First-ever Bronco Nationals set for Nov. 5

Updated: October 18, 2011

Idaho High School Wrestling is partnered with USA Wrestling in promoting the 1st Annual Bronco Nationals hosted on behalf of Boise State Wrestling.  This event is part of the Making a Difference Tournament series designed to provide assistance to college wrestling programs.

Click here for BroncoNationals flyer

This is a great opportunity for wrestlers, ages 7-18, to experience quality competition, while supporting one of the premier wrestling programs in the United States.  We need to take a proactive approach to support our wrestling programs in the West, and this is our chance to make a difference in college wrestling.  Let’s do our part to support college wrestling, while gaining quality experience and competition.

Bronco Nationals is hosted at Kuna High School in Kuna, ID.  The age divisions include:  Bantam (born 2004-2005), Intermediate (born 2002-2003), Novice (born 2000-2001), Middle School (born 1997-2000), Fresh/Soph. (born 1996-1997), and Jr. /Sr. (born Sept 1st, 1992 – Dec. 31st, 1997).  Please visit for further information and pre-register through