Dlagnev’s Olympic shot was not good enough in the end

LONDON, England — Tervel Dlagnev nearly gave it his best shot to bring home an Olympic medal at 264.5 pounds at the ExCel Arena.

Sadly, the heavyweight from Arlington, Texas, learned first-hand that nearly good is not good enough … when Dlagnev won his first two matches, including a quarterfinal bout over 2011 World champion Aleksei Shemarov of Bulgaria, only to drop his final two matches, including the bronze medal bout on Aug. 11.


“I don’t have anything to say,” said a dejected Dlagnev after losing the bronze medal match to Iran’s Komeil Ghasemi (Iran), 4-0, 0-1, 1-0. “I didn’t perform, that’s it.”

Dlagnev, who earned a bronze medal in last September’s World Championships in Istanbul, Turkey  — where he defeated two-time Olympic champion Artur Taymazov of Uzebekistan — may have also had his confidence shaken in these Olympic semifinals when Taymazov countered a single attempt by Dlagnev with about 15 seconds left in the scoreless first period and cradled the American for a pin five seconds later.


“It was mistake, it happens,” said Dlagnev, who also gave up defensive lifts by the Iranian in the bronze medal match when it looked like the former Nebraska-Kearney star might score offensive points.

“I didn’t finish my shots. It was frustrating.

“It just wasn’t smart. I didn’t finish my positions. Defensively, I was a little bit unprepared. Hopefully I’ll get over this soon. I lost, but I’m still wrestling for Jesus Christ.”

Dlagnev opened his first Olympics with an 6-2, 1-0 victory over defeated Egypt’s Eldesoky Shaban. He opened up a 4-0 lead off a pushout (:31) and then a snap-down (1:22) and transitioned right into a slick gut for two points. Then in the final 15 seconds, Dlagnev shot in an exposed his own back in the process, but was able to get in better position and gutted the Egyptian for two for the 6-2 period win.

The only action in the second period was a Dlagnev pushout midway through the period in the 1-0 win, advancing Dlagnev to the second round.

Against Shemarov, Dlagnev struck early, converting an inside single into two points….one for the takedown and the second for the push-out only 26 seconds into the period.

Shemarov scored first in the second period with a push-out at the 1:36 mark. But Dlagnev came through in the closing seconds. He hit a low single for a takedown, then got a push-out point for the 2-0 lead with four seconds to go. The coaches for Belarus challenged the call, but the ruling stood so Dlagnev was given a third point because of the challenge, giving him the 2-0, 3-1 win.


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