All 10 wrestlers ranked for No. 1 Oklahoma State in WIN’s Nov. 28 ratings

Updated: November 28, 2016

NEWTON, Iowa — Oklahoma State features a nationally-ranked wrestler at all ten weight classes and the Cowboys remain No. 1 in WIN’s Nov. 28 Tournament Power Index and Rankings, presented by Cliff Keen Athletic.

Joining the national rankings for OSU is senior heavyweight Austin Schafer who is rated No. 14 after the unranked wrestler upset Minnesota All-American Michael Kroells in last weekend’s Cowboy dual-meet victory over the Gophers.

This week’s rankings, based on results through Nov. 27, is the third of 16 weekly rankings by Wrestling Insider Newsmagazine. WIN will announce its first NCAA Division I Dual Team rankings on Dec. 5.

The TPI is based on the schools’ wrestlers who are rated in WIN’s individual rankings, predicting possible All-American placement (top eight finishers per weight) in the 2017 NCAA Championships, which will be held March 16-18 in St. Louis.

WIN’s TPI point totals are broken down by the following individual rankings: 1st – 20 (16 AA points + 4 advancement points); 2nd – 16 (12+4); 3rd – 13.5 (10+3.5); 4th – 12.5 (9+3.5); 5th – 10 (7+3); 6th – 9 (6+3); 7th – 6.5 (4+2.5); 8th – 5.5 (3+2.5). Additional points for other rankings include: 9th/12th – 2; 13th/16th – 1.5; 17th-20th – 1. TPI points will be lower than the final actual NCAA tournament points because it does not include bonus points.

With eight wrestlers rated among the top eight in their weight class, Oklahoma State tallied 100.5 TPI points. Trailing the Cowboys are Iowa (with six Top-8 wrestlers and 86 points), Ohio State (5/78), Virginia Tech (6/76) and defending national champion Penn State (5/74).


WIN’s Nov. 28, 2016 Tournament Power Index

RankCollegeRankedTop 8TPI
1Oklahoma State108100.5
3Ohio State8578
4Virginia Tech6676
5Penn State9574
13Arizona State5328
14South Dakota State4227.5
17NC State5224
19Northern Iowa5118.5
20tIowa State3216.5
23West Virginia2215.5
24Central Michigan4114
25Oregon State3112
26North Carolina4110.5
27tNorth Dakota State2110
32Old Dominion217
33Campbell U.116.5
36tAppalachian State203.5
36tNorthern Illinois203.5
44tKent State102
44tMichigan State102
44tOhio U.202
50tEastern Michigan101.5
50tUtah Valley101.5
55tAir Force101
55tThe Citadel101


WIN’s Nov. 28, 2016 NCAA Div. I Individual Rankings

125 Pounds                                      

1Thomas Gilman(1st)Sr.Iowa
2Joey Dance(2nd)Sr.Virginia Tech
3Darian Cruz(3rd)Jr.Lehigh
4Dylan Peters(4th)Sr.Northern Iowa
5Ronnie Bresser(5th)Jr.Oregon State
6Josh Rodriguez(6th)Sr.North Dakota State
7Nathan Kraisser(7th)Sr.Campbell U.
8Nick Suriano(8th)Fr.Penn State
9Barlow McGhee(9th)Jr.Missouri
10Tim Lambert(10th)Sr.Nebraska
11Sean Russell(11th)So.Edinboro
12Alfredo Rodriguez(12th)Sr.SIUE
13Connor Schram(14th)Jr.Stanford
14Nick Piccininni(16th)RFr.Oklahoma State
15Ethan Lizak(13th)So.Minnesota
16Jack Mueller(15th)Fr.Virginia
17Dalton Macri(17th)So.Cornell
18Austin Assad(18th)RFr.Michigan
19Elijah Oliver(19th)So.Indiana
20Brent Fleetwood(20th)Jr.Central Michigan


133 Pounds  

1Cory Clark(1st)Sr.Iowa
2Zane Richards(2nd)Sr.Illinois
3Nathan Tomasello(3rd)Jr.Ohio State
4Seth Gross(4th)So.South Dakota State
5Eric Montoya(5th)Sr.Nebraska
6Earl Hall(6th)Sr.Iowa State
7Dom Forys(7th)Jr.Pitt
8Kaid Brock(8th)So.Oklahoma State
9Steven Micic(9th)Fr.Michigan
10Josh Alber(10th)Jr.Northern Iowa
11Jaydin Eierman(11th)RFr.Missouri
12Tyson Dippery(12th)Jr.Rutgers
13Kevin Devoy(13th)Sr.Drexel
14Sean Fausz(14th)So.NC State
15Jered Cortez(15th)RFr.Penn State
16Tyler Goodwin(16th)Jr.Maryland
17Scott Parker(17th)So.Lehigh
18Cameron Kelly(18th)So.Ohio U.
19Mitch McKee(19th)Fr.Minnesota
20Drew Templeman(20th)Sr.Wyoming



141 Pounds

1Dean Heil(1st)Jr.Oklahoma State
2Joey McKenna(2nd)So.Stanford
3Randy Cruz(3rd)Sr.Lehigh
4Anthony Ashnault(4th)Jr.Rutgers
5Kevin Jack(5th)Jr.NC State
6Bryce Meredith(6th)Jr.Wyoming
7Joseph Ward(7th)Sr.North Carolina
8Matt Kolodzik(8th)Fr.Princeton
9Matt Manley(9th)Sr.Missouri
10Javier Gasca III(10th)Jr.Michigan State
11George DeCamilo(11th)Sr.Virginia
12Ke-Shawn Hayes(12th)RFr.Ohio State
13Mike Longo(13th)Jr.Oklahoma
14Brock Zacherl(14th)So.Clarion
15Colton McCrystal(15th)Jr.Nebraska
16Kyle Springer(16th)So.Eastern Michigan
17Tyler Smith(17th)Jr.Bucknell
18Joey Palmer(18th)Sr.Oregon State
19Jared Prince(20th)Fr.Navy
20Logan Everett(NR)Sr.Army


149 Pounds  

1Zain Retherford(1st)Jr.Penn State
2Brandon Sorensen(2nd)Jr.Iowa
3Anthony Collica(3rd)Sr.Oklahoma State
4Lavion Mayes(4th)Sr.Missouri
5Micah Jordan(5th)So.Ohio State
6Justin Oliver(6th)So.Central Michigan
7Solomon Chishko(7th)So.Virginia Tech
8Patricio Lugo(8th)So.Edinboro
9Laike Gardner(9th)Sr.Lehigh
10Christian Pagdilao(10th)Jr.Arizona State
11Ken Theobold(11th)Sr.Rutgers
12Zac Hall(12th)So.Michigan
13Davion Jeffries(13th)So.Oklahoma
14Andrew Crone(14th)So.Wisconsin
15Matt Cimato(15th)Sr.Drexel
16Steve Bleise(16th)So.Northern Illinois
17Sam Speno(17th)Sr.NC State
18Alfred Bannister(18th)So.Maryland
19Jordan Laster(19th)Sr.Princeton
20Max Thomsen(20th)RFr.Northern Iowa


157 Pounds  

1Jason Nolf(1st)So.Penn State
2Dylan Palacio(2nd)Sr.Cornell
3Joe Smith(3rd)So.Oklahoma State
4Richie Lewis(4th)Sr.Rutgers
5Max Rohskopf(5th)Sr.NC State
6Brian Murphy(6th)Sr.Michigan
7Tyler Berger(7th)So.Nebraska
8Joey Lavallee(8th)Sr.Missouri
9Colin Heffernan(9th)Jr.Central Michigan
10Michael Kemerer(10th)RFr.Iowa
11Jordan Kutler(12th)RFr.Lehigh
12Russell Parsons(13th)Sr.Army
13Bryant Clagon(14th)Jr.Rider
14May Bethea(15th)Jr.Penn
15Andrew Atkinson(16th)Jr.Virginia
16Josh Shields(17th)RFr.Arizona State
17Aaron Walker(19th)Sr.The Citadel
18Colin Holler(20th)Jr.South Dakota State
19Jake Ryan(18th)So.Ohio State
20Joey Moon(11th)Sr.North Carolina


165 Pounds

1Isaiah Martinez(1st)Jr.Illinois
2Isaac Jordan(2nd)Sr.Wisconsin
3Daniel Lewis(3rd)So.Missouri
4Chandler Rogers(5th)So.Oklahoma State
5Logan Massa(4th)Fr.Michigan
6Mitch Minotti(6th)Sr.Lehigh
7Dylan Cottrell(7th)Sr.West Virginia
8Anthony Valencia(8th)RFr.Arizona State
9Chad Walsh(9th)Jr.Rider
10Vincenzo Joseph(10th)RFr.Penn State
11Clark Glass(11th)Sr.Oklahoma
12Cooper Moore(12th)SrNorthern Iowa
13Keaton Subjeck(13th)Jr.Stanford
14Jake Faust(14th)Jr.Duke
15TeShan Campbell(15th)So.Pitt
16Austin Matthews(17th)Jr.Edinboro
17Austin Reese(18th)So.Ohio U.
18Tyler Marinelli(19th)Jr.Gardner-Webb
19Bryce Steiert(NR)So.Northern Iowa
20Andrew Fogarty(NR)Fr.North Dakota State


174 Pounds  

1Zach Epperly(1st)Jr.Virginia Tech
2Bo Jordan(2nd)Jr.Ohio State
3Casey Kent(3rd)Sr.Penn
4Kyle Crutchmer(4th)Sr.Oklahoma State
5Brian Realbuto(5th)Sr.Cornell
6Alex Meyer(6th)Sr.Iowa
7Zahid Valencia(7th)RFr.Arizona State
8Zac Brunson(8th)Sr.Illinois
9Ethan Ramos(9th)Jr.North Carolina
10Lelund Weatherspoon(10th)Sr.Iowa State
11Geno Morelli(11th)Sr.Penn State
12Jim Wilson(12th)Sr.Stanford
13Jadean Bernstein(13th)Jr.Navy
14Nicholas Wanzek(14th)Jr.Minnesota
15Nick Kee(15th)Jr.Appalachian State
16David Kocer(16th)Jr.South Dakota State
17Myles Armine(17th)RFr.Michigan
18Jonathan Schleifer(18th)Jr.Princeton
19Ryan Preisch(19th)So.Lehigh
20Matt Reed(20th)Sr.Oklahoma


184 Pounds  

1Gabe Dean(1st)Sr.Cornell
2Timothy Dudley(2nd)Sr.Nebraska
3Myles Martin(3rd)So.Ohio State
4Bo Nickal(4th)So.Penn State
5Nolan Boyd(5th)Sr.Oklahoma State
6Sammy Brooks(6th)Sr.Iowa
7Zach Zavatsky(7th)So.Virginia Tech
8Pat Downey(8th)Jr.Iowa State
9Nathan Jackson(10th)Sr.Indiana
10Willie Miklus(11th)Jr.Missouri
11Jordan Ellingwood(12th)Jr.Central Michigan
12Nicholas Gravina(13th)Jr.Rutgers
13Jack Dechow(9th)Sr.Old Dominion
14Mike Macchiavello(14th)Jr.NC State
15Bryce Carr(15th)Jr.Chattanooga
16Steven Schneider(16th)Jr.Binghamton
17Ian Baker(17th)Jr.Princeton
18Hunter Gamble(18th)Sr.Gardner-Webb
19Chip Ness(19th)Jr.North Carolina
20Joe Arriola(20th)Sr.Buffalo


197 Pounds

1J’den Cox(1st)Sr.Missouri
2Brett Pfarr(2nd)Sr.Minnesota
3Jared Haught(3rd)Jr.Virginia Tech
4Nate Rotert(5th)Jr.South Dakota State
5Preston Weigel(6th)So.Oklahoma State
6Jake Smith(7th)Jr.West Virginia
7Brett Harner(4th)Sr.Princeton
8Kevin Beasley(8th)Jr.Old Dominion
9Aaron Studebaker(9th)Sr.Nebraska
10Shawn Scott(10th)Sr.Northern Illinois
11Kollin Moore(11th)RFr.Ohio State
12Kyle Conel(12th)So.Kent State
13Ryan Wolfe(13th)Sr.Rider
14Ricky Robertson(14th)Jr.Wisconsin
15Matt McCutcheon(15th)Jr.Penn State
16Frank Mattiace(16th)So.Penn
17James Benjamin(NR)Sr.Buffalo
18Cody Crawford(18th)Jr.Oregon State
19Brad Johnson(19th)Sr.Oklahoma
20Parker Hines(20th)Sr.Air Force



1Kyle Snyder(1st)Jr.Ohio State
2Connor Medberry(2nd)Sr.Wisconsin
3Ty Walz(3rd)Sr.Virginia Tech
4Tanner Hall(4th)So.Arizona State
5Sam Stoll(6th)So.Iowa
6Nick Nevills(7th)So.Penn State
7Michael Kroells(5th)Sr.Minnesota
8Brooks Black(8th)Jr.Illinois
9Denzel Dejournette(9th)Sr.Appalachian State
10Collin Jensen(10th)Sr.Nebraska
11Nathan Butler(11th)Jr.Stanford
12Ross Larson(12th)Sr.Oklahoma
13Doug Vollaro(13th)Sr.Lehigh
14Austin Schafer(NR)Sr.Oklahoma State
15Dustin Dennison(14th)Jr.Utah Valley
16Jared Johnson(15th)Sr.Chattanooga
17Billy Miller(16th)So.Edinboro
18Ryan Solomon(17th)Jr.Pitt
19Garrett Ryan(18th)Jr.Columbia
20Ray O’Donnell(19th)Sr.Princeton




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