Team USA Training Tips: Turk Finishes

Updated: May 16, 2014


1. Red is going to finish the front headlock with a leg-turk finish.

2. The steps on getting from a front headlock to the position shown above can be seen in
last month’s issue. Notice how Red has Blue’s leg elevated and is wrapping the waist with his
right hand. He is lifting the leg just above the knee of Blue.

3. Red has now stepped in between the legs of Blue and secured the leg-turk position with
his left leg. In addition, notice how his right arm is reaching underneath the chin of Blue to “trap”
the shoulder of his opponent. This will help expose the back of Blue.

4. In the leg-turk finish, Red has elevated his left leg while keeping his head off the mat and
his hips in. Notice how he is using his left arm as an additional post so that he is more secure in
this position.

5. The starting position for this turk finish will be…

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