Green Science Solutions put focus on fighting COVID

Updated: August 20, 2020

Photo: Jared Lawrence of Pinnacle Wrestling displays the Green Science Solutions equipment to clean mats.

Written by Tristan Warner

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected the future of many facets of life.

From health and safety protocols being implemented to industries disappearing or being forced to undergo total transformation, the harsh reality is that daily life practices, habits and ordinary freedoms we once took for granted have been changed for the future.

Given the contagiousness of the disease and the rapid rate at which it has spread to date, the immediate future of events that put many people together in a confined space is ill-advised. By now, the six-foot social distancing recommendation is well ingrained in the minds of the people worldwide.

Further, in the wake of COVID-19, contaminated surfaces are of grave concern. Items touched by many different people in a short period of time need to be sanitized repeatedly just to lessen the chance of exposure to the virus.

With all these considerations in mind, it is no wonder that the world of sports, among most other industries, was flipped upside down by the pandemic.

Most sports require teams of individuals, whether indoors or outdoors, confined together, often making physical contact with one another as well as with shared surfaces, such as a ball, bat or other forms of equipment.

And with them come crowds of people who flood the stands. Squeezed side by side, their respiratory droplets are easily passed through the environment to one another.

Former NCAA champ Jared Lawrence and the Pinnacle wrestling club in Minnesota are strong believers in the new SAO technology used to keep their surfaces clean and protect wrestlers.

As months went by, devastated student-athletes were forced to miss their championships or seasons altogether, and depressed fans were unable to root for their beloved family members and sports teams.

If only there were ways to make sporting environments significantly safer and more sterile for the student-athletes, so practices and competitions can once again prosper.

Green Science Solutions is on to something.

Stabilized Aqueous Ozone, known as SAO technology, is a powerful cleaner and sanitizer which uses electricity to add an extra oxygen molecule to form ozone. Mixed with cold tap water, not only is it a completely safe method for those who encounter it, but it kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria in just 30 seconds.

Especially appealing for wrestling purposes, SAO can kill 99.999% of E. coli, salmonella and MRSA within 60 seconds of contact. After its usage, it can be converted safely back into tap water and oxygen.

“Leaving it all on the mat should not include harmful chemicals,” Green Science Solutions sales representative Tim McNiff stated. “SAO creates the cleanest environment possible for the wrestlers.”

A former journalist who covered wrestling in his home state of Minnesota for decades, McNiff formed a good relationship over the years with Minnesota wrestling icons Brandon Paulson and Jared Lawrence, who now own and operate a highly successful club called Pinnacle in Roseville, Minnesota.

“I covered both Brandon and Jared as wrestlers, and I’ve witnessed first-hand the outstanding results they’re producing as coaches at Pinnacle because they expect and demand the best. That is why I wanted to work with them to create the cleanest and safest environment possible for the wrestlers.”

While its applications reach far beyond merely wrestling, the SAO technology sold and distributed by Green Science Solutions has already been tested in four separate athletic facilities, including Pinnacle and Play It Again Sports, and has garnered rave reviews.

“Our processes have changed since COVID-19,” Paulson commented. “We now have less wrestlers in the room but more practices. We wash the mats in between all practices, which can be as many as three or four times a day. It made more sense for us to wash them without chemicals knowing wrestlers would be taking to those mats soon after the last wash.”

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McNiff envisions a future of the sport where SAO can be sprayed on the mats between each bout and even on the wrestlers themselves, whether before and after a match or even possibly between periods, such as at the break in a freestyle match. This safeguarding procedure would not cause any delays, he believes, because it dries up within thirty seconds.

“The mats at Pinnacle are cleaner, which we proved with 3M’s ATP testing,” McNiff said. “SAO is the safest, most effective and most sustainable cleaner and disinfectant available. Green Science Solutions is proud to provide this new technology to Pinnacle so that it could safely reopen its wrestling school, and we stand ready to help the sport of wrestling resume in a safe, sustainable matter.”

Both McNiff and Paulson agree the application of SAO reaches far beyond wrestling, too. Any athletic facility where surfaces may become easily contaminated can greatly increase health and safety measures by implementing its usage.

For example, McNiff urges schools to maintain a supply, both for surfaces and visiting student-athletes who come and go and must ride a bus home after a competition, sometimes without the opportunity to shower.

Aside from its sanitization benefits, SAO technology is environmentally friendly compared to chemical-based cleaners, as the use of the refillable, on-site generator of aqueous ozone reduces waste production and one’s carbon footprint.

“SAO is better for the environment as well as for the athletes’ safety,” Paulson added. “It is an amazing technology, and we would highly recommend it to other fitness centers and wrestling rooms.”

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