Team USA Training Tips: Knee Tap from a Front Headlock

Updated: June 10, 2020

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In this training tip, USA wrestler Amanda Hendey and her partner Jacarra Winchester demonstrated and describe the “Knee Tap from a Front Headlock”

1 – a. Our right hand (for righty folks) starts on opponent’s chin,
b. our right shoulder on their neck, and
c. our left hand stays in the opponent’s armpit.

2 – a. Push into the opponent to get her to react by
b. getting their right knee to come forward.

3 – Sink our shoulder deep so our necks are touching (for reach).

4 – Our right hand (chin hand) blocks the opponent’s far (right) knee.

5  – Circle our hips, driving our
opponent over the knee block.

6 – Cover for the fall.