meet this Friday night in Iowa City, where the top-ranked Nittany Lions take on No. 2 Iowa in Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Jan. 24, 2022

NEWTON, Iowa — The highly-expected meeting between Penn State and Iowa will finally happen this Friday in Iowa City. The Big Ten Conference dual meet between the No. 1 Nittany Lions and No. 2 Hawkeyes will feature 19 ranked wrestlers from WIN Magazine’s Jan. 24 rankings, presented by Cliff Keen Athletic.

Penn State is rated No. 1 in WIN’s Dual Rankings with a 13-0 record and Tournament Power Index with 115.5 points, while Iowa (12-0) is ranked second with 84.5 points. The Nittany Lions, which won eight NCAA titles over a nine-year period (2011-19), finished second to Iowa at the 2021 NCAA Championships last March. Rankings are through Jan. 23, 2022 results.

WIN’s Tournament Power Index predicts how many NCAA points a team could score in Detroit in March at the Division I Championships based on where their individuals are ranked at this point in the season. Excluding bonus points, the TPI is based on numbers associated with individual placements/rankings based on our current rankings below: 20 points for 1st, 16 for 2nd, 13.5 for 3rd, 12.5 for 4th, 10 for 5th, 9 for 6th, 6.5 for 7th and 5.5 for 8th. Wrestlers ranked 9-12 earn two points each, followed by 1.5 points for wrestlers ranked 13-16 and 1 point for those ranked 17-20.

This year’s dual should feature five head-to-head meetings between wrestlers ranked in the Top 5 in respective weights in WIN’s rankings. The following are projected matchups of ranked wrestlers:


WeightPenn StateIowa
125#8 – Drew Hildebrandt, Sr.#14 – Drake Ayala, Fr.
133#1 – Roman Bravo-Young, Jr.#3 – Austin DeSanto, Sr.
141#1 – Nick Lee, Sr.#2 – Jaydin Eierman, Sr.
149#17 – Beau Bartlett, RSFr.#10 – Max Murin, Sr.
165#11 – Brady Berge, Sr.#5 – Alex Marinelli, Sr.
174#1 – Carter Starocci, RSFr.#2 – Michael Kemerer, Gr.
184#1 – Aaron Brooks, So.#15 – Abe Assad, So.
197#3 – Max Dean, Jr.#4 – Jacob Warner, Sr.
Hwt#3 – Greg Kerkvliet, RSFr.#5 – Tony Cassioppi, Jr.


Meanwhile, the top-ranked wrestlers at each weight remain the same, including at heavyweight, where Minnesota’s No. 1 Gable Steveson is expected to meet Michigan’s No. 4 Mason Parris this Friday. This would be a rematch of the 2021 NCAA final which the Gopher won.


WIN Magazine’s Jan. 24 Tournament Power Index

RkSchoolTotal RankTop 8TPI Points
1.Penn State97115.5
3.Oklahoma State9674
5.Arizona State7670.5
6.NC State9454.5
8t.Ohio State8447
12.Virginia Tech7335.5
13.Iowa State5235
16.Cal Poly3232
17.North Carolina4222.5
21t.Northern Iowa2113.5
21t.Oregon State6113.5
24.Appalachian State1112.5
26t.West Virginia2110.5
28.Central Michigan319.5
29.Northern Colorado119
32.Air Force115.5
34.South Dakota State304.5
35t.Michigan State204
35t.North Dakota State304
38t.Army-West Point203.5
43t.Northern Illinois202.5
43t.Utah Valley202.5
50t.CSU Bakersfield101


WIN Magazine’s Jan. 24 Dual Rankings

RkSchoolW-LPrev.Upcoming Action This Week
1.Penn State13-01stat Iowa (1/28)
2.Iowa11-02ndvs. Penn State (1/28)
3.Oklahoma State10-03rdvs. Northern Iowa (1/29), vs. Iowa State (1/30)
4.NC State7-14that Duke (1/28)
5.Michigan6-15thvs. Minnesota (1/28), at Maryland (1/30)
6.Missouri7-36that Utah Valley with Wyoming (1/29)
7.Ohio State6-28thoff until Feb. 4 (at Penn State)
8.Iowa State9-113that Oklahoma (1/28), at Oklahoma State (1/30)
9.Virginia Tech5-49that Pitt (1/28)
10.Minnesota3-310that Michigan (1/28)
11.Nebraska5-211thoff until Feb. 4 (Michigan)
12.Cornell6-212thvs. Columbia & Navy (2/29)
13.Wisconsin8-17that Maryland (1/28)
14.Arizona State4-314that Cal Poly (1/24), vs. Oregon State (1/30)
15.Michigan State8-220thoff until Feb. 4 (at Maryland)
16.South Dakota State9-221stvs. West Virginia (1/28)
17.Lehigh8-516thoff until Feb. 4 (Penn)
18.Princeton2-217that Harvard (1/28), at Brown (1/29)
19.Pittsburgh6-319thvs. Virginia Tech (1/28)
20.Purdue8-418that Indiana (1/29)
21.Rutgers12-415thoff until Feb. 3 (Rider)
22.Northwestern2-422ndat Illinois (1/29)
23.Northern Iowa3-523rdat Oklahoma State (1/29), at Oklahoma (1/30)
24.Oklahoma6-324thvs. Iowa State (1/28), vs. Northern Iowa (1/30)
25.Illinois2-325thvs. Northwestern (1/29)


WIN Magazine’s Jan. 24 Individual Rankings

125 pounds

Rk.NameSchool YearPrevious
1.Vito ArujauCornellSo.1st
2.Nick SurianoMichiganSr.2nd
3.Pat GloryPrincetonJr.3rd
4.Brandon CourtneyArizona StateJr.4th
5.Trevor MastrogiovaniOklahoma StateSo.6th
6.Killian CardinaleWest VirginiaSr.5th
7.Michael DeAugustinoNorthwesternJr.7th
8.Drew HildebrandtPenn StateSr.8th
9.Eric BarnettWisconsinJr.9th
10.Patrick McKeeMinnesotaSr.10th
11.Brandon KaylorOregon StateSo.11th
12.Jakob CamachoNC StateSo.13th
13.Taylor LamontUtah ValleyJr.14th
14.Drake AyalaIowaFr.12th
15.Malik HeinselmanOhio StateSr.18th
16.Devin SchroederPurdueSr.15th
17.Noah SurtinMissouriSo.16th
18.Brody TeskeNorthern IowaSo.17th
19.Sam LatonaVirginia TechRSFr.20th
20.Jaret LaneLehighJr.NR


133 pounds

Rk. Name                               School                 Yr.  Previous
1.Roman Bravo-YoungPenn StateJr.1st
2.Daton FixOklahoma StateJr.2nd
3.Austin DeSantoIowaSr.3rd
4.Michael McGeeArizona StateSr.5th
5.Chris CannonNorthwesternSo.4th
6.Korbin MyersVirginia TechGr.6th
7.Lucas ByrdIllinoisRSFr.8th
8.Dylan RagusinMichiganSo.7th
9.Michael ColaioccoPennSo.10th
10.Rayvon FoleyMichigan StateJr.9th
11.Jamie HernandezNorth CarolinaJr.11th
12.Malyke HinesLehighFr.12th
13.Micky PhillippiPittJr.13th
14.Brock HudkinsIndianaGr.NR
15.Tony MadrigalOklahomaSr.15th
16.Devin TurnerOregon StateSr.16th
17.Haiden DruryUtah ValleyFr.17th
18.Kai OrineNC StateFr.18th
19.Chance RichCSU BakersfieldSo.19th
20.Brayden PalmerChattanoogaSo.20th


141 pounds

Rk.Name                               School                      Yr.  Previous
1.Nick LeePenn StateSr.1st
2.Jaydin EiermanIowaSr.2nd
3.Sebastian RiveraRutgersGr.3rd
4.Real WoodsStanfordJr.4th
5.Ian ParkerIowa StateSr.5th
6.Andrew AlirezNorthern ColoradoRSFr.6th
7.Kizhan ClarkNorth CarolinaGr.7th
8.Chad RedNebraskaSr.8th
9.Allan HartMissouriJr.9th
10.Stevan MicicMichiganGr.10th
11.Dresden SimonCentral MichiganSr.13th
12.Clay CarlsonSouth Dakota StateSo.11th
13.Grant WillitsOregon StateJr.12th
14.Dylan D’EmilioOhio StateSo.14th
15.Cole MatthewsPittJr.15th
16.Jake BergelandMinnesotaSr.16th
17.Matt KasimirColumbiaJr.18th
18.C.J. CompostoPennSo.19th
19.Carter YoungOklahoma StateFr.20th
20.Ryan JackNC StateFr.17th



149 pounds

Rk.Name                               School                      Yr.    Previous
1.Yianni DiakomihalisCornellJr.1st
2.Sammy SassoOhio StateJr.2nd
3.Tariq WilsonNC StateSr.3rd
4.Jon MillnerAppalachian StateSr.4th
5.Jaden AbasStanfordSo.5th
6.Kyle ParcoArizona StateSo.6th
7.Bryce AndonianVirginia TechSo.7th
8.Ridge LovettNebraskaSo.8th
9.Austin GomezWisconsinJr.16th
10.Max MurinIowaSr.12th
11.Yahya ThomasNorthwesternGr.9th
12.Josh FinesilverDukeJr.10th
13.P.J. OgunsanyaArmy-West PointSr.13th
14.Jarrett DegenIowa StateSr.14th
15.Josh HeilCampbellSr.15th
16.Kaden GfellerOklahoma StateSr.18th
17.Beau BartlettPenn StateRSFr.17th
18.Mike VanBrillRutgersSr.NR
19.Dom DemasOklahomaSr.NR
20.Anthony ArtalonaPennJr.19th


157 pounds

Rk.Name                               School                      Yr.     Previous
1.David CarrIowa StateSo.1st
2.Ryan DeakinNorthwesternGr.2nd
3.Jacori TeemerArizona StateJr.3rd
4.Austin O’ConnorNorth CarolinaJr.4th
5.Brayton LeeMinnesotaJr.5th
6.Peyton RobbNebraskaSo.6th
7.Ed ScottNC StateFr.7th
8.Quincy MondayPrincetonJr.8th
9.Josh HumphreysLehighJr.13th
10.Jared FranekNorth Dakota StateJr.10th
11.Wyatt SheetsOklahoma StateSr.9th
12.Kendall ColemanPurdueJr.12th
13.Jacob WrightWyomingSr.11th
14.Will LewanMichiganSo.14th
15.Kaleb YoungIowaSr.15th
16.Connor BradyVirginia TechFr.17th
17.Justin ThomasOklahomaGr.18th
18.Jarrett JacquesMissouriJr.16th
19.Johnny LovettCentral MichiganRSFr.19th
20.Hunter WillitsOregon StateJr.NR


165 pounds

Rk. Name                           School                      Yr.     Previous
1.Evan WickCal PolySr.1st
2.Keegan O’TooleMissouriRSFr.2nd
3.Shane GriffithStanfordJr.4th
4.Carson KharchlaOhio StateRSFr.6th
5.Alex MarinelliIowaSr.3rd
6.Travis WittlakeOklahoma StateJr.5th
7.Dean HamitiWisconsinFr.7th
8.Anthony ValenciaArizona StateGr.8th
9.Julian RamirezCornellFr.9th
10.Jake WentzelPittSr.11th
11.Brady BergePenn StateSr.NR
12.Cameron AmineMichiganRSFr.10th
13.Peyton HallWest VirginiaSo13th
14.Phillip ConigliaroHarvardJr.12th
15.Josh OgunsanyaColumbiaSo.15th
16.Izzak OlejnikNorthern IllinoisSo.16th
17.Zach HartmanBucknellSr.17th
18.Luke WeberNorth Dakota StateSr.14th
19.Thomas BullardNC StateGr.19th
20.Cole MoodyWyomingSo.20th



174 pounds

Rk.Name                           School                      Yr.    Previous
1.Carter StarocciPenn StateRSFr1st
2.Michael KemererIowaGr.2nd
3.Mekhi LewisVirginia TechSo.3rd
4.Hayden HidlayNC StateSr.4th
5.Mikey LabriolaNebraskaSr.6th
6.Logan MassaMichiganGr.5th
7.Ethan SmithOhio StateSr.7th
8.Dustin PlottOklahoma StateSo.8th
9.Austin MurphyCampbellJr.9th
10.Adam KempCal PolySo.10th
11.Chris FocaCornellSo.11th
12.Ben PasiukArmySo.12th
13.Hayden HastingsWyomingSr.16th
14.Peyton MoccoMissouriSo.14th
15.Clay LauttNorth CarolinaGr.20th
16.Michael O’MalleyDrexelJr.17th
17.Matt FinesilverDukeSr.15th
18.Gerrit NijenhuisPurdueSo.18th
19.Bailey O’ReillyMinnesotaSr.19th
20.Cade DevosSouth Dakota StateSo.13th



184 pounds

Rk. Name                             School                      Yr.    Previous
1.Aaron BrooksPenn StateSo.1st
2.Trent HidlayNC StateSo.2nd
3.Myles AmineMichiganGr.3rd
4.Parker KeckeisenNorthern IowaRSFr.4th
5.Bernie TruaxCal PolySo.5th
6.Dakota GeerOklahoma StateSr.7th
7.Kaleb RomeroOhio StateSr.11th
8.Trey MunozOregon StateRSFr.9th
9.Kyle CochranMarylandSr.8th
10.Hunter BolenVirginia TechJr.10th
11.John PoznanskiRutgersRSFr.6th
12.Jonathan LoewCornellJr.12th
13.Marcus ColemanIowa StateJr.14th
14.Donnell WashingtonIndianaJr.13th
15.Abe AssadIowaSo.16th
16.Tate SamuelsonWyomingSr.17th
17.Taylor VenzNebraskaSr.18th
18.Zac BraunagelIllinoisSo.19th
19.Brit WilsonNorthern IllinoisJr.20th
20.Jeremiah KentMissouriSo.15th



197 pounds

Rk.Name                            School                      Yr.   Previous
1.A.J. FerrariOklahoma StateRSFr.1st
2.Eric SchultzNebraskaSr.5th
3.Max DeanPenn StateJr.3rd
4.Jacob WarnerIowaSr.4th
5.Rocky ElamMissouriRSFr.2nd
6.Patrick BruckiMichiganSr.6th
7.Stephan BuchananWyomingJr.7th
8.Nino BonaccorsiPittJr.9th
9.Yonger BastidaIowa StateSo.10th
10.Cameron CaffeyMichigan StateSr.14th
11.Greg BulsakRutgersSr.8th
12.Jay AielloVirginiaSr.11th
13.Lou DeprezBinghamtonJr.13th
14.Kordell NorfleetArizona StateGr.12th
15.Jake WoodleyOklahomaSr.15th
16.Thomas PenolaPurdueJr.16th
17.Luke StoutPrincetonFr.17th
18.Owen PentzNorth Dakota StateSo.18th
19.Gavin HoffmanOhio StateSo.19th
20.Isaac TrumbleNC StateRSFr.20th



Rk.Name                              School                      Yr.Previous
1.Gable StevesonMinnesotaJr.1st
2.Cohlton SchultzArizona StateRSFr.3rd
3.Greg KerkvlietPenn StateRSFr.4th
4.Mason ParrisMichiganJr.2nd
5.Tony CassioppiIowaJr.5th
6.Jordan WoodLehighSr.6th
7.Matt StencelCentral MichiganSr.7th
8.Wyatt HendricksonAir ForceSo.8th
9.Lucas DavisonNorthwesternSo.13th
10.Nathan TraxlerVirginia TechSr.10th
11.Gary TraubOregon StateGr.11th
12.Christian LanceNebraskaSr.12th
13.Trent HillgerWisconsinSr.9th
14.Yaraslau SlavikouskiHarvardJr.14th
15.Tate OrndorffOhio StateSr.15th
16.A.J. NevillsSouth Dakota StateSo.NR
17.Brian AndrewsWyomingSr.17th
18.Zach ElamMissouriSo.16th
19.Luke LuffmanIllinoisSo.19th
20.Lewis FernandesCornellSo.20th


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