U.S. Greco fails to medal in entered Olympics for the first time since 1976

Updated: August 7, 2012

Justin Lester, the two-time World bronze medalist, was the United States’ final hope for an Olympic medal on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the 145.5-pounder, given a second chance at winning a bronze, failed to place; marking the first time that an American team left an Olympics without a medal since 1976.

Click here for a story on Lester’s day of competition.

The United States actually began a 28-year run of collecting Olympic medals in 1984, but did not have a chance to compete in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow because of the U.S. boycott that summer.

The following is a list of all American Olympic medal winners since 1984:

1984 —Steve Fraser (90k) and Jeff Blatnick (Hwt) – gold; Greg Gibson (100 k) – silver

1988 – Dennis Koslowski (100 k) – silver

1992 – Dennis Koslowski (100 k) – silver; Rodney Smith (68 k) – bronze

1996 – Brandon Paulson (52 k) – silver; Dennis Hall (57 k) – silver; Matt Ghaffari (Hwt) – silver

2000 – Rulon Gardner (Hwt) – gold; Jim Lindland (76 k) – silver; Garrett Lowney (97 k) – bronze

2004 – Rulon Gardner (Hwt) – bronze

2008 – Adam Wheeler (96 k) – bronze