Team USA Technique Tips: Front Headlock Go-Behind to Tilt

Updated: July 10, 2023

By Eric Everard

Kaydence “Baby Face” Bonewell, a two-time Colorado girls wrestling state placer and Ottawa University commit, demonstrates a front headlock.  It was shared by current U17 Women’s Freestyle World Team Coach Nicole Tyson at the most recent Olympic Training Center Camp.  Coach Tyson is also the head coach for Oklahoma City University for women’s wrestling.

Eric Everard, head coach for girls wrestling at Vista Ridge High School and Cry Wolf Wrestling in Colorado Springs, provided content. Assisting Kaydence is Sydney “Bulldog Ant” Jahn who will be a senior for the 2023-2024 season.

1. From a front-headlock position, when an opponent grabs your elbow, Kaydence stays off her knees throughout the action.

2. Kaydence shifts her head and weight to the same side as the elbow her opponent grabbed. Kaydence stays off her knees and her left shoulder places weight between her opponent’s shoulder blades. Kaydence’s left hand also grabs her opponent’s hand from her elbow by peeling from the pinky finger and securing her opponent’s entire hand.

3. Notice how Kaydence reaches in front of her opponent’s shoulder and under their chin to peel off her opponent’s hand from the pinky. She does not reach behind her opponent’s armpit. Kaydence will secure a strong grip on her opponent’s hand because she will keep this hand throughout the following action.

4. Kaydence will shrug her right shoulder then pull her own elbow high to clear her entire right arm, while maintaining control of her opponent’s left hand. Kaydence also maintains pressure with her left shoulder between her opponent’s shoulder blades by staying off her knees.

5. Kaydence will circle to her right and secure a tight waist with her right arm. She stays off her knees throughout the action and transfers pressure onto her opponent’s neck with her left elbow. Kaydence will connect her left knee to the back of her right hand at the start of the tilt action.

6. Kaydence maintains control of her opponent’s left hand throughout the tilt action to score points. Notice how Kaydence’s left knee is off the mat and how she uses her right leg to guide her opponent into a tilt action.