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Oklahoma State picked No. 1 in WIN’s Preseason TPI & Rankings

Updated: September 2, 2015

(Editor’s Note: This is a correction of yesterday’s release. Oregon State’s Ronnie Bresser was listed incorrectly by another name at 125 pounds. We also failed to show Blaise Butler at 174 had transferred to Missouri, which affected the team rankings and moved Missouri up to No. 7 and led to other adjustments to the TPI. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you could please repost this corrected release, that would be appreciated.)

September 3, 2015

NEWTON, Iowa — Led by two-time NCAA champion Alex Dieringer, Oklahoma State University has been tabbed No. 1 in WIN Magazine’s 2015-16 Preseason Tournament Power Index. The Preseason Rankings do not include true freshman or redshirt freshman, they’ll be inserted into the rankings into November after actual college matches have been wrestled.

Alex Dieringer

Alex Dieringer

The Cowboy program, which has won an NCAA-record 34 team championships — the last coming in 2006 — feature six wrestlers who are ranked in the Top 8 of their weight classes, which would also earn them All-American honors. That includes Dieringer (No. 1 at 165), Kyle Crutchmer (No. 1 at 174), Dean Heil (No. 2 at 141), Austin Marsden (No. 5 at heavyweight), Anthony Collica (No. 7 at 149) and Eddie Klimara (No. 8 at 125).

The Cowboys have 81.5 points in the According to WIN’s Tournament Power Index (TPI). Just behind the Cowboys is Ohio State, the 2015 defending NCAA team champions, with 70.5 points. The Buckeyes, which graduated four-time champion and 2015 Hodge Trophy winner Logan Stieber, feature six wrestlers ranked among the Top 8 in their weight class, including 125-pound defending national champion Nathan Tomasello.

The remaining top five schools are Iowa (four Top-8 wrestlers and 62 points), Penn State (4/60) and Virginia Tech (5/58.5).CKA logo 2011

Point totals associated with individual rankings are as followed: 1st – 20 (16 AA points + 4 advancement points); 2nd – 16 (12+4); 3rd – 13.5 (10+3.5); 4th – 12. 5 (9+3.5); 5th – 10 (7+3); 6th – 9 (6+3); 7th – 6.5 (4+2.5); 8th – 5.5 (3+2.5); 9th/12th – 2; 13th/16th – 1.5; 17th-20th – 1. TPI points will be lower than the final NCAA tournament points because it does not include bonus points.

Overall, six defending champions return. In addition to Dieringer and Tomasello, the others including Oklahoma’s Cody Brewer (133), Illinois’ Isaiah Martinez (157), Cornell’s Gabe Dean (184) and NC State’s Nick Gwiazdowski (Hwt).

WIN will announce a separate Dual Team rankings, beginning Dec. 1. WIN’s TPI will be updated in early November once line-ups are set and will continue on a weekly basis through the NCAA Division I qualifying tournaments in early March.


2015-16 WIN’s Preseason Tournament Power Index (TPI)

Rank College Top 8TPI Pts
1Oklahoma State682
2Ohio State670.5
4Penn State460
5Virginia Tech558.5
12NC State234
13North Carolina233.5
15Ohio U.327.5
16tOld Dominion225
18North Dakota State224.5
20Kent State118.5
21tArizona State118
23Northern Iowa217.5
25Iowa State216
29tWest Virginia113
34Lock Haven15.5
35Oregon State05
39tCentral Michigan04
45tAppalachian State02.5
45tNorthern Colorado02.5
47tAir Force02
47tBoise State02
47tCleveland State02
47tEastern Michigan02
47tThe Citadel02
55tCSU Bakersfield01.5
55tSouth Dakota State01.5
60tCal Poly01
60tGeorge Mason01
60tNorthern Illinois01


WIN’s 2015-16 Preseason Individual Rankings


125 Pounds

1Nathan TomaselloSo.Ohio State
2Nico MegaludisSr.Penn State
3Thomas GilmanJr.Iowa
4Nahshon GarrettSr.Cornell
5Zeke MoiseySo.West Virginia
6Joey DanceJr.Virginia Tech
7Conor YoutseyJr.Michigan
8Eddie KlimaraSr.Oklahoma State
9Dylan PetersJr.Northern Iowa
10David TeraoSr.American
11Josh MartinezSr.Air Force
12Tim LambertJr.Nebraska
13Josh RodriguezJr.North Dakota State
14Ronnie BresserSo.Oregon State
15Brandon JeskeJr.Old Dominion
16Ethan LizakSo.Minnesota
17Evan SilverSr.Stanford
18Nick HermannSr.Virginia
19Paul PetrovSr.Bucknell
20Trey AndrewsJr.Northern Colorado



133 Pounds  

1Cody BrewerSr.Oklahoma
2Cory ClarkJr.Iowa
3Mason BeckmanJr.Lehigh
4Ryan TaylorJr.Wisconsin
5Rossi BrunoSr.Michigan
6Zane RichardsJr.Illinois
7Earl HallSr.Iowa State
8Johnni DiJuliusSr.Ohio State
9George DiCamilloJr.Virginia
10Danny SabatelloSr.Purdue
11Jordan ConawaySr.Penn State
12Kevin DevoyJr.Drexel
13Eric MontoyaJr.Nebraska
14Geoffrey AlexanderSr.Maryland
15Kevin NorstremSo.Virginia Tech
16Mack McGuireJr.Kent State
17Caleb RichardsonJr.Penn
18Robert DeutschSr.Rider
19Gary Wayne HardingSo.Oklahoma State
20Mark GreyJr.Cornell



141 Pounds  

1Evan HendersonSr.North Carolina
2Dean HeilSo.Oklahoma State
3Lavion MayesJr.Missouri
4Chris MecateSr.Old Dominion
5Kevin JackSo.NC State
6Anthony AshnaultSo.Rutgers
7Anthony AbidinSr.Nebraska
8Jimmy GulibonJr.Penn State
9Geo MartinezSo.Boise State
10Randy CruzJr.Lehigh
11Zach HoranSr.Central Michigan
12Jamel HudsonJr.Hofstra
13George FisherSo.Michigan
14Mitch BengstonSo.North Dakota State
15Jameston OsterSr.Northwestern
16Dante RodriguesSo.Iowa State
17Tyler SmithSo.Bucknell
18Mike LongoSo.Appalachian State
19David PearceJr.Drexel
20Matt KrausSr.Arizona State



149 Pounds  

1Jason TsirtsisJr.Northwestern
2Brandon SorensenSo.Iowa
3Zain RetherfordSo.Penn State
4Hunter StieberSr.Ohio State
5B.J. ClagonSo.Rider
6Alex RichardsonSr.Old Dominion
7Anthony CollicaJr.Oklahoma State
8Dan NeffSr.Lock Haven
9Alex PantaleoSo.Michigan
10Sal MastrianiJr.Virginia Tech
11Tywan ClaxtonSr.Ohio U.
12Collin HeffernanSo.Central Michigan
13Mike RacciatoJr.Pitt
14Ken TheoboldSr.Rutgers
15Caleb ErvinJr.Illinois
16Matt CimatoJr.Drexel
17Christian PagdilaoSo.Arizona State
18Gabe MorenoJr.Iowa State
19Chris PerezSr.Princeton
20Marcus CainSr.Duke



157 Pounds  

1Isaiah MartinezSo.Illinois
2Ian MillerSr.Kent State
3Nick BrascettaSr.Virginia Tech
4Mitchell MinottiSr.Lehigh
5Brian MurphySo.Michigan
6Spartak ChinoSr.Ohio U.
7Joey LaValleeJr.Missouri
8Markus ScheidelJr.Columbia
9John BoyleSr.American
10Aaron WalkerJr.The Citadel
11Chad WalshSo.Rider
12Anthony PerrottiSr.Rutgers
13Russell ParsonsJr.Army
14Doug WelchSr.Purdue
15Lou MascolaSr.Maryland
16Andrew AtkinsonSo.Virginia
17Greg FlournoySr.George Mason
18Oliver PierceJr.Arizona State
19Justin StaudenmayerJr.Brown
20Brooks MartinoSr.Penn



165 Pounds  

1Alex DieringerSr.Oklahoma State
2Bo JordanSo.Ohio State
3Isaac JordanJr.Wisconsin
4Ethan RamosSo.North Carolina
5Jim WilsonJr.Stanford
6Cooper MooreJr.Northern Iowa
7Dylan PalacioJr.Cornell
8Tanner WeathermanSr.Iowa State
9Clark GlassSo.Oklahoma
10Austin WilsonSr.Nebraska
11Max RohskopfJr.NC State
12Garrett SuttonSo.Michigan
13Connor BrennanSr.Rider
14Adam FierroSr.Bakersfield
15Seth ThomasSr.Oregon State
16Jon SchleiferSo.Princeton
17Brandon KingsleyJr.Minnesota
18Tyrel WhiteSo.Columbia
19Garrett HammondSo.Penn State
20Connor McMahonSr.SIU-Edwardsville



174 Pounds  

1Kyle CrutchmerJr.Oklahoma State
2Brian RealbutoJr.Cornell
3Zach EpperlySo.Virginia Tech
4Kurtis JulsonSr.North Dakota State
5Blaise ButlerSr.Missouri
6Zac BrunsonJr.Illinois
7Cody WaltersSr.Ohio U.
8Mark MartinSr.Ohio State
9Alex MeyerJr.Iowa
10Taylor MassaJr.Michigan
11Brian HarveySr.Army
12Pete RendaJr.NC State
13Lelund WeatherspoonJr.Iowa State
14Nathan JacksonJr.Indiana
15Jadaan BernsteinSo.Navy
16Duke PickettSr.Cornell
17Matt ReedJr.Oklahoma
18John StaudemayerSr.North Carolina
19Chad WelchSr.Purdue
20Raymond WatersSr.Arizona State



184 Pounds  

1Gabe DeanJr.Cornell
2Nathaniel BrownSr.Lehigh
3Victor AverySr.Edinboro
4Blake StaufferSr.Arizona State
5Kenny CourtsSr.Ohio State
6Hayden ZillmerSr.North Dakota State
7Willie MiklusSo.Missouri
8Timothy DudleyJr.Nebraska
9Sam BrooksJr.Iowa
10Jack DechowJr.Old Dominion
11Matt McCutcheonSo.Penn State
12Domenic AbounaderJr.Michigan
13Brett PfarrJr.Minnesota
14Ricky RobertsonSo.Wisconsin
15Nolan BoydJr.Oklahoma State
16Nikko ReyesJr.Northern Colorado
17Jeff KoepkeJr.Illinois
18Jakob ScheffelSr.West Virginia
19Lorenzo ThomasSr.Penn
20Andrew RomanchikSr.Ohio U.



197 Pounds  

1Morgan McIntoshSr.Penn State
2J’den CoxJr.Missouri
3Conner HartmannSr.Duke
4Nathan BurakSr.Iowa
5Aaron StudebakerJr.Nebraska
6Phillip WellingtonSr.Ohio U.
7Jared HaughtSo.Virginia Tech
8Elliot RiddickJr.Lehigh
9Jake SmithJr.West Virginia
10Cody CrawfordSo.Oregon State
11Zach NyeSr.Virginia
12Anthony AbroSr.Eastern Michigan
13Nate RotertSo.South Dakota State
14Abram AyalaSr.Princeton
15Scottie BoykinJr.Chattanooga
16Austin SchaferJr.Oklahoma State
17Vincent PickettSr.Edinboro
18Bryce BarnesSr.Army
19Shawn ScottJr.Northern Illinois
20Jake TindleJr.SIU-Edwardsville




1Nick GwiazdowskiSr.NC State
2Adam CoonJr.Michigan
3Connor MedberySr.Wisconsin
4Ty WalzJr.Virginia Tech
5Austin MarsdenSr.Oklahoma State
6Michael KroellsJr.Minnesota
7Blaize CabellSr.Northern Iowa
8Billy SmithSr.Rutgers
9Ryan SolomanSo.Pitt
10Colin JensenJr.Nebraska
11Ross LarsonJr.Oklahoma
12Riley ShawSr.Cleveland State
13Denzel DejournetteSr.Appalachian State
14Brooks BlackSo.Illinois
15Nathan ButlerSo.Stanford
16Chase EskamSr.Arizona State
17Nick TavanelloJr.Ohio State
18Tanner HarmsSr.Wyoming
19Garrett RyanSo.Columbia
20Mimmo LytleJr.Kent State



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