Three true freshmen among newcomers in WIN’s Nov. 17 ranks

Updated: November 17, 2014

Nov. 17, 2014

NEWTON, Iowa — A total of 15 new wrestlers — including three true freshmen — have earned spots in this week’s (Nov. 17) WIN’s individual rankings while Minnesota remains the team to beat in WIN’s Tournament Power Index (TPI), presented by Cliff Keen.

The three rookies, one year removed from high school wrestling, are Oregon State’s Ronnie Bresser (17th at 125 pounds), Northwestern’s Bryce Brill (15th at 157) and Michigan’s Davonte Mahomes (15th at 174).

Bresser (a native of Klamath Falls, Ore.) is coming off a championship at last weekend’s Roadrunner Open in Fresno, Calif., while Brill (Mt. Carmel, Ill.) and Mahomes (Oak Park, Ill.) went undefeated last Saturday at the Eastern Michigan Duals in Ypsilanti, Mich.

Three other nationally-ranked newcomers also won Roadrunner Open titles: Purdue’s 133-pound junior Danny Sabatello (Long Grove, Ill.); Stanford’s 174-pound redshirt freshman Keaton Subjeck (El Dorado Hills, Calif.); and Appalachian State sophomore heavyweight Denzel Dejournette (Winston-Salem, N.C.).

The top nine teams ranked in the Tournament Power Index remain the same as Minnesota still leads the field with 94.5 points, while No. 2 Iowa (79.5), No. 3 Cornell (68), No. 4 Ohio State (66.5) and No. 5 Northwestern (56.5) round out the top five.

Point totals associated with individual rankings are as followed: 1st – 20 (16 AA points + 4 advancement points); 2nd – 16 (12+4); 3rd – 13.5 (10+3.5); 4th – 12.5 (9+3.5); 5th – 10 (7+3); 6th – 9 (6+3); 7th – 6.5 (4+2.5); 8th – 5.5 (3+2.5); 9th/12th – 2; 13th/16th – 1.5; 17th-20th – 1. TPI points will be lower than the final NCAA tournament points because it does not include bonus points.

WIN will announce a separate Dual Team ranking, beginning Dec. 1. WIN’s TPI will be updated on a weekly basis through the NCAA Division I qualifying tournaments in early March.


WIN’s Tournament Power Index (TPI) Team Rankings

The following is a breakdown of WIN’s 2014-15 Tournament Power Index. This includes a projection of All-American (Top 8) finishers and TPI points each school will score next March at the NCAA tournament in St. Louis.


Rank College   Top 8       TPI Points
4Ohio State766.5
6Oklahoma State350.5
7tPenn State549
12Iowa State338.5
14Old Dominion227
17Virginia Tech222
20tNC State117
23Kent State116
24Northern Iowa115.5
25tCentral Michigan214.5
29Oregon State110.5
30tFranklin & Marshall110
32tAir Force17
32tOhio U.07
39tAppalachian State03
39tNorth Dakota State03
44tUtah Valley02
44tCSU Bakersfield02
44tAmerican U.02
48tArizona State01.5
48tNorth Carolina01.5
53tMichigan State01
53tSouth Dakota State01


WIN’s Nov. 17, 2014 Individual Rankings

125 Pounds                              

1Jesse Delgado1stSr.Illinois
2Nashshon Garrett2ndJr.Cornell
3Alan Waters3rdSr.Missouri
4Joey Dance4thSo.Virginia Tech
5Dylan Peters5thSo.Northern Iowa
6Thomas Gilman6thSo.Iowa
7Ryan Taylor8thSo.Wisconsin
8Josh Martinez10thJr.Air Force
9David Terao9thJr.American U.
10Tim Lambert11thSo.Nebraska
11Tyler Cox7thSr.Wyoming
12Jordan Conaway12thJr.Penn State
13Nathan Tomasello13thRS Fr.Ohio State
14Evan Silver14thJr.Stanford
15Paul Petrov15thJr.Bucknell
16Sean Boyle16thSr.Chattanooga
17Ronnie BresserNRFr.Oregon State
18Max Soria18thSr.Buffalo
19Austin Miller19thJr.Oklahoma State
20Josh Rodriguez20thSo.North Dakota State

133 Pounds 

1A J Schopp1stSr.Edinboro
2Chris Dardanes2ndSr.Minnesota
3Cody Brewer3rdJr.Oklahoma
4Cory Clark5thSo.Iowa
5Mason Beckman4thJr.Lehigh
6Zane Richards6thSo.Illinois
7James Gulibon7thSo.Penn State
8Johnni DiJulius8thJr.Ohio State
9Geoffrey Alexander9thSr.Maryland
10Rossi Bruno10thJr.Michigan
11Levi Wolfensperger11thSr.Northern Iowa
12Earl Hall13thJr.Iowa State
13George DiCamillo14thSo.Virginia
14Matt Manley17thSo.Missouri
15Jesse Thielke16thSo.Wisconsin
16Danny SabatelloNRJr.Purdue
17Javier GascaNRRSFrMichigan State
18Caleb Richardson19thSo.Penn
19Nick Soto15thSr.Chattanooga
20Mack McGuire18thJr.Kent State

 141 Pounds

1Logan Stieber1stSr.Ohio State
2Mitchell Port2ndSr.Edinboro
3Nick Dardanes3rdSr.Minnesota
4Stephen Dutton4thSr.Michigan
5Richard Durso5thSr.Franklin & Marshall
6Chris Mecate7thJr.Old Dominion
7Zach Horan6thJr.Central Michigan
8Josh Dziewa8thSr.Iowa
9Lavion Mayes9thSo.Missouri
10Edgar Bright10thSo.Pittsburgh
11Mark Grey11thSo.Cornell
12Joe Spisak12thSr.Virginia
13Todd Preston14thSr.Harvard
14Stephen Rodrigues15thJr.Illinois
15Anthony Abidin16thJr.Nebraska
16Joey WardNRSo.North Carolina
17Shyheim Brown17thSo.Maryland
18Jameston OsterNRJr.Northwestern
19Anthony Ashnault20thRSFr.Rutgers
20Tyler Small19thSr.Kent State

149 Pounds  

1Jason Tsirtsis1stSo.Northwestern
2Josh Kindig2ndSr.Oklahoma State
3Hunter Stieber3rdJr.Ohio State
4Drake Houdashelt4thSr.Missouri
5David Habat5thSr.Edinboro
6Devin Carter6thSr.Virginia Tech
7Jake Sueflohn7thSr.Nebraska
8Chris Villalonga8thSr.Cornell
9Brody Grothus9thJr.Iowa
10Alex Richardson10thJr.Old Dominion
11Tywan Claxton11thSr.Ohio U.
12Dylan Cottrell12thSo.Appalachian State
13Caleb Ervin15thJr.Illinois
14C J Cobb16thSr.Penn
15Zach Beitz17thSo.Penn State
16Cody Ruggirello18thSr.Hofstra
17Marcus CainNRJr.Duke
18Ken Theobold20thJr.Rutgers
19Mike Depalma13thJr.Kent State
20Matt Frisch14thJr.Citadel

 157 Pounds  

1Dylan Ness1stSr.Minnesota
2James Green2ndSr.Nebraska
3Ian Miller3rdJr.Kent State
4Brian Realbuto4thSo.Cornell
5Dylan Alton5thSr.Penn State
6Anthony Perrotti6thSo.Rutgers
7Isaiah Martinez7thRS Fr.Illinois
8Josh Demas8thSr.Ohio State
9Joe LaVallee10thSo.Missouri
10Austin Matthews14thSo.Edinboro
11Brian Murphy9thSo.Michigan
12Gus Sako12thSr.Virginia
13Justin DeAngelis13thSr.Oklahoma
14Luke Smith11thJr.Central Michigan
15Bryce BrillNRFr.Northwestern
16Aaron Walker16thSo.Citadel
17Im. Kerr-Brown17thSr.Duke
18Markus Scheidel18thSo.Columbia
19Cody Pack19thSr.South Dakota State
20Spartak Chino20thJr.Ohio U.

 165 Pounds

1Alex Dieringer1stJr.Oklahoma State
2Nick Sluzer2ndSr.Virginia
3Mike Moreno3rdSr.Iowa State
4Pierce Harger4thSr.Northwestern
5Dylan Palacio5thSo.Cornell
6Nick Moore6thSr.Iowa
7Taylor Massa7thSo.Michigan
8Bo Jordan8thRS Fr.Ohio State
9Corey Mock9thSr.Chattanooga
10Isaac Jordan10thSo.Wisconsin
11Jackson Morse13thSr.Illinois
12Taylor Walsh12thSr.Indiana
13Cooper Moore11thSo.Northern Iowa
14Jim Wilson16thSo.Stanford
15Nick WanzekNRRSFr.Minnesota
16Jesse Stafford15thSr.Air Force
17Casey Kent17thJr.Penn
18Austin Wilson18thJr.Nebraska
19Peyton Walsh19thSr.Navy
20Harrison Hightower14thSr.Ohio U.

 174 Pounds  

1Logan Storley1stSr.Minnesota
2Robert Kokesh2ndSr.Nebraska
3Matt Brown3rdSr.Penn State
4Matt Evans4thSr.Iowa
5Tyler Wilps5thSr.Pittsburgh
6Matt Miller9thJr.Navy
7Mike Ottinger8thSr.Central Michigan
8Tanner Weatherman10thJr.Iowa State
9Blaise Butler12thJr.Virginia
10Zac Brunson20thSo.Illinois
11Zach Epperly19thSo.Virginia Tech
12Bryce Hammond6thJr.CSU Bakersfield
13Cody Walters7thJr.Ohio U.
14Mike England16thSr.Missouri
15Davonte MahomesNRFr.Michigan
16Mark Martin17thJr.Ohio State
17Keaton SubjeckNRRSFr.Stanford
18Pete RendaNRSo.NC State
19Joe Latham18thSr.Oregon State
20Kurtis JulsonNRSr.North Dakota State

 184 Pounds

1Gabe Dean1stSo.Cornell
2Jack Dechow2ndSo.Old Dominion
3Lorenzo Thomas3rdSr.Penn
4Max Thomusseit5thSr.Pittsburgh
5Ophir Bernstein4thSr.Brown
6Nathaniel Brown6thJr.Lehigh
7Sam Brooks7thSo.Iowa
8Kenny Courts11thJr.Ohio State
9Victor Avery9thJr.Edinboro
10Brett Pfarr10thSo.Minnesota
11Taylor Meeks14thSr.Oregon State
12Nikko Reyes12thSo.Illinois
13Blake Stauffer8thJr.Arizona State
14Domenic Abounader13thSo.Michigan
15Lelund Weatherspoon15thSo.Iowa State
16Timothy Dudley16thSo.Nebraska
17Hayden Zillmer14th/184Jr.North Dakota State
18John Eblen18thSr.Missouri
19Nolan Boyd19thSo.Oklahoma State
20Cody Caldwell13th/184Jr.Northern Iowa

 197 Pounds 

1Scott Schiller1stSr.Minnesota
2Kyven Gadson2ndSr.Iowa State
3J’den Cox3rdSo.Missouri
4Conner Hartman4thJr.Duke
5Morgan McIntosh5thJr.Penn State
6Nathan Burak6thJr.Iowa
7Kyle Snyder7thFr.Ohio State
8Braden Atwood9thSr.Purdue
9Jace Bennett10thSr.Cornell
10Tim McCall11thSr.Wisconsin
11Max Huntley16thSr.Michigan
12Nick Bonaccorsi14thJr.Pittsburgh
13Alex Polizzi12thSr.Northwestern
14Shane Woods15thSr.Wyoming
15Phillip Wellington8thJr.Ohio U.
16Bryce Barnes17thJr.Army
17Elliot Riddick18thSo.Lehigh
18Zach NyeNRJr.Virginia
19Paul Rands19thSr.Navy
20Luke SheridanNRSr.Indiana


1Michael McMullan1stSr.Northwestern
2Nick Gwiazdowski2ndJr.NC State
3Bobby Telford3rdSr.Iowa
4Austin Marsden4thJr.Oklahoma State
5Adam Coon5thSo.Michigan
6Connor Medbury6thJr.Wisconsin
7Amarveer Dhesi7thSo.Oregon State
8Jon Gingrich8thSr.Penn State
9Adam Fager9thSr.Utah Valley
10William Smith10thSo.Rutgers
11Spencer Myers11thSr.Maryland
12Ross Larsen12thSo.Oklahoma
13Devin Mellon13thSr.Missouri
14Nick Tavanello14thSo.Ohio State
15Joe Stolfi15thSr.Bucknell
16Michael Kroells20thSo.Minnesota
17Denzel DejournetteNRSo.Appalachian State
18Brooks Black18thFr.Illinois
19Ty Walz19thSo.Virginia Tech
20Blaize Cabell17thJr.Northern Iowa



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