Seven returning champs and Penn State among top-ranked in WIN’s 2018-19 Preseason Ranks

Updated: September 6, 2018

NEWTON, Iowa — Seven returning national champs, including Arizona State’s Zahid Valencia (above) and Penn State are ranked No. 1 team in WIN Magazine’s 2018-19 Preseason Tournament Power Index and Individual Rankings, presented by Cliff Keen Athletic.

WIN’s Tournament Power Index (TPI) awards team points for individuals ranked in the respective weight classes based on how many potential All-Americans each school could produce at the 2019 NCAA Championships next March in Pittsburgh.

WIN’s TPI point totals are broken down by the following individual rankings: 1st – 20 (16 AA points + 4 advancement points); 2nd – 16 (12+4); 3rd – 13.5 (10+3.5); 4th – 12.5 (9+3.5); 5th – 10 (7+3); 6th – 9 (6+3); 7th – 6.5 (4+2.5); 8th – 5.5 (3+2.5). Additional points for other rankings include: 9th/12th – 2; 13th/16th – 1.5; 17th-20th – 1. TPI points will be lower than the final actual NCAA tournament point totals because it does not include bonus points.

The Nittany Lions feature seven ranked wrestlers, all of whom are predicted to finish in the Top 8 which would also garner them All-American honors in their weight classes to give the Nittany Lions 112 TPI points. That includes three defending national champions who are rated No. 1 in their weight class: Jason Nolf (157 pounds), Vincenzo Joseph (165) and Bo Nickal (184, who has moved up to 197). Meanwhile, 174-pounder Mark Hall, a 2017 NCAA champion for Penn State, and heavyweight Nick Nevills are ranked No. 2. With Nickal moving up to 197, Shakur Rasheed, an All-American at 197, has dropped down to 184, where he is ranked fifth.

Ohio State, last year’s team runner-up, is ranked No. 2 with 83.5 points. That includes seven ranked wrestlers, six the Top 8 of their weight class. This group includes 184-pound Myles Martin, a 2016 NCAA champion, who is rated No. 1 as well as 141-pound Joey McKenna and 197-pound All-American Kollin Moore, who are ranked No. 2.

Oklahoma State and Iowa are predicted to finish third and fourth, respectively, and are separated by only 1.5 points (73-71.5) as each school features nine ranked wrestlers. Seven Cowboys are ranked in the Top 8 of their weight class, led by Nick Piccininni, No. 3 at 125 pounds. The Hawkeyes feature five in the Top 8, including two top-ranked wrestlers: defending champion Spencer Lee at 125 pounds and heavyweight Sam Stoll.

Overall, seven defending champions return and are ranked No. 1. That includes 133-pound Seth Gross of South Dakota State, 141-pound Yianni Diakomihalis of Cornell and 174-pound Zahid Valencia from Arizona State.

Another new top-ranked wrestler is Princeton’s Matt Kolodzik at 149 pounds. The Tiger finished third last year as a sophomore.

WIN’s preseason rankings do not include any true or redshirt freshmen. They will be considered by WIN’s Rankings Committee once they compete in varsity matches this season. Also, wrestlers’ weight classes are subject to change.

WIN will announce its first Dual-Team rankings on Dec. 3, 2018.

Below is a list of the entire TPI rankings list as well as the Top 20 rankings in all ten weight classes. It includes each wrestler’s record from last year and how they fared in the 2018 NCAA Championships. It also indicates how many wrestlers have transferred since last year or redshirted last season.


WIN’S 2018-19 Tournament Power Index (TPI)

RankSchoolTotal RankedTop 8 Ranked*TPI Points
1.Penn State77112
2.Ohio State7683.5
3.Oklahoma State9773
9.Arizona State7346
11.North Carolina State6339.5
12.Virginia Tech8337.5
13.Northern Iowa7335.5
16.South Dakota State3122.5
21.Lock Haven4117.5
22.North Carolina3216.5
23t.Kent State1116
25.Oregon State2114
26.Iowa State3112
31.Utah Valley318
32.Old Dominion216.5
35t.North Dakota State304.5
39t.CSU Bakersfield203
42t.Northern Colorado202.5
45.Fresno State202
46t.Central Michigan101.5
46t.Franklin & Marshall101.5
46t.Michigan State111.5
52t.Appalachian State101
52t.Gardner Webb101
52t.George Mason101
52t.Northern Illinois101
52t.West Virginia101

* projected All-Americans, wrestlers who finish in the Top 8 of the weight class


WIN’s 2018-19 Preseason Individual Rankings

125 pounds

Rk.NameSchoolYear’17-18 W-L’18 NCAA
1.Spencer LeeIowaSoph.22-21st
2.Sebastian RiveraNorthwesternSoph.31-86th
3.Nick PiccininniOklahoma StateJunior24-5NQ
4.Ronnie BresserOregon StateSenior23-67th
5.Zeke MoiseyNebraska*Senior26-128th
6.Sean RussellMinnesota*Senior32-7NQ
7.Connor SchramLehigh*Seniorinjured
8.Taylor LaMontUtah ValleySoph.27-5NQ
9.Louie HayesVirginiaSoph.31-8NQ
10.Ryan MillhofArizona StateSenior17-7NQ
11.Travis PiotrowskiIllinoisJunior19-10NQ
12.Jay SchwarmNorthern IowaJunior25-12NQ
13.Gabe TownsellStanfordJunior20-15NQ
14.Paul BianchiNorth Dakota StateSoph.24-15NQ
15.Rayvon FoleyMichigan StateSoph.28-11NQ
16.Devin SchroderPurdueSoph.reserve
17.Connor BrownWisconsin*Soph.26-16NQ
18.Kyle AkinsBuffaloSenior22-10
19.Brock HudkinsNorthern IllinoisJunior18-12NQ
20.Christian MoodyOklahomaJunior23-15NQ

* – transfers


133 pounds

Rk.NameSchoolYear’17-18 W-L’18 NCAA
1.Seth GrossSouth Dakota StateSenior29-11st
2.Stevan MicicMichiganJunior26-32nd
3.Nick SurianoRutgersJunior25-12nd/125
4.Tariq WilsonNorth Carolina StateSoph.27-103rd
5.Luke PletcherOhio StateJunior30-44th
6.Scott ParkerLehighSenior22-57th
7.Montorie BridgesWyomingSoph.35-78th
8.Jack MuellerVirginiaJunior24-7NQ
9.Austin DeSantoIowa*Soph.30-7NQ
10.John ErnesteMissouriSenior27-4NQ
11.Chas TuckerCornellJunior22-11NQ
12.Sean NickellCSU BakersfieldSenior24-12NQ
13.Korbin MyersVirginia Tech*Junior28-11NQ
14.Rico MontoyaNorthern ColoradoSenior25-14NQ
15.Cam SykoraNorth Dakota StateJunior23-12NQ
16.Cameron KellyOhio U.Senior25-8NQ
17.Colin ValdivezNorthwesternSoph.20-13NQ
18.Dylan DuncanIllinoisSoph.20-9NQ
19.Matt SchmittWest VirginiaSoph.23-14NQ
20.Josh TeraoAmerican U.Senior29-10NQ

* – transfer


141 pounds

Rk.NameSchoolYear’17-18 W-L’18 NCAA
1.Yianni DiakomihalisCornellSoph.34-11st
2.Joey McKennaOhio StateSenior21-23rd
3.Jaydin EiermanMissouriJunior32-34th
4.Kaid BrockOklahoma StateJunior30-55th/133
5.Nick LeePenn StateSoph.33-75th
6.Chad RedNebraskaSoph.26-117th
7.Mitch McKeeMinnesotaJunior21-8NQ
8.Sa’Derian PerryOld Dominion*Junior18-198th
9.Michael CarrIllinoisSoph.20-7NQ
10.Mason SmithArizona State*Junior32-7NQ
11.Vince TurkIowaJunior16-10NQ
12.Nick GilNavySenior33-10NQ
13.Luke KaramLehighSoph.21-9NQ
14.Josh AlberNorthern IowaSenior25-8NQ
15.Cole WeaverIndianaSenior26-12NQ
16.Brent MooreVirginia TechSoph.20-12NQ
17.Ryan DiehlMarylandSenior13-14NQ
18.Henry PohlmeyerSouth Dakota StateJunior24-11NQ
19.Russell RohlfingCSU BakersfieldJunior22-13NQ
20.Nate LimmexPurdueJunior26-16NQ

* – transfers


149 pounds

Rk.NameSchoolYear’17-18 W-L’18 NCAA
1.Matt KolodzikPrincetonJunior29-63rd
2.Anthony AshnaultRutgersSeniorredshirted3-time AA
3.Grant LeethMissouriSoph.26-56th
4.Boo LewallenOklahoma StateJunior29-88th
5.Ke-Shawn HayesOhio StateJunior29-7NQ
6.Max ThomsenNorthern IowaJunior28-9NQ
7.Justin OliverNorth Carolina State*Senior28-7NQ
8.Pat LugoIowa*Seniorredshirted2-time NQ
9.Paul FoxStanfordSenior23-9NQ
10.Brock ZacherlClarionSenior29-3NQ
11.Jarrett DegenIowa StateSoph.23-11NQ
12.Jared PrinceNavyJunior22-6NQ
13.Ryan BleesVirginia TechSenior23-9NQ
14.Sam KrivusVirginiaJunior20-15NQ
15.Alfred BannisterMarylandSenior24-10NQ
16.Tommy ThornMinnesotaSenior18-13NQ
17.Cole MartinWisconsinJunior17-14NQ
18.Sam TurnerWyomingSoph.25-17NQ
19.Davion JeffriesOklahomaSenior24-19NQ
20.Khristian OlivasFresno StateJunior25-8NQ

* – transfers


157 pounds

Rk.NameSchoolYear’17-18 W-L’18 NCAA
1.Jason NolfPenn StateSenior26-11st
2.Hayden HidlayNorth Carolina StateSoph.26-12nd
3.Tyler BergerNebraskaSenior28-93rd
4.Alec PantaleoMichiganSenior21-75th
5.Micah JordanOhio StateSenior25-96th
6.Josh ShieldsArizona StateJunior34-47th
7.Ryan DeakinNorthwesternSoph.32-7NQ/149
8.Kennedy MondayNorth CarolinaSoph.21-16NQ
9.Mitch FinesilverDukeSenior19-6NQ
10.Ian BrownLehighSenior18-12NQ
11.Garett HammondDrexelSenior20-7NQ
12.Luke WeilandArmyJunior24-17NQ
13.Austin KraisserCampbellJunior21-13
14.Taleb RahmaniPittJunior18-14NQ
15.Kaleb YoungIowaSoph.reserve/174
16.Andrew ShomersOklahoma State*Junior29-8NQ
17.Steve BleiseMinnesotaSenior20-9NQ/149
18.Tyler MarinelliGardner WebbSenior26-8NQ
19.Larry EarlyOld DominionJunior29-12NQ
20.Alex KluckerLock HavenJunior25-11NQ

* – transfer


165 pounds

Rk.NameSchoolYear’17-18 W-L’18 NCAA
1.Vincenzo JosephPenn StateJunior25-21st
2.Evan WickWisconsinSoph.29-73rd
3.Chance MarstellarLock HavenSenior45-44th
4.David McFaddenVirginia TechJunior35-25th
5.Alex MarinelliIowaSoph.19-66th
6.Logan MassaMichiganJunior17-8NQ, ’17 AA
7.Jon Jay ChavezCornellSenior23-67th
8.Chandler RogersOklahoma StateSenior24-68th
9.Isaiah WhiteNebraskaJunior25-8NQ
10.Anthony ValenciaArizona StateJunior27-10NQ
11.Bryce SteiertNorthern IowaSeniorredshirted2-time NQ
12.Branson AshworthWyomingSenior36-6NQ
13.Te’Shan CampbellOhio StateSenior19-12NQ
14.Gordon WolfLehighSenior20-11NQ
15.John Van BrillRutgersSenior22-14NQ/157
16.Andrew FogartyNorth Dakota StateJunior30-12NQ
17.Demetrius RomeroUtah ValleyJunior26-9NQ
18.Connor FlynnMissouriJunior25-9NQ
19.Bryce MartinIndianaSenior15-10NQ
20.Joey GuntherIllinois*Junior16-9NQ

* – transfer


174 pounds

Rk.NameSchoolYear’17-18 W-L’18 NCAA
1.Zahid ValenciaArizona StateJunior32-01st
2.Mark HallPenn StateJunior32-12nd
3.Myles AmineMichiganJunior26-73rd
4.Daniel LewisMissouriSenior33-24th
5.Jordan KutlerLehighJunior28-66th
6.Michael KemererIowaJunior27-34th/157
7.Jacobe SmithOklahoma StateSenior22-88th
8.Taylor LujanNorthern IowaJunior30-7NQ
9.Dylan LydyPurdueJunior35-14NQ
10.Ben HarveyArmyJunior23-11NQ
11.Johnny SebastianNorthwesternSenior28-12NQ
12.Matt FinesilverDukeSoph.26-11NQ
13.Brandon WomackCornellJunior17-11NQ
14.Daniel BullardNorth Carolina StateSoph.17-11NQ
15.Kimball BastianUtah ValleyJunior20-11NQ
16.Ryan ChristensenWisconsinSenior25-15NQ
17.Hunter BolenVirginia TechSoph.21-12NQ
18.Brandon KroneMinnesotaSenior12-10NQ
19.Dean SherryRiderSenior19-11NQ
20.Andrew MorganCampbellJunior18-9


184 pounds

Rk.NameSchoolYear’17-18 W-L’18 NCAA
1.Myles MartinOhio StateSenior31-32nd
2.Emery ParkerIllinoisSenior28-43rd
3.Taylor VenzNebraskaSoph.29-94th
4.Zack ZavatskyVirginia TechSenior31-86th
5.Shakur RasheedPenn StateSenior24-57th/197
6.Chip NessNorth CarolinaSenior20-127th
7.Max DeanCornellSoph.31-68th
8.Ryan PreischLehighSenior16-4NQ
9.Drew FosterNorthern IowaSenior26-6NQ
10.Nick ReenanNorth Carolina StateJuniorredshirted2017 NQ/174
11.Nick GravinaRutgersSenior19-7NQ
12.Dakota GeerOklahoma State*Soph.redshirted2017 NQ
13.Cash WilckeIowaJunior21-9NQ/174
14.Canten MarriottMissouriSoph.26-8NQ
15.CJ LaFragolaBrownSenior21-10NQ
16.Martin MuellerSouth Dakota StateJunior26-8NQ
17.Kordell NorfleetArizona StateSoph.12-13NQ
18.Corey HazelLock HavenJunior24-10NQ
19.Sam ColbrayIowa StateSoph.reserve
20.Kayne MacCallumOklahoma*Soph.18-15NQ

* – transfer


197 pounds

Rk.NameSchoolYear’17-18 W-L’18 NCAA
1.Bo NickalPenn StateSenior31-01st/184
2.Kollin MooreOhio StateJunior27-44th
3.Kyle ConelKent StateSenior30-113rd
4.Jacob HolschlagNorthern IowaJunior23-125th
5.Ben DarmstadtCornellSoph.33-46th
6.Willie MiklusIowa State*Senior25-68th
7.Preston WeigelOklahoma StateSenior11-4NQ
8.Chris WeilerLehighSoph.17-10NQ
9.Eric SchultzNebraskaSoph.20-11NQ
10.CJ BrunnerPurdueJunior24-11NQ
11.Patrick BruckiPrincetonSoph.29-10NQ
12.Nathan TraxlerStanfordSoph.19-12NQ
13.Rocco CaywoodArmySenior20-14NQ
14.Corey GriegoOregon StateSenior21-7NQ
15.Tom SleighVirginia Tech*Seniorredshirted3-time NQ
16.Stephen LoiseauDrexelSenior32-12NQ
17.Malik McDonaldNorth Carolina StateSeniorreserve2017 NQ
18.Jacob SeelyNorthern ColoradoJunior16-11NQ
19.Wyatt KoellingMissouriSoph.reserveNQ
20.Greg BulsakClarionSoph.21-9NQ

* – transfers



Rk.NameSchoolYear’17-18 W-L’18 NCAA
1.Sam StollIowaSenior25-65th
2.Nick NevillsPenn StateSenior30-77th
3.Youssif HemidaMarylandSenior30-88th
4.Derek WhiteOklahoma StateSenior25-4NQ
5.Tanner HallArizona StateSenior22-8NQ
6.Jordan WoodLehighSoph.22-7NQ
7.Jere HeinoCampbellSenior27-7NQ
8.Bill MillerVirginia Tech*Senior18-6NQ
9.Thomas HainesLock HavenSenior20-7NQ
10.Shawn StreckPurdueSoph.30-15NQ
11.Jeramy SweanyCornellSenior21-8NQ
12.Cory DanielNorth CarolinaSenior23-9NQ
13.Conan JenningsNorthwesternSenior25-12NQ
14.Matt StencelCentral MichiganSoph.28-15NQ
15.Jake GunningBuffaloSenior17-8NQ
16.Antonio PelusiFranklin & MarshallSenior26-10NQ
17.A.J. NevillsFresno StateSoph.26-10NQ
18.Matt VossGeorge MasonSenior24-13NQ
19.Joey GoodhartDrexelSeniorredshirted2-time NQ
20.Cary MillerApp. StateJunior19-9

* – transfer


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