WIN’s 2024 Postseason Issue is now available

Updated: March 6, 2024

Beginning this weekend, the official 2024 postseason of NCAA Division I wrestling begins with its seven conference or NCAA-qualifying tournaments around the country. And WIN Magazine has already gotten a jump on its coverage of the postseason with its latest issue, which was printed and mailed March 6.

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In this issue, you will find weight-by-weight previews of all 10 weight classes, including 165 pounds where past champs Keegan O’Toole of Missouri and Iowa State’s David Carr, could face each other  at the 2024 NCAA Division I Championships, March 21-23, in Kansas City, Mo.

Fans will also be invited to go to WIN’s “National Championships Central” location at to see how wrestlers fared at the upcoming qualifiers, plus an updated preview of the final field of 330 wrestlers. There will also be information on how fans can get involved in the selection of the 2024 Dan Hodge Trophy winner following the Nationals.

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In addition, you will find the following features in this issue on both college and high school athletes:

Page 7 – THE FIRE STILL BURNS – The 2024 NCAA Division I Championships in Kansas City will feature several older wrestlers, like Binghamton’s Lou DePrez, who is in his seventh year but is just as hungry to win as when he was younger.

Page 42 – RMN EVENTS FEATURE: ANTHONY SHIFFLETT – Those are the values that 14-year-old Anthony Shifflett has displayed in battling a rare disease that kept the young wrestler from Nebraska off the mat for five years.

Page 49 – STILL MAKING HISTORY Even at a time when 44 states provide sanctioned girls wrestling championships, Audrey Jimenez of Arizona and Maddie Ripley of Maine were successful at winning boys state championships.

Page 50 – CLUBS OF RIVALS – In addition to former great high school wrestlers who take their rivalries to college, there are also former club members — like those from the Askren Wrestling Academy — who could also meet at the 2024 NCAAs.

Meanwhile, you will also find thought-provoking thoughts from the following in column or Q&A form:

  • WIN publisher Bryan Van Kley looks at how tough it is for even the elite wrestlers at the postseason tournaments:
  • Legendary coach Dan Gable compares Penn State’s domination of Division I wrestling to what his Iowa teams accomplished;
  • Maryland high school coach John Klessinger honors PA wrestling expert Tom Elling;
  • New Jersey strength training coach Zach Even-Esh puts the focus on off-season training;
  • WIN founder and wrestling historian Mike Chapman welcomes fans to join him for his final WIN Show in Kansas City, where the Banach brothers will be his guests:
  • Flowrestling’s Kyle Klingman challenges online critics compared to when opinions were once shared in printed Letters to the Editor:
  • Public address announcer Sandy Stevens writes about the fun she’s had with wrestling pronunciations;
  • Former PIAA and Old Dominion wrestler Tristan Warner talks about how wrestlers handle the off-season once the postseason is done;
  • High school columnist Rob Sherrill looks at how the multi-class vs. single-class state tournaments have fared this season;
  • WIN editor Mike Finn points out there is no one GOAT in wrestling history.

There is so much more in this issue, including updated rankings, training pieces as well as a closer look at the states of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Florida and South Dakota in their special notebook pieces.

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