Training Technique of the Week: Hook Grip Pull-up

Updated: October 25, 2011

By Scott Goodpaster

The hook grip pull-up is a monster exercise when it comes to pulling for our wrestlers.  Pulling as well as specific grip strength is an important component of wrestling.  You can’t pull what you can’t grip.

At Cincinnati Functional Fitness, wrestlers not only pull hard but also hold on to what they are pulling.  A high percentage of gripping in the sport of wrestling requires a hook grip.  This exercise is a great forearm and back developer and will help any wrestler control the neck, leg, and many different positions in wrestling.

• You can perform a vertical hook grip pull-up and recline hook grip pull-up.

• Notice the hook grip involved in controlling the neck or used in a high-crotch takedown, and the claw.

• Perform the desired amount of repetitions.

Wrestler Tyler Hardtke demonstrating a high crotch on Eric Sullivan. Notice Tyler's hook grip around Eric's leg

Notice Tyler's hook grip when performing a claw on Eric.

Notice both wrestler's controlling the neck with a hook grip.


















(Scott Goodpaster, CSCS, is the Director of Cincinnati Functional Fitness, an MMA Certified Strength & Conditioning coach and nationally recognized in the field of strength & conditioning for wrestlers.)