Exercise of the Week: Single Arm Medicine Ball Pushup

Updated: September 20, 2011

The single-arm medicine ball push-up is the “mac daddy” of upper body strength training and core strength and will even challenge your wrestlers that can bench high weight. Not only do you have to have enough strength to press about 60 percent of your body weight with one arm, you have to do so while controlling the rotational torque produced by the three-point support.

This exercise develops the strength needed in positions like the whizzer.  Focus on keeping the core tight and execute in a pain/pressure-free position. Perform 3 sets of 3-5 reps per arm.

Demonstrating this exercise is Scott Goodpaster, CSCS, the Director of Cincinnati Functional Fitness. Goodpaster is an MMA Certified Strength & Conditioning coach and nationally recognized in the field of strength & conditioning for wrestlers.