WIN: What’s Important Now — Freestyle and Greco will help Folkstyle

Updated: May 2, 2012

By Jon McGovern, WWR Monthly Coaches Corner

May is a great time for wrestlers to practice and compete in Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling.  There are many freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling events around the country during the month of May.

Freestyle competition will  improve your  takedown wrestling skills at a more efficient rate.

Freestyle wrestling will improve wrestlers ability to control the center of the mat; with scoring coming from push outs.

Freestyle wrestling will improve your single and double leg offensive and counter offensive finishes; as exposure points can be earned in freestyle wrestling.

Most of the scoring in freestyle wrestling occurs on the feet which will further develop your set ups, hand fighting, finger fighting, and open scoring attacks from the feet.

Greco Roman wrestling will help your ability to hand fight as well as throw.  Freestyle and Greco Roman matches are short two-minute bouts with an emphasis on speed, power, and dynamic attacks which is in line with most spring wrestling strength training programs during this time of year.

Plan to add wrestling freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling training and competitions to your schedule in May.