WIN’s Jan. 27 rankings feature this week’s meeting between top-ranked teams and wrestlers

Updated: January 27, 2020

Photo: Iowa’s Alex Marinelli (right) tried to secure a takedown against Penn State’s Vincenzo Joseph in last year’s Big Ten Championship final at 165 pounds, which the Hawkeye won in Minneapolis. The two are expected to be one of two meetings between top-ranked wrestlers this Friday in Iowa City, where No. 1 Iowa will host No. 2 Penn State. (WIN file photo)

NEWTON, Iowa — The much-anticipated and sold-out meeting between Iowa and Penn State is set for this Friday, Jan. 31, in Iowa City, and the Hawkeyes and Nittany Lions remain rated No. 1 and 2, respectively, in WIN Magazine’s Jan. 27 rankings, presented by Cliff Keen Athletic.

Iowa (8-0) leads in WIN’s Dual Team Rankings and continues to feature 10 ranked wrestlers, all rated in the Top 8 of their weight class and leads WIN’s Tournament Power Index with 128.5 points. Penn State (7-1), the defending national champion, is ranked No. 2 in the Dual rankings and currently features seven ranked wrestlers for 81.5 TPI points.

The upcoming dual will also feature two meetings between top-rated wrestlers when Penn State’s No. 1 Vincenzo Joseph will take on Iowa’s No. 2 Alex Marinelli at 165 pounds, while PSU’s No. 1 Mark Hall will face Iowa’s No. 2 Michael Kemerer at 174 pounds.

Iowa’s only top-ranked wrestler is Spencer Lee at 125 pounds, while Penn State features another No. 1-rated wrestler in Nick Lee at 141 pounds.

The biggest change among the individual rankings comes at 149 pounds, where Oklahoma State’s Boo Lewallen is now rated No. 1 after Iowa’s Pat Lugo lost to Ohio State’s Sammy Sasso last weekend. The Hawkeye dropped to No. 2 and is followed by North Carolina’s Austin O’Connor.

The other top-ranked individuals remain Wisconsin’s Seth Gross (133), Arizona State’s Zahid Valencia (184), Ohio State’s Kollin Moore (197) and Minnesota heavyweight Gable Steveson.

WIN’s individual rankings are predictions to where wrestles might place at the 2020 NCAA Championships, March 19-21, in Minneapolis, Minn., and WIN’s Tournament Power Index is a prediction of accumulated NCAA points of those ranked wrestlers.

WIN’s TPI point totals are broken down by the following individual rankings: 1st – 20 (16 AA points + 4 advancement points); 2nd – 16 (12+4); 3rd – 13.5 (10+3.5); 4th – 12.5 (9+3.5); 5th – 10 (7+3); 6th – 9 (6+3); 7th – 6.5 (4+2.5); 8th – 5.5 (3+2.5). Additional points for other rankings include: 9th/12th – 2; 13th/16th – 1.5; 17th-20th – 1. TPI points will be lower than the final actual NCAA tournament points because it does not include bonus points.


WIN Magazine’s Jan. 27, 2020 Dual Team Rankings

2.Penn State7-12nd
3.NC State11-03rd
4.Ohio State8-25th
6.Virginia Tech8-14th
7.Arizona State9-19th
8.Oklahoma State8-26th
11.North Carolina9-118th
14.Northern Iowa5-316th
20.Army West Point8-220th
22.South Dakota State7-422nd


WIN Magazine’s Jan. 27 Tournament Power Index

Rk.SchoolTotal RankTop 8TPI Pts
2Penn State7581.5
3t.Ohio State5454.5
5t.Arizona State6341.5
5t.Oklahoma State8241.5
13.NC State6237
14t.Iowa State7332.5
16.Northern Iowa6229.5
17.Virginia Tech7225.5
22.North Carolina4118.5
24.Central Michigan2215.5
25t.Utah Valley3214.5
27.West Virginia1112.5
29t.North Dakota State3110
35.Northern Colorado216.5
36t.South Dakota State406
38t.Fresno State304.5
40t.American U.203.5
40t.Lock Haven203.5
44t.Old Dominion203
48t.Air Force101.5
48t.George Mason101.5
48t.Michigan State101.5
48t.Northern Illinois101.5
48t.Oregon State101.5
55t.Cal Poly101
55t.Cleveland State101



WIN Magazine’s Jan. 27, 2020 Individual Rankings

125 pounds

Wt/Rk  Name    School    Yr  Prev 
1.Spencer LeeIowaJr.1st
2.Jack MuellerVirginiaSr.2nd
3.Pat GloryPrincetonSo.3rd
4.Nick PiccininniOklahoma StateSr.4th
5.Brandon PaetzellLehighJr.7th
6.Devin SchroderPurdueJr.5th
7.Michael ColaioccoPennFr.9th
8.Drew HildebrandtCentral MichiganJr.10th
9.Michael DeAugustinoNorthwesternRS Fr.6th
10.Brandon CourtneyArizona StateSo.11th
11.Patrick McKeeMinnesotaRS Fr.12th
12.Alex MackallIowa StateJr.13th
13.Logan TreasterNavyJr.16th
14.Sidney FloresAir ForceSo.15th
15.Joey PrataVirginia TechJr.14th
16.Luke WernerLock HavenJr.18th
17.Liam CroninIndianaRSFr.NR
18.Killian CardinaleOld DominionSo.NR
19.Danny VegaSouth Dakota StateJr.20th
20.Jack MedleyMichiganSo.NR


133 pounds                                               

Wt/Rk  Name    School    Yr    Prev 
1.Seth GrossWisconsinGr.1st
2.Austin DeSantoIowaJr.2nd
3.Sebastian RiveraNorthwesternJr.3rd
4.Roman Bravo-YoungPenn StateSo.4th
5.Charles TuckerCornellSr.5th
6.Micky PhillippiPittSo.6th
7.Cam SykoraNorth Dakota St.Sr.8th
8.Travis PiotrowskiIllinoisSr.9th
9.Noah GonserCampbellSr.10th
10.Sammy AlvarezRutgersFr.11th
11.Montorie BridgesWyomingJr.7th
12.Zack TrampeBinghamtonSo12th
13.Nick FarroLehighJr.15th
14.Devan TurnerOregon StateJr.17th
15.Ridge LovettNebraskaFr.18th
16.Todd SmallIowa StateJr.14th
17.Louie HayesVirginiaJr.13th
18.Jack SkudlarczykNorthern IowaSo.NR
19.Reece WitcraftOklahoma StateFr.19th
20.Anthony MadrigalOklahomaSo.20th


141 pounds

Wt/Rk  Name    School    Yr    Prev 
1.Nick LeePenn StateJr.1st
2Luke PletcherOhio StateSr.2nd
3.Real WoodsStanfordRSFr.3rd
4.Dom DemasOklahomaSo.4th
5.Chad RedNebraskaJr.5th
6.Tristan MoranWisconsinSr.6th
7.Max MurinIowaSo.7th
8.Ian ParkerIowa StateJr.8th
9.Mitch McKeeMinnesotaSr.9th
10.Zach ShermanNorth CarolinaSo.11th
11.Kyle ShoopLock HavenSr.13th
12.Tariq WilsonNC StateJr.14th
13.Mitch MooreVirginia TechSo.15th
14.Michael BlockhusNorthern IowaRSFr.NR
15.Joshua HeilCampbellJr.10th
16.Dusty HoneOklahoma StateJr.12th
17.Evan CheekCleveland StateSr.17th
18.Shakur LaneyOhioSr.18th
19.Doug ZapfPennSo.19th
20.Dylan DuncanIllinoisJr.20th


149 pounds           

Wt/Rk  Name    School    Yr    Prev 
1.Boo LewallenOklahoma StateJr.3rd
2.Pat LugoIowaSr.1st
3.Austin O’ConnorNorth CarolinaSo.2nd
4.Brock MaullerMissouriSo.4th
5.Sammy SassoOhio StateRSFr.6th
6.Brayton LeeMinnesotaRSFr.5th
7.Jarrett DegenIowa StateJr.7th
8.Andrew AlirezNorthern ColoradoFr.8th
9.Brock ZacherlClarionSr.9th
10.Kizhan ClarkeAmerican U.Jr.10th
11.Max ThomsenNorthern IowaSr.11th
12.Kanen StorrMichiganJr.12th
13.Henry PohlmeyerSouth Dakota StateSr.13th
14.Collin PurintonNebraskaSr.14th
15.Brent MooreVirginia TechSo.16th
16.Colston DiBlasiGeorge MasonSr.17th
17.John MilnerAppalachian StateSo.18th
18.Griffin ParriottPurdueJr.15th
19.Cole MartinWisconsinSr.19th
20.Graham RooksIndianaRSFr.20th


157 pounds           

Wt/Rk  Name    School    Yr    Prev 
1.Ryan DeakinNorthwesternJr.1st
2.Hayden HidlayNC StateJr.2nd
3.David CarrIowa StateRSFr.3rd
4.Kaleb YoungIowaJr.4th
5.Quincey MondayPrincetonSo.5th
6.Kendall ColemanPurdueRSFr.6th
7.Jesse DellavecchiaRiderSr.7th
8.Josh HumphreysLehighSo.8th
9.Jarrett JacquesMissouriSo.9th
10.Markus HartmanArmySo.10th
11.Larry EarlyOld DominionSr.11th
12.Jacob WrightFresno StateSo.16th
13.Will LewanMichiganRSFr.17th
14.Zac CarsonOhioSr.18th
15.Jared FranekNorth Dakota StateRSFr.NR
16.Justin ThomasOklahomaJr.13th
17.Peyton RobbNebraskaRSFr.12th
18.A.C. HeadleeNorth CarolinaSr.20th
19.BC LaPradeVirginia TechJr.14th
20.Taleb RahmaniPittSr.19th


165 pounds                                               

Wt/Rk  Name    School    Yr    Prev 
1.Vincenzo JosephPenn StateSr.1st
2.Alex MarinelliIowaJr.2nd
3.Evan WickWisconsinJr.4th
4.Isaiah WhiteNebraskaSr.5th
5.Josh ShieldsArizona StateSr.6th
6.Shane GriffithStanfordRSFr.7th
7.David McFaddenVirginia TechSr.3rd
8.Tanner SkidgelNavyJr.8th
9.Travis WittlakeOklahoma StateRSFr.9th
10.Andrew FogartyNorth Dakota St.Sr.10th
11.Ethan SmithOhio StateSo.11th
12.Kennedy MondayNorth CarolinaJr.16th
13.Danny BraunagelIllinoisFr.12th
14.Philip ConigliaroHarvardFr.13th
15.Zach HartmanBucknellSo.14th
16.Jake WentzellPittJr.15th
17.Quentin PerezCampbellJr.17th
18.Ebed JarrellDrexelSr.18th
19.Thomas BullardNC StateJr.19th
20.Cael McCormickArmySr.NR


174 pounds

Wt/Rk  Name    School    Yr    Prev 
1.Mark HallPenn StateSr.1st
2.Michael KemererIowaSr.2nd
3.Jordan KutlerLehighSr.3rd
4.Dylan LydyPurdueSr.4th
5.Bryce SteiertNorthern IowaSr.5th
6.Mikey LabriolaNebraskaSo.6th
7.Kaleb RomeroOhio StateSo.8th
8.Devin SkatzkaMinnesotaSr.7th
9.Kimball BastianUtah ValleySr.9th
10.Joey GuntherIllinoisSr.10th
11.Ben HarveyArmySr.11th
12.Anthony ValenciaArizona StateSr.12th
13.Hayden HastingsWyomingSo.13th
14.Joe SmithOklahoma StateSr.19th
15.Sam ColbrayIowa StateJr.14th
16.Brandon WomackCornellSr.15th
17.Neal RichardsVMISr.16th
18.Jackson HemauerFresno StateSo.17th
19.Daniel BullardNC StateJr.18th
20.Spencer CareyNavyJr.20th


184 pounds                                   

Wt/Rk  Name    School    Yr    Prev 
1Zahid ValenciaArizona StateSr.1st
2.Trent HidlayNC StateRSFr.2nd
3.Taylor LujanNorthern IowaSr.3rd
4.Hunter BolenVirginia TechSo.4th
5.Lou DePrezBinghamtonSo.5th
6.Nino BonaccorsiPittSo.7th
7.Aaron BrooksPenn StateFr.6th
8.Abe AssadIowaFr.8th
9.Zach CarlsonSouth Dakota StateSr.10th
10.Taylor VenzNebraskaJr.9th
11.Chris WeilerLehighJr.11th
12.Johnny SebastianWisconsinSr.12th
13.Tanner HarveyAmerican U.Jr.15th
14.Cameron CaffeyMichigan StateSo.NR
15Brit WilsonNorthern IllinoisSo.13th
16.Matt WaddellChattanoogaSo.17th
17.Anthony MontalvoOklahoma StateRSFr.18th
18.Andrew MorganCampbellSr.20th
19.Trevor AllardBloomsburgSr.16th
20.Owen WebsterMinnesotaSr.NR


197 pounds

Wt/Rk  Name    School    Yr    Prev 
1.Kollin MooreOhio StateSr.1st
2.Patrick BruckiPrincetonJr.2nd
3.Ben DarmstadtCornellJr.3rd
4.Noah AdamsWest VirginiaSo.4th
5.Nathan TraxlerStanfordJr.6th
6.Christian BrunnerPurdueSr.5th
7.Jacob WarnerIowaSo.7th
8.Jay AielloVirginiaJr.8th
9.Dakota GeerOklahoma StateJr.9th
10.Kordell NorfleetArizona StateJr.10th
11.Lucas DavisonNorthwesternRSFr.12th
12.Eric SchultzNebraskaJr.13th
13.Tanner SloanSouth Dakota StateRSFr.16th
14.Greg BulsakClarionJr.15th
15.Ethan LairdRiderJr.17th
16.Jake WoodleyOklahomaSo.11th
17.Thomas LaneCal PolySr.18th
18.Jordan PaganoRutgersSr.20th
19.Shakur RasheedPenn StateSr.14th
20.Nick ReenanNC StateJr.19th



Wt/Rk  Name    School    Yr    Prev 
1.Gable StevesonMinnesotaSo.1st
2.Mason ParrisMichiganSo.2nd
3Anthony CassioppiIowaRSFr.3rd
4.Tate OrndorffUtah ValleySo.4th
5.Matt StencelCentral MichiganJr.5th
6.Trent HillgerWisconsinSo.6th
7.Jordan WoodLehighJr.7th
8.Tanner HallArizona StateGr.8th
9.Yaraslau SlavikouskiHarvardFr.9th
10.Jere HeinoCampbellJr.10th
11.Demetrius ThomasPittSr.11th
12.Gannon GremmelIowa StateJr.12th
13.Seth NevillsPenn StateFr.13th
14.Carter IsleyNorthern IowaJr.14th
15.Josh HokitFresno StateSr.15th
16.Christian LanceNebraskaSr.16th
17.John BorstVirginia TechSo.17th
18.Ben SullivanArmySo.18th
19.Brian AndrewsWyomingJr.19th
20.Dalton RobertsonNorthern ColoradoJr.20th


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