February WIN now available; features Pecora & previews postseason

Updated: February 14, 2020

At a time when wrestling fans are excited about the future, especially the next two months when high school state tournaments, college national tournaments and 2020 Olympic Trials will take place across the country, it’s also a good time to look back … especially at the 44 years of Pitt-Johnstown coach Pat Pecora, who recently became college wrestling’s all-time winningest coach.

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You will find many of these stories in the latest WIN Magazine, which was printed Feb. 13, 2020:
PG 6 – J’DEN COX IS GOING UP – The unfortunate log-jam is set for Olympic Trials as 10-person 2019 Team USA is forced to 6 weights. Cox-Kyle Snyder match-up likely.
PG 8 – GAINING ON THE PAIN – How will injuries affect the Division I season?
PG 9 – ASICS RACE FOR THE HODGE – Who is leading statistically in race for “Wrestling’s Heisman?”
PG 10 – SINGLETS HOLDING BACK THE SPORT – Do singlets keep some kids from going out? Yes, see Tucker Lane’s thoughts on it.
PG 11 – ADELINE GRAY COLUMN – Young female wrestlers now have female wrestling heroes!
PG 12 – TECHNIQUE TIPS – Technique analysis by USA Wrestling staff
PG 13 – COACH JOHN KLESSINGER COLUMN – Being mentally tough is a term used a lot, what does it really mean and how do you improve?
PG 14 –TRAINING TIPS – Presented by Suples, you must have strong legs to excel in the sport
PG 16 – WRESTLING HELPS AUTISUM – The “tactile” nature of wrestling is huge for kids with autisum
PG 17 – WIN’S HIGH SCHOOL RANKINGS – Presented by EZ Flex, see who the top preps are in your state as most state tourneys begin.
PG 19 – WIN’S JUNIOR DAN HODGE TROPHY – Who is the most dominant high school wrestler in the U.S.? Find out WIN’s Rob Sherrill’s picks as of February.
PG 24 — GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING CONTINUES TO GROW — There are 19 states that have sanctioned girls state tournaments and there are many that are unofficially providing postseason opportunities. Andrea Yamamoto and Joan Fulp of USA Wrestling Girls High School Development share how they are spreading the word.
PG 28 – WRESTLING’S WINNINGEST COACH – Pitt-Johnstown’s Pat Pecora becomes sport’s all-time winningest coach with win No. 617!
PG 30 – WIN’S COLLEGE RANKINGS – Presented by Cliff Keen, there’s been a big shake up at 197# and watch out for the Princeton Tigers at the NCAAs, see the most recent Tournament Power Index.
PG 41 – MIKE CHAPMAN COLUMN – There once was a dominant NCAA wrestler who weighed 440# in Iowa State’s Chris Taylor, you’re not going to believe his story.

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