WIN’s 2010-11 Preseason Tournament Power Index (TPI)

Updated: October 7, 2010

September 22, 2010

NEWTON, Iowa — Wrestling Insider Newsmagazine (WIN) released its first preseason NCAA Division I Tournament Power Index (TPI) and individual rankings for the 2010-11 season.

The Tournament Power Index (TPI) predicts where teams will finish in the NCAA Tournament.

The TPI is compiled by awarding points to each team for the ranked wrestlers listed in WIN’s current individual rankings. Teams are awarded points based on how many potential All-Americans they could have and get advancement points for wrestlers ranked No. 9-20.

WIN’s 2010-11 Preseason TPI
Rk.SchoolTop 8TPI Pts.
2.Boise State573
3.Oklahoma State671.5
6.Penn State540
8.Central Michigan336
10.Ohio State332
16TArizona State224.5
21TNC State120
25.Kent State118.5
26.Virginia Tech217
28TIowa State216
28TCal Poly116
31.Oregon State115
37.West Virginia111
38TNorthern Colorado110
42.Utah Valley04.5
43TCal State Bakersfield03.5
45.Michigan State03
47TAppalachian State02
47TNorth Carolina02
47TOld Dominion02
52TBoston U.01.5
52TCal State Fullerton01.5
52TLock Haven01.5
52TNorthern Iowa01.5
59TEastern Michigan01
59TGeorge Mason01
Released Sept. 22

Point totals associated with individual rankings are as followed: 1st – 20 (16 AA points + 4 advancement points); 2nd – 16 (12+4); 3rd – 13.5 (10+3.5); 4th – 12. 5 (9+3.5); 5th – 10 (7+3); 6th – 9 (6+3); 7th – 6.5 (4+2.5); 8th – 5.5 (3+2.5); 9th/12th – 2; 13th/16th – 1.5; 17th-20th – 1. TPI points do not match the final NCAA tournament points because it does not include bonus points for pins, technical falls, major decisions and forfeits/defaults.

WIN will release an updated preseason rankings and TPI in late October once coaches have determined what weights their athletes will compete. In January, WIN will also announce a dual meet ranking, separate from the TPI.

WIN’s 2010-11 NCAA Division I Preseason Individual Rankings
125 pounds

Rk.  Name             School            Year            2009-10
1.   Matt McDonough             Iowa            Sophomore            1st
2.  Brandon Precin             Northwestern            Senior             RS
3.   Zach Sanders             Minnesota            Junior            5th
4.   Cashe Quiroga             Purdue            Sophomore            6th
5.    Anthony Robles             Arizona State            Senior            7th
6.   Nikko Triggas             Ohio State            Junior            8th
7.   Brad Pataky             Penn State            Senior            NQ
8.    Jarrod Garnett             Virginia Tech            Junior            NQ
9.  Rollie Peterkin             Penn            Senior             RS
10.    Mike Martinez             Wyoming            Junior            NQ
11. James Nicholson             Old Dominion            Senior            NQ
12.   Ben Kjar             Utah Valley            Senior            NQ
13.    Frank Perrelli             Cornell            Junior
14.    Nic Bedelyon             Kent State            Junior             RS
15.   Joey Fio             Boise State            Junior             Transfer
16.  Fred Santiate             Boston U.            Sophomore            NQ
17.   Jarrod Patterson             Oklahoma            Sophomore            NQ
18.  Jason Lara             Oregon State            Junior            NQ
19.  Ryan Mango             Stanford            Sophomore            NQ
20.   Frank Lomas             CS Bakersfield            Junior            NQ

133 pounds
Rk   Name             School            Year            2009-10
1.    Jordan Oliver             Oklahoma State            Sophomore            4th
2.   Andrew Hochstrasser             Boise State            Senior
3.    Tyler Graff             Wisconsin            Sophomore            5th
4.   Boris Novachkov             Cal Poly            Junior            7th
5.   Mike Grey             Cornell            Senior            NQ
6.  Ian Paddock             Ohio State            Sophomore            NQ
7.  Kendrick Maple             Oklahoma            Sophomore            NQ
8.  Kelly Kubec             Oregon State            Junior            NQ
9.   Lou Ruggirello             Hofstra            Senior             RS
10.  Scott Sentes             Central Michigan            Junior            NQ
11. Ben Ashmore             Arizona State            Senior            NQ
12.  Bryan Ortenzio             Penn            Junior            NQ
13.   John Trumbetti             Lock Haven            Senior            NQ
14.  William Ashnault             Rutgers            Senior            NQ
15.  Flint Ray             Utah Valley            Senior            NQ
16.  Kevin Smith             Buffalo            Junior            NQ
17.  Colin Johnston             West Virginia            Junior
18.  Nate Moore             Iowa            Junior
19.    Zac Stevens             Michigan            Junior            NQ
20.    Jimmy Kircher             Rider            Junior            NQ

141 pounds
Rk   Name              School            Year            2009-10
1.    James Kennedy             Illinois            Senior            RS
2.  Kellen Russell             Michigan            Junior            RS
3.  Zack Bailey             Oklahoma            Senior            4th
4.    Tyler Nauman             Pittsburgh            Junior            5th
5.   Germane Lindsey             Ohio            Senior            6th
6.  Mike Thorn             Minnesota            Senior            7th
7.  Chris Diaz             Virginia Tech            Senior            8th
8.   Levi Jones             Boise State            Senior            NQ
9.   Filip Novachkov             Cal Poly            Senior            NQ
10.  Jamal Parks             Oklahoma State            Junior            NQ
11.   Mike Mangrum             Oregon State            Sophomore            NQ
12.  Chris Drouin             Iowa State            Senior            NQ
13.   Juan Archuleta             Purdue            Senior            NQ
14.  Todd Schavrien             Missouri            Senior            NQ
15.  Corey Jantzen             Harvard            Junior            RS
16.   Nick Nelson             Virginia            Junior            RS
17.   Elijah Nacita             CS Bakersfield            Senior            NQ
18.  Cole Schmitt             Wisconsin            Sophomore            NQ
19.   Anwar Goeres             Binghamton            Senior            NQ
20.    Ivan Lopouchanski             UNC-Greensboro            Sophomore             NQ

149 pounds
Rk.   Name             School            Year            2009-10
1.   Darrion Caldwell             North Carolina State            Senior            Injured
2.  Kyle Dake             Cornell            Sophomore            1st at 141
3.  Frank Molinaro             Penn State            Junior            5th
4.  Torsten Gillespie             Edinboro            Senior            6th
5.    Kevin LeValley            Bucknell            Senior            7th
6.   Jason Chamberlain             Boise State            Junior            NQ
7.   Andrew Nadhir             Northwestern            Senior            NQ
8.   Desmond Green            Buffalo            Junior            NQ
9.   David Cheza             Michigan State            Junior             NQ
10. Mario Mason             Rutgers            Sophomore            NQ
11. Eric Grajales             Michigan            RS Freshman
12.   Brian Stephens             Virginia Tech            Sophomore            NQ
13.   Don Vinson             Binghamton            Sophomore            NQ
14.             Dean Pavlou             Chattanooga            Sophomore             NQ
15.             Nick Fisher             Cal Poly            Sophomore             NQ
16.             R.J. Pena             Oregon State            Sophomore
17.             Justin Accordino             Hofstra             Junior            RS
18.             Scott Clymer             Liberty            Junior
19.             Gabayar Sanjaa             American            Junior
20.             Matt Lester             Oklahoma            RS Freshman

157 pounds
Rk.             Name              School            Year            2009-10
1.             Adam Hall             Boise State            Senior            3rd
2.             Justin Lister             Binghamton            Junior            4th
3.             Steve Fittery             American            Senior            5th
4.             Bubba Jenkins             Arizona State            Senior             Transfer
5.             Justin Gaethje             No. Colorado            Senior            7th
6.             Kurt Kinser             Indiana            Senior            NQ
7.             David Taylor             Penn State            RS Freshman
8.              Jake Deitchler             Minnesota            Sophomore
9.             Jason Welch             Northwestern            Sophomore             RS
10.             Kyle John             Maryland            Sophomore             NQ
11.             Bryce Saddoris             Navy            Senior            NQ
12.             Derek St. John             Iowa            RS Freshman
13.             Colton Salazar             Purdue            Senior            NQ
14.             Joe Booth             Drexel            Sophomore            NQ
15.             Daryl Cocozzo            Rutgers            Senior             NQ
16.             Neil Erisman             Oklahoma State            Senior             NQ
17.             Peter Yates             Virginia Tech            Sophomore
18.             Shawn Harris             Virginia            Junior            NQ at 149
19.             James Fleming             Clarion            Sophomore            NQ
20.             Anthony Jones             Michigan State            Senior            NQ

165 pounds
Rk.             Name             School            Year            2009-10
1.             Andrew Howe             Wisconsin            Junior            1st
2.             Jordan Burroughs            Nebraska            Senior             Injured
3.             Tyler Caldwell            Oklahoma            Sophomore            5th
4.              Colt Sponseller             Ohio State            Senior            NQ
5.             Josh Asper            Maryland            Sophomore            NQ
6.             Justin Kerber             Cornell            Senior            NQ
7.             Alex Meade             Oklahoma State            Sophomore            NQ
8.             Mike Miller             Central Michigan            Senior              NQ at 184
9.             Paul Young             Indiana            Senior             NQ
10.             Cody Yohn             Minnesota            Sophomore             NQ
11.             Shane Onufer             Wyoming            Junior             NQ
12.             P.J. Gillespie             Hofstra            Junior             NQ
13.             John-Martin Cannon             Buffalo            Junior            NQ
14.             Ross Tice             Kent State            Sophomore             NQ
15.             Matt Kaylor             Binghamton            Junior            NQ
16.             Eren Civian             Columbia            Junior            NQ
17.             Thomas Scotton             North Carolina            Senior            NQ at 157
18.             Brandon Hatchett             Lehigh            Junior            NQ
19.             Donnie Jones            West Virginia            Senior            NQ
20.             Gabe Burak            Penn            Senior            NQ

174 pounds
Rk.             Name             School            Year            2009-10
1.             Mack Lewnes             Cornell            Senior            2nd
2.             Chris Henrich             Virginia            Senior            3rd
3.             Jordan Blanton             Illinois            Junior            5th
4.             Ben Bennett            Central Michigan            Sophomore            6th
5.             Scott Giffin             Penn            Senior            7th
6.             Nick Amuchastegui             Stanford            Junior            4th at 165
7.             Mike Benefiel             Oklahoma State            Junior            NQ
8.             Jon Reader             Iowa State            Senior            NQ at 165
9.             Luke Manuel             Purdue            Senior            NQ
10.             Colby Covington             Oregon State            Senior             NQ
11.             Mike Letts             Maryland            Senior             RS
12.             Scott Glasser             Minnesota            Senior            NQ
13.             Dorian Henderson             Missouri            Junior            NQ
14.             Ed Ruth            Penn State            RS Freshman
15.             Ethen Lofthouse             Iowa            RS Freshman
16.             Ryan Patrovich             Hofstra            Junior            RS
17.             Justin Zeerip             Michigan            Junior            NQ
18.             Brad Darrington             Utah Valley            Junior            NQ
19.             Bagna Tovvujav             George Mason            Junior            NQ
20.             Byron Sigmon             UNC-Greensboro            Senior            NQ

184 pounds
Rk.             Name             School            Year            2009-10
1.             Kirk Smith             Boise State            Senior            2nd
2.             Joe LeBlanc             Wyoming            Junior            4th
3.             Dustin Kilgore             Kent State            Sophomore            7th
4.             Chris Honeycutt             Edinboro            Junior             RS
5.             Chris Perry             Oklahoma State            RS Freshman
6.             Jerome Ward             Iowa State            Junior            NQ
7.             Quentin Wright             Penn State            Sophomore            RS
8.             Steve Bosak             Cornell            Sophomore            NQ
9.             Grant Gambrell             Iowa            Sophomore
10.             Jeff James             Oklahoma            Senior            NQ
11.             Thomas Spellman             Virginia Tech            Senior            NQ
12.             Austin Trotman             Appalachian State            Junior            NQ
13.             Nick Purdue             Ohio            Junior            NQ
14.             A.J. Kissel            Purdue            Junior            RS
15.             Josh Ihnen             Nebraska            Sophomore            NQ
16.             Andrew Saunders             UNC-Greensboro            Senior            NQ
17.             Jason McCroskey             Chattanooga            Sophomore            NQ
18.             Eric Cameron            Indiana            Senior            NQ
19.             Zac Thomusseit             Pitt            Junior            NQ
20.             James Hamel             Buffalo            Senior            NQ at 197

197 pounds
Rk.             Name             School            Year            2009-10
1.             Cam Simaz            Cornell            Junior            3rd
2.             Trevor Brandvold             Wisconsin            Senior            6th
3.             Sonny Yohn             Minnesota            Junior            8th
4.             Clayton Foster             Oklahoma State            Senior            6th at 184
5.             Brent Haynes            Missouri            Sophomore             NQ
6.             Matt Wilps            Pitt            Junior            NQ
7.             Logan Brown             Purdue            Senior            NQ
8.             Anthony Biondo             Michigan            Senior            NQ
9.             Matt Powless            Indiana            Junior            NQ
10.             Zack Giesen             Stanford            Senior            NQ at 184
11.             Mike Salopek             Virginia            Sophomore            NQ at 184
12.             Erik Schuth             Ohio            Senior            NQ
13.             Cody Mangrum             Ohio State            Sophomore            NQ
14.             Micah Burak             Penn            Sophomore            NQ
15.             Riley Orozco             CS Bakersfield            Senior            NQ
16.             Luke Lofthouse             Iowa            Senior
17.             Chad Hanke             Oregon State            Junior
18.             Joe Kennedy             Lehigh            Junior             NQ
19.             Tyler Smith             Rider            Junior             NQ
20.             Matt Casperson             Boise State            Senior            NQ

Rk.             Name             School            Year            2009-10
1.             Zach Rey             Lehigh            Junior            3rd
2.             Jarod Trice             Central Michigan            Junior            8th
3.             Dom Bradley             Missouri            Junior
4.             Alan Gelogaev             Oklahoma State            Junior            7th  at 197
5.             Ben Berhow            Minnesota            Senior            NQ
6.             Brandon Williamson             West Virginia            Senior            NQ
7.             Dominick Russo             Rutgers            Senior            NQ
8.             Cameron Wade            Penn State            Junior            NQ
9.             Brendan Barlow             Kent State            Sophomore            NQ
10.             Ryan Tomei             Pittsburgh            Senior            NQ
11.             Clayton Jack             Oregon State            Junior            NQ
12.             Tucker Lane             Nebraska            Junior            NQ
13.             Nathan Fernandez             Oklahoma            Senior            NQ
14.             Chris Brantley             No. Iowa            Junior            NQ
15.             Ricardo Alcala             Indiana            Senior            NQ
16.             Kurt Klimek             CS Fullerton            Senior            NQ
17.             Ziad Haddad             North Carolina            Sophomore            NQ
18.             John Danilkowicz            Virginia            Senior            NQ
19.             David Wade             Eastern Michigan            Senior            NQ
20.             Odie Delaney             The Citadel            Junior            NQ

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