Defending champ Penn State tabbed No. 1 in WIN’s Preseason TPI

Updated: September 14, 2011

Penn State tabbed No. 1 in WIN’s 2011-12 Preseason Tournament Power Index rankings

 Sept. 14, 2011

NEWTON, Iowa — Penn State, which earned its first NCAA team championship in over 50 years last March in Philadelphia, Pa., has been tabbed to repeat this winter by Wrestling Insider Newsmagazine in WIN’s preseason Tournament Power Index.

Quentin Wright, the defending NCAA champion at 184 pounds, holds the 2011 team trophy. The junior is one of six returning All-American for the Nittany Lions, who earned just its second team title and first since 1953.

The WIN TPI is compiled by awarding points to each team for the ranked wrestlers they have in WIN’s current individual rankings that can be found below in all 10 weight classes. In a sense, it suggests how many points these teams could score at this year’s NCAA tournament, March 15-17, in St. Louis, Mo. TPI points will not match the final NCAA tournament points because it does not include bonus points for pins, technical falls, major decisions and forfeits/defaults.

Teams are awarded points based on how many potential All-Americans (Top 8 wrestlers) they could have and get advancement points for wrestlers ranked No. 9-20. The order of teams in the TPI vary greatly from dual meet rankings, as some teams have a number of highly-ranked individuals but may have holes in their dual meet line-up.

Point totals associated with individual rankings are as followed: 1st – 20 (16 AA points + 4 advancement points); 2nd – 16 (12+4); 3rd – 13.5 (10+3.5); 4th – 12. 5 (9+3.5); 5th – 10 (7+3); 6th – 9 (6+3); 7th – 6.5 (4+2.5); 8th – 5.5 (3+2.5); 9th/12th – 2; 13th/16th – 1.5; 17th-20th – 1.          The rankings are subject to change if wrestlers decide to change weights or take an Olympic redshirt. The WIN TPI does not rank teams according to dual meet performances. WIN will provide its first Dual Team Rankings on Dec. 6.

The Nittany Lions, headed up by third-year head coach Cael Sanderson, features six ranked wrestlers and all are projected to finish among the top 8 in their weight classes, which would garner All-American honors. This includes three top-ranked wrestlers: Frank Molinaro at 149 pounds, David Taylor, who is moving up one weight to 165 and Quentin Wright, who captured the Lions’ lone championship at 184 pounds.

Tabbed to finish second and third, respectively, are Iowa and Oklahoma State, which are also predicted to finish with six All-Americans.

The highest-ranked Hawkeyes are No. 1 Matt McDonough, who finished second last winter at 125 pounds after winning that weight in 2010. Also picked to finish in the top three are Montell Marion at 141, Derek St. John at 157 and Grant Gambrall at 184.

Leading the OSU Cowboys is the 133-pound defending champion Jordan Oliver. Oklahoma State will also benefit from the return of Russian-native Alan Gelogaev, who redshirted in 2011 and is moving up one weight to heavyweight, and the transfer of Cayle Byers, a former nationally-ranked wrestler from George Mason.


WIN’S 2011-12 Preseason Team Tournament Power Index

Rank          School          Top 8#          TPI

1          Penn State          6          91.5

2          Iowa          6          86.5

3          Oklahoma State          6          75

4t          Minnesota          5          61.5

4t          Lehigh          5          61.5

6          Cornell          4          59

7          American          4          46.5

8          Illinois          3          37

9          Michigan          2          34

10t          Central Michigan          2          32.5

10t          Maryland          3          32.5

12          Virginia Tech          3          31

13          Wyoming          2          30

14          Missouri          3          24.5

15          Rutgers          2          24

16t          Ohio State          2          22.5

16t          Penn          2          22.5

18t          Oklahoma          1          22

18t          Pittsburgh          2          22

20          Stanford          1          20

21t          Virginia          1          19.5

21t          Northwestern          1          19.5

23          Cal Poly          1          18.5

24          Oregon State          1          16

25t          Edinboro          1          14.5

25t          Kent State          1          14.5

27t          Boston U.          1          13

27t          Buffalo          1          13

27t          Iowa State          1          13

30t          Harvard          1          12.5

30t          Indiana          1          12.5

32          Hofstra          1          11.5

33t          Boise State          1          11

33t          Arizona State          1          11

35          Purdue          1          10.5

36          Clarion          1          7.5

37          Nebraska          0          7

38          Northern Iowa          0          5

39t          Binghamton          0          3.5

39t          North Carolina          0          3.5

41t          Appalachian State          0          3

41t          Bloomsburg          0          3

41t          Navy          0          3

41t          Ohio          0          3

45t          Michigan State          0          2.5

45t          Wisconsin          0          2.5

47t          Air Force          0          2

47t          Lock Haven          0          2

47t          No. Dakota State          0          2

47t          Northern Colorado          0          2

47t          Rider          0          2

47t          West Virginia          0          2

53t          Columbia          0          1.5

53t          Drexel          0          1.5

55t          Chattanooga          0          1

55t          Franklin & Marshall          0          1

55t          Gardner-Webb          0          1

55t          NC State          0          1

55t            Princeton            0            1


# — potential top-8 finishers or All-Americans at the 2012 NCAA Championships.


WIN’s 2011-12 Preseason Individual Rankings                             


Rank          Name         2011 Finish          Yr.          School

1          Matt McDonough          2nd          Jr.          Iowa

2          Zach Sanders          5th          Sr.          Minnesota

3          Jarrod Patterson          6th          Jr.          Oklahoma

4          Nic Bedelyon          NQ          Sr.          Kent State

5          Jon Morrison          NQ          So.          Oklahoma State

6          Alan Waters          NQ          So.          Missouri

7          Jarrod Garnett          NQ          Sr.          Virginia Tech

8          Frank Perrelli          NQ          Sr.          Cornell

9          Trent Sprenkle          NQ          Jr.          No. Dakota State

10          Matt Snyder          NQ          Jr.          Virginia

11          Sean Boyle          NQ          Jr.          Michigan

12          Michael Martinez          NQ          Sr.          Wyoming

13          Jason Lara          NQ          Sr.          Oregon State

14          Mark Rappo          NQ          Jr.          Wyoming

15          Jesse Delgado          RS          Fr.          Illinois

16          Joe Langel          NQ          Jr.          Rutgers

17          Anthony Zanetta          NQ          Jr.          Pittsburgh

18          Garrett Frey          NQ          Jr.          Princeton

19          Levi Mele          NQ          Jr.          Northwestern

20          Ryak Finch          RS          Fr.          Iowa State

133 pounds

Rk          Name          2011          Yr.          School

1          Jordan Oliver          1st          Jr.          Oklahoma State

2          Scott Sentes          4th          Sr.          Central Michigan

3          B.J. Futrell          8th          Jr.          Illinois

4          Tony Ramos          NQ          Jr.          Iowa

5          Devin Carter          NQ          So.          Virginia Tech

6          Logan Stieber          RS          Fr.          Ohio State

7          Cashe Quiroga          RS          So.          Purdue

8          David Thorn          NQ          So.          Minnesota

9          Zac Stevens          NQ          Sr.          Michigan

10          Colin Johnston          RS          Jr.          West Virginia

11          Jordan Keller          NQ          Sr.          Oklahoma

12          Kevin Smith          NQ          Sr.          Buffalo

13          Nathan McCormick          NQ          Jr.          Missouri

14          Garrett Drucker          NQ          Sr.          Oregon State

15          A.J. Schopp          RS          Fr.          Edinboro

16          Aaron Kalil          NQ          Sr.          Navy

17          Joe Stanzione          RS          Jr.          Cornell

18          Joe Spisak          NQ          So.          Virginia

19          Casey Cruz          NQ          Jr.          Northern Colorado

20          Fred Santiate          NQ          Sr.          Boston U.

141 pounds

Rk          Name          2011          Yr.          School

1          Kellen Russell          1st          Sr.          Michigan

2          Boris Novachkov          2nd          Sr.          Cal Poly

3          Montell Marion          4th          Sr.          Iowa

4          Zack Kemmerer          8th          Sr.          Penn

5          Andrew Alton          NQ          So.          Penn State

6          Matt Mariacher          NQ          So.          American

7          Mike Mangrum          NQ          Jr.          Oregon State

8          Steve Dutton          NQ          So.          Lehigh

9          Josh Kindig          NQ          So.          Oklahoma State

10          Cole Von Ohlen          NQ          Jr.          Air Force

11          Matt Bonson          NQ          Sr.          Lock Haven

12          Kaleb Friedley          NQ          So.          Northwestern

13          Kendric Maple          RS          So.          Oklahoma

14          Vincent Varela          NQ          Sr.          Hofstra

15          Nick Dardanes          RS          So.          Minnesota

16          Darrius Little          NQ          Sr.          NC State

17          Nick Nelson          NQ          Sr.          Virginia

18          Zach Niebert          RS          So.          Virginia Tech

19          Trevor Melde          NQ          Sr.          Rutgers

20          Josh Strait          –          So.          Boise State

149 pounds

Rk          Name          2011          Yr.          School

1          Frank Molinaro          2nd          Jr.          Penn State

2          Ganbayar Sanjaa          4th          Sr.          American

3          Jamal Parks          5th          Sr.          Oklahoma State

4          Derek Valenti          8th          Sr.          Virginia

5          Mario Mason          NQ          Jr.          Rutgers

6          Tyler Nauman          NQ/141          Sr.          Pittsburgh

7          Eric Grajales          NQ          So.          Michigan

8          Eric Terrazas          NQ          Sr.          Illinois

9          Ivan Lopouchanski          NQ          So.          Purdue

10          Scott Sakaguchi          NQ          So.          Oregon State

11          Dylan Ness          RS          Fr.          Minnesota

12          Desi Green          NQ          Sr.          Buffalo

13          Donnie Vinson          RS          Jr.          Binghamton

14          Brian Stephens          NQ          Jr.          Virginia Tech

15          Matt Lester          NQ          So.          Oklahoma

16          Dylan Carew          Inj.          So.          Iowa

17          Justin Gaethje          NQ          Sr.          Northern Colorado

18          Cole Schmitt          NQ          Jr.          Wisconsin

19          Anthony Salupo          RS          Fr.          Lehigh

20          Zac Cibula          NQ          So.          Rider

157 pounds

Rk          Name          2011          Yr.          School

1          Kyle Dake          1st/149          Jr.          Cornell

2          Derek St. John          4th          So.          Iowa

3          Jason Welch          6th          Jr.          Northwestern

4          Walter Peppelman          8th          Jr.          Harvard

5          Jesse Dong          NQ          Sr.          Virginia Tech

6          Mark Lewandowski          NQ          Jr.          Buffalo

7          Kyle John          NQ          Jr.          Maryland

8          James Fleming          NQ          So.          Clarion

9          Albert White          Inj.          Sr.          Oklahoma State

10          Jake Deitchler          RS          Fr.          Minnesota

11          Corey Mock          NQ          So.          North Carolina

12          Chase Nelson          NQ          Jr.          Oklahoma

13          Johnny Greisheimer          NQ          Jr.          Edinboro

14          Frank Hickman          NQ          Jr.          Bloomsburg

15          David Bonin          NQ          Jr.          Northern Iowa

16          Jackson Morse          NQ          So.          Illinois

17          R.J. Pena          –          So.          Oregon State

18          Alex Medved          NQ          Jr.          Gardner-Webb

19          Donnie Corby          NQ          Jr.          Central Michigan

20          Josh Condon          NQ          Jr.          Chattanooga

165 pounds

Rk          Name          2011          Yr.          School

1          David Taylor          2nd/157          So.          Penn State

2          Shane Onufer          5th          Sr.          Wyoming

3          John Asper          6th          Jr.          Maryland

4          Brandon Hatchett          7th          Sr.          Lehigh

5          Paul Gillespie          8th          Sr.          Hofstra

6          Scott Winston          NQ          Jr.          Rutgers

7          Andrew Sorenson          Inj.          Sr.          Iowa State

8          Zach Toal          NQ          Jr.          Missouri

9          Cody Yohn          NQ          Jr.          Minnesota

10          Bekzud Abdurakmanov          NQ          Sr.          Clarion

11          Dallas Bailey          NQ          So.          Oklahoma State

12          Robert Kokesh          RS          Fr.          Nebraska

13          Kyle Blevins          NQ          Jr.          Edinboro

14          Frank Hickman          NQ          Sr.          Appalachian State

15          Ryan DesRoches          NQ          Sr.          Cal Poly

16          Joe Booth          NQ          Jr.          Drexel

17          Peter Yates          NQ          Jr.          Virginia Tech

18          Justin Lister          NQ          Sr.          Binghamton

19          Ethan Headlee          NQ          Sr.          Pittsburgh

20          Nick Moore          RS          Fr.          Iowa

174 pounds

Rk          Name          2011          Yr.          School

1          Nick Amuchastegui          2nd          Sr.          Stanford

2          Ed Ruth          3rd          So.          Penn State

3          Jordan Blanton          RS          Jr.          Illinois

4          Nick Heflin          NQ          So.          Ohio State

5          Hunter Meys          NQ          Jr.          Boston U.

6          Jacob Swartz          NQ          So.          Boise State

7          Ethen Lofthouse          NQ          So.          Iowa

8          Dorian Henderson          NQ          Sr.          Missouri

9          Jim Resnick          NQ          Jr.          Rider

10          Chris Spangler          Inj.          Jr.          Iowa State

11          Nick Purdue          NQ          Sr.          Ohio

12          Eric Starks          NQ          Sr.          Arizona State

13          Ben Jordan          NQ          Sr.          Wisconsin

14          Curran Jacobs          NQ          Jr.          Michigan State

15          Mike Dessino          NQ          Jr.          Bloomsburg

16          Pat Martinez          NQ          So.          Wyoming

17          Caleb Kolb          RS          So.          Nebraska

18          Justin Zeerip          NQ          Sr.          Michigan

19          Greg Zannetti          –          Jr.          Rutgers

20          Matt Fullowan          NQ          Sr.          Franklin & Marshall

184 pounds

Rk          Name          2011          Yr.          School

1          Quentin Wright          1st          Jr.          Penn State

2          Robert Hamlin          2nd          Jr.          Lehigh

3          Grant Gambrall          3rd          Jr.          Iowa

4          Steve Bosak          4th          Jr.          Cornell

5          Chris Honeycutt          5th          Sr.          Edinboro

6          Joe LeBlanc          6th          Sr.          Wyoming

7          Kevin Steinhaus          8th          So.          Minnesota

8          Chris Perry          NQ          So.          Oklahoma State

9          Ben Bennett          8th/174          Sr.          Central Michigan

10          Ryan Loder          NQ          So.          Northern Iowa

11          Josh Ihnen          NQ          Sr.          Nebraska

12          Jerome Ward          NQ          Sr.          Iowa State

13          Luke Rebertus          NQ          Sr.          Navy

14          Austin Trotman          NQ          Sr.          Appalachian State

15          Jon Fausey          NQ          So.          Virginia

16          Dan Rinaldi          NQ          Jr.          Rutgers

17          Max Thomusseit          NQ          So.          Pittsburgh

18          Lee Munster          RS          Fr.          Northwestern

19          Mike Larson          NQ          Jr.          Missouri

20          Nathan Schiedel          NQ          Jr.          Binghamton

197 pounds

Rk          Name          2011          Yr.          School

1          Cam Simaz          3rd          Sr.          Cornell

2          Sonny Yohn          7th          Sr.          Minnesota

3          Cayle Byers          Trans.          Jr.          Oklahoma State

4          Matt Powless          8th          Sr.          Indiana

5          Micah Burak          NQ          Jr.          Penn

6          Zac Thomusseit          NQ          Sr.          Pittsburgh

7          Joe Kennedy          NQ          Sr.          Lehigh

8          Dan Mitchell          NQ          So.          American

9          Brent Haynes          NQ          Jr.          Missouri

10          A.J. Kissel          NQ          Sr.          Purdue

11          Chad Hanke          NQ          Sr.          Oregon State

12          John Hall          NQ          Sr.          Boston U.

13          Zac Bennett          NQ          So.          North Carolina

14          Kyven Gadsen          RS          Fr.          Iowa State

15          Mike Salopek          RS          Jr.          Virginia

16          Mario Gonzalez          Inj.          So.          Illinois

17          Tyler Dickerson          NQ          So.          Pittsburgh

18          Ryan Smith          NQ          Sr.          Cal Poly

19          Max Huntley          RS          Fr.          Michigan

20          Josh Capone          NQ          So.          Ohio State


Rk          Name          2011          Yr.          School

1          Zach Rey          1st          Sr.          Lehigh

2          Ryan Flores          2nd          Sr.          American

3          Jarod Trice          4th          Sr.          Central Michigan

4          Spenser Myers          6th          So.          Maryland

5          Anthony Nelson          7th          Jr.          Minnesota

6          Levi Cooper          8th          Jr.          Arizona State

7          Alan Gelogaev          RS          Jr.          Oklahoma State

8          Cameron Wade          NQ          Jr.          Penn State

9          Tucker Lane          NQ          Jr.          Nebraska

10          Brendan Barlow          NQ          Sr.          Kent State

11          Bobby Telford          RS          Fr.          Iowa

12          Mike McMullan          RS          Fr.          Northwestern

13          Elijah Madison          Trans.          Jr.          Oklahoma

14          Clayton Jack          NQ          Sr.          Oregon State

15          Ben Apland          NQ          Jr.          Michigan

16          Christian Brantley          NQ          Sr.          Northern Iowa

17          Joe Rizquallah          NQ          Sr.          Michigan State

18          David Marone          NQ          Sr.          Virginia Tech

19          J.T. Felix          NQ          So.          Boise State

20          Jeremy Johnson          NQ          So.          Ohio

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