USA Wrestling and WIN to partner on blended USA Wrestler membership magazine

Updated: July 20, 2016

USA Wrestling and WIN Magazine are excited to announce a new partnership which will offer USA Wrestling members an improved membership publication and a major additional membership benefit.

Starting with the next edition, following the 2016 Rio Olympics, USA Wrestling’s membership magazine USA Wrestler will be re-branded as USA Wrestler, WIN Magazine Edition. The newly blended publication will include many of the current features from USA Wrestler, plus a substantial number of regular features from the popular WIN Magazine.

USA Wrestler, WIN Magazine Edition will continue to be delivered six times a year to the household of all of USA Wrestling’s members. The 130,000 circulation of USA Wrestler, WIN Magazine Edition will also continue to be the largest circulation wrestling magazine on the planet.

usaw logoEven better, USA Wrestling members will now have the opportunity to receive six additional WIN Magazine publications on the months in which USA Wrestler, WIN Magazine Edition is not published for a special discount price of only $18 per year ($3 per issue). These WIN Magazine publications range from between 50 to 90 pages, and cover every level of wrestling with in-depth analysis, respected rankings and entertaining features which has become a tradition for decades.

Members will have the opportunity to “upgrade” to a six-issue WIN subscription in the off-months when they sign up for their USA Wrestling membership online, and through other methods throughout the year. Members will also receive a discount on the normal 12-issue WIN subscription.

“USA Wrestling is excited to partner with WIN Magazine as we combine our resources and skills to produce a better membership magazine moving forward. The new USA Wrestler, WIN Magazine Edition will include the favorite features of our existing publication, with some new and exciting content from WIN. In addition, our members will get the opportunity to enjoy even more quality coverage when they choose to upgrade and receive WIN during the off-months. We are pleased to make this available to all of our members,” said Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling Director of Communications and Special Projects.

WIN_logo_ccWIN Magazine is extremely excited to partner with USA Wrestling in this blended publication. As we’ve always done with our magazine, Wrestling Insider Newsmagazine will tell the stories of the sport’s top wrestlers and coaches while inspiring current wrestlers to reach their goals,” said WIN Publisher Bryan Van Kley.

In addition to coverage of all levels of the sport, WIN has also established a reputation over the last eight years as a monthly “Coach in the Mailbox or Inbox.” Each issue provides editorial content that helps coaches and wrestlers with both the training/technique part of the sport, as well as numerous columns and articles that address the mental side of wrestling.

“We’re proud of how much great content WIN has that helps wrestlers and coaches get to the next level,” Van Kley said. “USA Wrestling members will get a sample of that six times a year in the blended publication through articles like a monthly column by Jordan Burroughs on how to reach peak performance and have fun doing it. And the magazines will also promote positive reading habits in kids through engaging photos, articles and content.”

Some of the features that will remain in the blended USA Wrestler will include feature stories on Senior and youth wrestlers, the Coaches Corner, Gary Abbott’s Q&A with wrestling leaders, Fun and Games, Photo Contest, Rich Bender’s Executive Notes column, Q&A with National Team athletes, photo posters and more.

Some of the new WIN content in the USA Wrestler blended edition could include columns from popular wrestling stars like Burroughs and Kyle Dake, a Q&A column with David Taylor, a Dan Gable Coaching Q&A, columns from respected WIN journalists like Van Kley and Mike Finn and more.

In this edition of USA Wrestler, a WIN column from the “world’s top wrestler” in Burroughs is in the August edition of USA Wrestler to give a sample of the kind of high-quality content that will be included in the new blended edition.

WIN Magazine will be providing additional value to USA Wrestling and its members from its award-winning staff, including publication design, advertising and marketing services and other support.

Expect a different look and feel from USA Wrestler, WIN Magazine Edition when it arrives in the mail this fall with extensive coverage of the Olympic Games and the ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet Nationals.

More details will be included in future editions, as well as through and other USA Wrestling social media platforms.