Wrestlers In Business Network To Become A New Entity

Updated: June 7, 2013

The founders of the Greater Washington Wrestling Business Network and the Wrestlers in Business Network are joining together to grow their network nationally. The GWWBN, WIB, the National Collegiate Wrestling Association and The National Wrestling Coaches Association have collaborated on building an entity that reaches deep into the wrestling and business community. The new organization will now be called Wrestlers In Business Network.

The mission of the WIBN is to leverage the unique connections to the sport of amateur wrestling to mobilize the business community with the purpose of promoting and engaging personal, social and business development while supporting the wrestling community.

DC’s GWWBN and Cleveland-based WIB have demonstrated there is a viable model and interest to grow and accomplish a nationwide network of chapters which are made up of professionals with ties to the wrestling community. We are considering chapters in 7-10 strategic markets to expand into initially.

GWWBN and WIB have similar values, but separate skill sets. Consolidating and making use of the best of each group should allow them to have great reach and success.

“We believe we have the opportunity to create a distinct brand with values that support business and professional development,” said Keith Burgess, GWWBN Founding Board Member and Vice President. “As we are successful we can then give back to the local wrestling communities in a meaningful way.”

Cleveland businessman Aaron Grossman and the NWCA are funding the majority of the effort.

Since its founding, the GWWBN has returned back over $50,000 to the wrestling community. This can be duplicated across the U.S.

Each local chapter will determine where to invest their proceeds. The national body will be the fundraising arm of the NWCA and its funds will be used to support its coaching development initiatives and or allied organizations such as NCWA and starting new programs.

“The beauty of this model is that each chapter has its own autonomy to determine who they decide to support,” WIB’s John Licata said.

Grossman, the WIB President and Founder, added, “our on-line presence, which includes a free business directory listing and an exclusive job board dedicated to wrestlers will provide significant value to its membership and create long term sustainability.”

“What is unique about our group (WIBN) is that we are like no other,” Licata stated. “Most organizations are heavy into fundraising to sustain itself and the entity. We advocate for a mutually beneficial relationship. When the wrestling community supports and does business with each other and hires each other success occurs and the give back then occurs.”