What were the Top 25 wrestling moments in the history of WIN?

Updated: November 16, 2018

By the time the first issue of WIN — then called Wrestling Institute Newsmagazine — was published in November of 1994, many notable moments have occurred in the sport of wrestling.

Now nearly a quarter of a century later, this magazine — changed to Wrestling Insider Newsmagazine in 2009 — is using this silver anniversary celebration to list 25 top moments that have happened since 1994.

Mike Chapman and the origin of WIN Magazine

We hope you enjoy reading through the list, and that the positive events are reminders of happy “wrestling moments” from the past.

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  1. The near-death of Olympic wrestling in 2013
  2. USA men’s freestyle wins 2017 World Championship
  3. Pat Smith becomes first four-time NCAA champion in 1994
  4. Cael Sanderson reaches perfection in 2002
  5. Kyle Dake becomes first to win four NCAA titles in four years at four different weights in 2013
  6. Rulon Gardner upsets Karelin in 2000 Olympics
  7. Helen Maroulis becomes first USA woman to win Olympic gold with upset of Yoshida in 2016
  8. Dan Gable career ends with 15th title near hometown in 1997
  9. Greco-Roman wins 2007 World championship
  10. Jordan Burroughs wins NCAAs, Hodge and Worlds in 2011
  1. Coaching changes in 2006 – Cael Sanderson (Iowa State), Tom Brands (Iowa) and Tom Ryan (Ohio State)
  2. Nick Ackerman of Simpson shares Hodge with Sanderson in 2001
  3. Anthony Robles wins NCAA title for Arizona State
  4. Youth movement; Henry Cejudo and Kyle Snyder win Olympics/Worlds
  5. Worlds in NYC moved from 2001 to 2003 after threats
  6. Birth of the Hodge Trophy in 1995
  7. Oklahoma State wins four straight after probation
  8. Minnesota wins 2001 title with zero champs and 10 AAs
  9. Fourth Stieber title leads to Ohio State championship
  10. Battle of ‘Burgs dominates NCAA Div. III
  11. Growth of women’s wrestling, first Olympics in 2004
  12. NCAAs go from campus sites to big cities
  13. Midlands moves past 50 years
  14. College wrestling Conference movements
  15. Growth of wrestling in ACC