WIN’s Jan. 28 rankings features upcoming bouts between highly-ranked wrestlers

Updated: January 28, 2019

(Photo: The last time Princeton’s Matt Kolodzik (right) and Rutgers’ Anthony Ashnault met in a college match was during the 141-pound quarterfinals of the 2017 NCAA Championships, where Ashnault prevailed and both earned All-American honors. Nearly two years later, the wrestlers from New Jersey colleges are the top-ranked wrestlers at 149 pounds. No. 1 Kolodzik is expected to meet No. 2 Ashnault this Sunday at Rutgers.)

NEWTON, Iowa — As the calendar turns to February, all eyes will be on State College, Pa., this Friday, and Piscataway, N.J., this Sunday when big battles for several top-ranked wrestlers, according to WIN’s Jan. 28 rankings presented by Cliff Keen Athletic, could happen in both locations.

Penn State (9-0) remains top-ranked in WIN’s team dual rankings and Tournament Power Index and features three No. 1-rated wrestlers, who will be challenged by other Top-10 wrestlers from fourth-ranked Michigan (9-0), which is coming off a road upset of then second-ranked Ohio State.

Penn State’s Mark Hall (right) held off Michigan’s Myles Amine in the finals of the 2018 Big Ten Championships last March.

The best match-ups may be at 157, where PSU’s No. 1 Jason Nolf takes on No. 5 Alec Pantaleo; at 165 where the Lions’ No. 1 Vincenzo Joseph will be challenged by No. 8 Logan Massa; and at 174 where Penn State’s No. 1 Mark Hall will battle No. 3 Myles Amine. Meanwhile, other Top-10 battles should happen at 141, where Penn State’s No. 5 Nick Lee faces Michigan’s No. 8 Kanen Storr; and at heavyweight where the Lions’ No. 3 Anthony Cassar face off against No. 6 Mason Parris.

Two days later, there will be a battle of New Jersey’s highest-ranked Division I teams and the nation’s top wrestlers at 149 pounds as Princeton’s top-ranked Matt Kolodzik will face second-ranked Anthony Ashnault of Rutgers.

Overall, Iowa and Oklahoma State, both 10-0 on the season, have each moved up one spot to No. 2 and 3, respectively, in the dual rankings. In WIN’s Tournament Power Index, the Hawkeyes are rated No. 3 with nine ranked wrestlers and 82.5 points, while the Cowboys, with nine ranked wrestlers, are rated No. 4 with 72.5 TPI points.

Despite the dual loss, Ohio State, with seven rated wrestlers, remained the second-ranked team in the TPI (85), while Michigan is rated No. 5 with 66.5 TPI points.

WIN’s Tournament Power Index awards team points for individuals ranked in the respective weight classes based on how many potential All-Americans each school could produce at the 2019 NCAA Championships, March 21-23, in Pittsburgh, Pa.

WIN’s TPI point totals are broken down by the following individual rankings: 1st – 20 (16 AA points + 4 advancement points); 2nd – 16 (12+4); 3rd – 13.5 (10+3.5); 4th – 12.5 (9+3.5); 5th – 10 (7+3); 6th – 9 (6+3); 7th – 6.5 (4+2.5); 8th – 5.5 (3+2.5). Additional points for other rankings include: 9th/12th – 2; 13th/16th – 1.5; 17th-20th – 1. TPI points will be lower than the final actual NCAA tournament points because it does not include bonus points.


WIN’s Jan. 28 Tournament Power Index

RkSchoolTotal RankTop 8 RankTPI Pts
1.Penn State97123
2.Ohio State7685
4.Oklahoma State9572.5
6.NC State6545.5
13.Arizona State3230.5
14.Virginia Tech6330
18t.Northern Iowa6221.5
20.Oregon State2219
22t.North Carolina4116.5
28t.Lock Haven1110
30.Iowa State609.5
31.Utah Valley508.5
32.Michigan State218
33.Old Dominion406.5
36.North Dakota State305
37.Fresno State404.5
41t.CSU Bakersfield202.5
41t.Northern Colorado202.5
45t.George Mason102
47t.American U.101.5
47t.Northern Illinois101.5
50t.Central Michigan101
50tOhio U.101
50tSouth Dakota State101
50tWest Virginia101


WIN’s Jan. 28, 2019 Dual-Team Rankings

1.Penn State9-01st
3.Oklahoma State10-04th
5.Ohio State7-12nd
7.NC State13-27th
12.Virginia Tech7-212th
14.Northern Iowa5-414th
17.Iowa State7-221st
20.North Carolina8-520th
21.Arizona State4-817th
23.North Dakota State8-525th


WIN’s Jan. 28, 2019 Individual Rankings

125 pounds                                               

1Sebastian RiveraNorthwesternSo.1st
2Spencer LeeIowaSo.2nd
3Nick PiccininniOklahoma StateJr.3rd
4Ronnie BresserOregon StateSr.4th
5Jack MuellerVirginiaJr.5th
6Sean RussellMinnesotaSr.6th
7Rayvon FoleyMichigan StateSo.8th
8Sean FauszNC StateSr.7th
9Pat GloryPrincetonFr.9th
10Ryan MillhofArizona StateSr.10th
11Vitali ArujauCornellFr.11th
12Brent FleetwoodNorth Dakota StateSr.12th
13Connor BrownWisconsinSo.14th
14Travis PiotrowskiIllinoisJr.15th
15Drew MattinMichiganSo.16th
16Zeke MoiseyNebraskaSr.13th
17Alex MackallIowa StateSo.18th
18Michael McGeeOld DominionSo.19th
19Jay SchwarmNorthern IowaJr.NR
20Rico MontoyaNorthern ColoradoSr.17th


133 pounds                                               

1Stevan MicicMichiganJr.1st
2Daton FixOklahoma StateRS Fr.3rd
3Austin DeSantoIowaSo.5th
4Micky PhillippiPittRS Fr.2nd
5Nick SurianoRutgersJr.6th
6Luke PletcherOhio StateJr.4th
7Tariq WilsonNC StateSo.7th
8Montorie BridgesWyomingSo.8th
9Austin GomezIowa StateRS Fr.9th
10John ErnesteMissouriSr.10th
11Ethan LizakMinnesotaJr.11th
12Chas TuckerCornellJr.12th
13Korbin MyersVirginia TechJr.14th
14Roman Bravo-YoungPenn StateFr.13th
15Josh TeraoAmerican U.Sr.15th
16Cam SykoraNorth Dakota StateJr.16th
17Ben ThorntonPurdueSr.19th
18Sean NickellCSU BakersfieldSr.18th
19Dylan DuncanIllinoisSo.17th
20Gary Wayne HardingNorth CarolinaSr.20th


141 pounds

1Yianni DiakomihalisCornellSo.1st
2Joey McKennaOhio StateSr.2nd
3Jaydin EiermanMissouriJr.3rd
4Michael CarrIllinoisSo.4th
5Nick LeePenn StateSo.6th
6Josh AlberNorthern IowaSr.9th
7Mitch McKeeMinnesotaJr.5th
8Kanen StorrMichiganSo.8th
9Bryan LantryBuffaloSr.7th
10Matt FindlayUtah ValleySo.10th
11Sa’Derian PerryOld DominionJr.12th
12Tristan MoranWisconsinJr.14th
13Ian ParkerIowa StateSo.18th
14Dom DemasOklahomaRS Fr.13th
15Kaid BrockOklahoma StateJr.11th
16Max MurinIowaRS Fr.15th
17Sam TurnerWyomingSo.16th
18Chad RedNebraskaSo.17th
19A.C. HeadleeNorth CarolinaJr.19th
20Nick GilNavySr.20th


149 pounds

1Matt KolodzikPrincetonJr.1st
2Anthony AshnaultRutgersSr.2nd
3Micah JordanOhio StateSr.3rd
4Austin O’ConnorNorth CarolinaRS Fr.4th
5Kaden GfellerOklahoma StateRS Fr.5th
6Mitch FinesilverDukeSr.7th
7Justin OliverNC StateSr.6th
8Pat LugoIowaSr.8th
9Brock MaullerMissouriFr.9th
10Max ThomsenNorthern IowaJr.10th
11Josh HeilCampbellSo.11th
12Brady BergePenn StateRS Fr.12th
13Tommy ThornMinnesotaSr.16th
14Jarrett DegenIowa StateSo.14th
15Khristian OlivasFresno StateJr.15th
16Russell RohlfingCSU BakersfieldJr.13th
17Henry PohlmeyerSouth Dakota StateJr.18th
18Davion JeffriesOklahomaSr.NR
19Anthony ArtalonaPennFr.19th
20Jared PrinceNavyJr.NR


157 pounds                                               

1Jason NolfPenn StateSr.1st
2Tyler BergerNebraskaSr.2nd
3Ryan DeakinNorthwesternSo.3rd
4Hayden HidlayNC StateSo.4th
5Alec PantaleoMichiganSr.6th
6Ke-Shawn HayesOhio StateJr.7th
7Kaleb YoungIowaSo.5th
8Zach HartmanBucknellFr.8th
9Steve BleiseMinnesotaSr.9th
10Griffin ParriottPurdueSo.10th
11Larry EarlyOld DominionJr.11th
12Eric BaroneIllinoisJr.12th
13Josh HumphreysLehighFr.13th
14Jarrett JacquesMissouriFr.14th
15Paul FoxStanfordSr.NR
16John Van BrillRutgersSr.15th
17Taleb RahmaniPittJr.17th
18BC LaPradeVirginia TechSo.18th
19Zac CarsonOhio U.Jr.19th
20Jake KeatingVirginiaSo.NR


165 pounds                                               

1Vincenzo JosephPenn StateJr.1st
2Alex MarinelliIowaSo.2nd
3Evan WickWisconsinSo.3rd
4Josh ShieldsArizona StateJr.5th
5Chance MarstellarLock HavenSr.4th
6Isaiah WhiteNebraskaJr.6th
7Branson AshworthWyomingSr.7th
8Logan MassaMichiganJr.8th
9Chandler RogersOklahoma StateSr.9th
10Demetrius RomeroUtah ValleyJr.10th
11Bryce SteiertNorthern IowaSr.11th
12Mekhi LewisVirginia TechRS Fr.13th
13Andrew FogartyNorth Dakota StateJr.12th
14Connor FlynnMissouriJr.14th
15Jon ViruetBrownSr.15th
16Ebed JarrellDrexelJr.16th
17Joey GuntherIllinoisJr.17th
18Jesse DellavecchiaRiderJr.18th
19Thomas BullardNC StateSo.19th
20Nick KiussisWest VirginiaSo.20th


174 pounds                                               

1Mark HallPenn StateJr.1st
2Zahid ValenciaArizona StateJr.2nd
3Myles AmineMichiganJr.3rd
4Daniel LewisMissouriSr.4th
5Joe SmithOklahoma StateJr.5th
6Jordan KutlerLehighJr.7th
7David McFaddenVirginia TechJr.6th
8Taylor LujanNorthern IowaJr.8th
9Mikey LabriolaNebraskaRS Fr.9th
10Brandon WomackCornellJr.10th
11Ryan ChristensenWisconsinSr.11th
12Kimball BastianUtah ValleyJr.12th
13Matt FinesilverDukeSo.13th
14Brit WilsonNorthern IllinoisRS Fr.14th
15Devin SkatzkaMinnesotaJr.15th
16Seldon WrightOld DominionSr.16th
17Dylan LydyPurdueJr.17th
18Ben HarveyArmyJr.18th
19Spencer CareyNavyJr.19th
20Andrew MorganCampbellJr.NR


184 pounds                                               

1Myles MartinOhio StateSr.1st
2Shakur RasheedPenn StateSr.2nd
3Nick ReenanNC StateJr.4th
4Zack ZavatskyVirginia TechSr.5th
5Taylor VenzNebraskaSo.7th
6Emery ParkerIllinoisSr.3rd
7Ryan PreischLehighSr.6th
8Max DeanCornellSo.8th
9Drew FosterNorthern IowaSr.9th
10Chip NessNorth CarolinaSr.10th
11Lou DePrezBinghamtonFr.11th
12Cash WilckeIowaJr.12th
13Jacobe SmithOklahoma StateSr.13th
14Cameron CaffeyMichigan StateSo.15th
15Nino BonaccorsiPittFr.14th
16Samuel ColbrayIowa StateSo.16th
17Dylan WismanMissouriJr.17th
18Mason ReinhardtWisconsinJr.18th
19Jackson HemauerFresno StateRS Fr.19th
20Nick GravinaRutgersSr.20th


197 pounds

1Bo NickalPenn StateSr.1st
2Kollin MooreOhio StateJr.2nd
3Patrick BruckiPrincetonSo.3rd
4Rocco CaywoodArmySr.4th
5Nathan TraxlerStanfordSo.5th
6Jacob WarnerIowaRS Fr.6th
7Tom SleighVirginia TechSr.7th
8Jay AielloVirginiaSo.8th
9Willie MiklusIowa StateSr.9th
10Dakota GeerOklahoma StateSo.10th
11Christian BrunnerPurdueJr.11th
12Eric SchultzNebraskaSo.12th
13Jackson StriggowMichiganJr.13th
14Jacob SeelyNorthern ColoradoJr.14th
15Wyatt KoellingMissouriSo.15th
16Ben HonisCornellSr.16th
17Stephen LoiseauDrexelSr.17th
18Josh HokitFresno StateJr.18th
19Tanner OrndorffUtah ValleyJr.19th
20Greg BulsakClarionSo.20th



1Gable StevesonMinnesotaFr.1st
2Derek WhiteOklahoma StateSr.2nd
3Anthony CassarPenn StateSr.3rd
4Sam StollIowaSr.4th
5Youssif HemidaMarylandSr.5th
6Mason ParrisMichiganFr.6th
7Amar DhesiOregon StateSr.7th
8Jordan WoodLehighSo.8th
9Matt VossGeorge MasonSr.9th
10Demetrius ThomasPittJr.10th
11Jake GunningBuffaloSr.11th
12David JensenNebraskaJr.12th
13Tate OrndorffUtah ValleyJr.13th
14Conan JenningsNorthwesternSr.14th
15Trent HillgerWisconsinRS Fr.15th
16Chase SingletaryOhio StateRS Fr.16th
17Jeramy SweanyCornellSr.17th
18Brian AndrewsWyomingSo.18th
19Matt StencelCentral MichiganSo.19th
20A.J. NevillsFresno StateSo.20th


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