Retherford upset of Stieber moves Penn State over Iowa in Dec 16 TPI

Updated: December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

NEWTON, Iowa  — Just days before Penn State visits Iowa City, Iowa, to take on its Big Ten and national rival Iowa in a Dec. 21 dual meet, the Nittany Lions have supplanted the Hawkeyes as both the No. 1 dual and tournament team according to WIN’s Dec. 16, 2013 Division I rankings, presented by Flips Wrestling.

The Nittany Lions, which have won the last three NCAA team championships, have earned 104 points in WIN’s TPI, followed closely by Iowa with 101 and number three Minnesota with 99.5 points. Penn State also has the most Top 8-ranked wrestlers (eight) who are projected to earn All-American honors next March at the NCAA Championships. Both Iowa and Minnesota have seven wrestlers ranked in the Top 8 of their weight class.

Iowa has held the No. 1 tournament team ranking in WIN’s TPI for four straight weeks. Penn State, on the strength of 141-pound freshman Zain Retherford’s 4-2 upset of two-time NCAA champ Logan Stieber of Ohio State on Sunday, gave the Nittany Lions an extra six TPI points as he moved from seventh to fourth in the rankings at 141. This six points pushed Penn State into the No. 1 spot ahead of No. 2 Iowa before the epic No. 1 vs. No. 2 showdown in Iowa City this weekend.

Zain Retherford's riding time advantage over Ohio State's Logan Stieber forced overtime, where the Penn State true freshman eventually scored the winning takedown. (Photo by  Mark Selders, Penn State Athletics)

Zain Retherford’s riding time advantage over Ohio State’s Logan Stieber forced overtime, where the Penn State true freshman eventually scored the winning takedown. (Photo by Mark Selders, Penn State Athletics)

WIN seeks to subjectively combine both current results with past performance and proven records of consistency to predict those who will most likely place high or win the national tournament. Not all losses affect individual rankings.

For example, Stieber remained No. 1 at 141 pounds despite losing to Retherford. WIN is still projecting Stieber to win the weight at the NCAA tournament. The rankings committee considers all variables when subjectively ranking weights after a No. 1-ranked wrestler is beaten during the season. The same thing happened earlier this winter when Iowa’s Tony Ramos (133 pounds) and Oklahoma’s Kendric Maple (149) were defeated, but remained No. 1 in WIN’s rankings.

The TPI is compiled by awarding points to each team with ranked wrestlers by WIN. Teams are awarded points based on how many potential NCAA All-Americans they could have next March and get advancement points for wrestlers ranked No. 9-20.

The order of teams in the TPI vary greatly from our dual-meet rankings as some teams have a number of highly-ranked individuals but may have holes in their dual meet line-up.

Point totals associated with individual rankings are as followed: 1st – 20 (16 AA points + 4 advancement points); 2nd – 16 (12+4); 3rd – 13.5 (10+3.5); 4th – 12. 5 (9+3.5); 5th – 10 (7+3); 6th – 9 (6+3); 7th – 6.5 (4+2.5); 8th – 5.5 (3+2.5); 9th/12th – 2; 13th/16th – 1.5; 17th-20th – 1.

TPI points will not match the final NCAA tournament points because it does not include bonus points for pins, technical falls, major decisions and forfeits/defaults.



WIN’s Dec. 16, 2013 Tournament Power Index

Rank            College                         Top 8                TPI Pts

1            Penn State            8            104

2            Iowa            7            101

3            Minnesota            7            99.5

4            Oklahoma State            5            74.5

5            Oklahoma            4            73.5

6            Illinois            3            44

7            Edinboro            3            41.5

8            Nebraska            3            41

9            Ohio State            3            40

10            Cornell            3            36

11            Northwestern            2            34.5

12            Missouri            3            31.5

13            Northern Iowa            3            27

14            Iowa State            2            26.5

15            Lehigh            2            22

16            Stanford            1            19.5

17            Pittsburgh            2            19

18            Maryland            1            18.5

19            Wisconsin            1            18

20t            Oregon State            1            17.5

20t            Virginia            1            17.5

22            Boise State            2            16.5

23            Ohio U.            2            16

24t            North Carolina State            1            15

24t            Michigan            1            15

26            North Dakota State            1            12.5

27            Bloomsburg            1            12

28            North Carolina            1            11

29t            Air Force            1            10

29t            F&M            1            10

31t            American U.            1            8.5

31t            Kent State            1            8.5

33            Michigan State            1            8

34t            Central Michigan            0            6.5

34t            Old Dominion            1            6.5

36            Virginia Tech            0            5.5

37            Indiana            0            5

38t            Arizona State            0            3

38t            Rider            0            3

38t            Navy            0            3

41t            Hofstra            0            2.5

41t            Utah Valley            0            2.5

43t            Rutgers            0            2

43t            Penn            0            2

43t            Chattanooga            0            2

43t            Wyoming            0            2

43t            Lock Haven            0            2

43t            Brown            0            2

43t            Citadel            0            2

50t            Boston U.            0            1.5

50t            Princeton            0            1.5

52t            CSU-Bakersfield            0            1

52t            Duke            0            1

52t            Bucknell            0            1

52t            Cal Poly            0            1

52t            Purdue            0            1

52t            Clarion            0            1


WIN’S Dec. 16, 2013 Team Dual Meet Rankings              

Rk.             School             (Record)            Previous

1.             Penn State             (6-0)            1st

2.             Minnesota             (4-0)            2nd

3.             Iowa             (6-0)            3rd

4.             Oklahoma             (5-0)            4th

5.             Oklahoma State             (3-2)            5th

6.             Cornell             (3-0)            6th

7.             Nebraska             (5-0)            7th

8.             Ohio State             (4-1)            8th

9.             Pittsburgh             (3-1)            9th

10.             Northern Iowa             (3-0)            10th

11.             Missouri             (2-0)            11th

12.             Illinois             (6-2)            12th

13.             Virginia             (8-2)            13th

14.             Virginia Tech             (8-1)            14th

15.             Wisconsin             (7-3)            15th

16.             Edinboro             (1-2)            16th

17.             Iowa State             (6-1)            17th

18.             Northwestern             (5-1)            18th

19.             Michigan             (3-2)            19th

20.             Ohio             (4-1)            20th


WIN’s  Dec. 16, 2013 Individual Rankings              

125 pounds

Rk.            Name            Previous            Yr.            School

1            Jesse Delgado            (1st)            Jr.            Ilinois

2            Nahshon Garrett            (2nd)            So.            Cornell

3            Nico Megaludis            (3rd)            Jr.            Penn State

4            Jarrod Patterson            (4th)            Sr.            Oklahoma

5            Cory Clark            (5th)            Fr.            Iowa

6            Josh Martinez            (6th)            So.            Air Force

7            David Terao            (7th)            So.            American U.

8            Dylan Peters            (8th)            Fr.            Northern Iowa

9            Tyler Cox            (9th)            Jr.            Wyoming

10            Anthony Zanetta            (10th)            Sr.            Pittsburgh

11            Ed Klimara            (11th)            Jr.            Oklahoma State

12            Earl Hall            (12th)            So.            Iowa State

13            Corey Keener            (13th)            Fr.            Central Michigan

14            Nick Roberts            (14th)            Fr.            Ohio State

15            Evan Silver            (15th)            Jr.            Stanford

16            Tim Lambert            (16th)            Fr.            Nebraska

17            Jade Rauser            (17th)            So.            Utah Valley

18            Joey Dance            (18th)            Fr.            Virginia Tech

19            Nathan Kraisser            (19th)            So.            North Carolina

20            Robert Deutsch            (20th)            So.            Rider

133 Pounds                                     

Rk.            Name            Previous            Yr.            School

1            Tony Ramos            (1st)            Sr.            Iowa

2            Ryan Mango            (2nd)            Sr.            Stanford

3            Jon Morrison             (3rd)            Sr.            Oklahoma State

4            Tyler Graff            (4th)            Sr.            Wisconsin

5            A.J. Schopp            (5th)            Jr.            Edinboro

6            Mason Beckman            (6th)            So.            Lehigh

7            Johnni DiJulius            (7th)            So.            Ohio State

8            Joe Colon            (8th)            Jr.            Northern Iowa

9            Cody Brewer            (9th)            So.            Oklahoma

10            David Thorn            (10th)            Sr.            Minnesota

11            Zane Richards            (11th)            Fr.            Illinois

12            Mark Grey            (12th)            Fr.             Cornell

13            Shelton Mack            (13th)            Jr.            Pittsburgh

14            Joe Roth            (14th)            Sr.            Central Michigan

15            Nick Wilcox             (15th)            Sr.            Bloomsburg

16            Jordan Conaway            (16th)            So.            Penn State

17            Rossi Bruno            (17th)            So.            Michigan

18            Colton McCrystal            (18th)            Fr.            Nebraska

19            Dominick Malone            (19th)            So.            Northwestern

20            Vincent Dellefave            (20th)            Sr.            Rutgers

141 Pounds                                     

Rk.            Name            Previous            Yr.            School

1            Logan Stieber            (1st)            Jr.            Ohio State

2            Mitchell Port            (2nd)            Jr.            Edinboro

3            Chris Dardanes            (4th)            Jr.            Minnesota

4            Zain Retherford            (7th)            Fr.            Penn State

5            Richard Durso            (5th)            Jr.            F&M

6            Evan Henderson            (6th)            Jr.            North Carolina

7            Mike Nevinger            (8th)            Sr.            Cornell

8            Chris Mecate            (9th)            So.            Old Dominion

9            Tyler Small            (10th)            Jr.            Kent State

10            Zach Horan            (12th)            So.            Central Michigan

11            Anthony Abidin            (11th)            So.            Nebraska

12            Joey Lazor            (13th)            Sr.            Northern Iowa

13            Anthony Collica            (14th)            Fr.            Oklahoma State

14            Nick Lester            (15th)            Sr.            Oklahoma

15            Luke Vaith            (16th)            Sr.            Hofstra

16            Adam Krop            (17th)            Jr.            Princeton

17            Josh Dziewa            (18th)            Jr.            Iowa

18            Dan Neff            (19th)            Jr.            Lock Haven

19            Shyheim Brown            (NR)            So.            Maryland

20            Laike Gardner            (20th)            So.            Lehigh

149 Pounds                                     

Rk.            Name            Previous            Yr.            School

1            Kendric Maple            (1st)            Sr.            Oklahoma

2            Drake Houdashelt            (2nd)            Jr.            Missouri

3            David Habat            (3rd)            Jr.            Edinboro

4            Jason Tsirtsis            (4th)            Fr.            Northwestern

5            Jake Sueflohn            (5th)            So.            Nebraska

6            Nick Dardanes            (6th)            Jr.            Minnesota

7            Josh Kindig            (7th)            Jr.            Oklahoma State

8            Andrew Alton            (8th)            Jr.            Penn State

9            Chris Villalonga            (9th)            Sr,            Cornell

10            Scott Sakaguchi            (10th)            Sr.            Oregon State

11            Gus Sako            (11th)            Jr.            Virginia

12            Zach Neibert            (12th)            Sr.            Virginia Tech

13            Caleb Ervin            (13th)            So.            Illinois

14            Bryce Busler            (14th)            Sr.            Bloomsburg

15            Eric Grajales            (17th)            Sr.            Michigan

16            Brian Hamann            (18th)            Fr.            NC State

17            Justin Arthur            (19th)            Fr.            Clarion

18            Chris Castillo            (20th)            So.            Boise State

19            Tywan Claxton            (15th)            Jr.            Ohio U.

20            Ian Paddock            (16th)            Sr.            Ohio State


157 Pounds                                     

Rk.            Name            Previous            Yr.            School

1            Derek St. John            (1st)            Sr.            Iowa

2            Alex Dieringer            (2nd)            So.            Oklahoma State

3            Dylan Ness            (3rd)            Jr.            Minnesota

4            James Green            (4th)            Jr.            Nebraska

5            Joey Napoli            (5th)            Sr.            Lehigh

6            Dylan Alton            (6th)            Jr.            Penn State

7            Kyle Bradley            (7th)            Sr.            Missouri

8            Ian Miller            (8th)            So.            Kent State

9            Taylor Walsh            (9th)            Jr.            Indiana

10            Brian Realbuto            (10th)            Fr.            Cornell

11            Isaac Jordan            (11th)            Fr.            Wisconsin

12            Roger Pena            (12th)            Sr.            Oregon State

13            Zac Brunson            (13th)            Fr.            Illinois

14            Nestor Talfur            (14th)            Sr.            Boston U.

15            Brian Murphy            (15th)            Fr.            Michigan

16            Bobby Barnhisel            (16th)            Sr.            Navy

17            Josh Kreimer            (17th)            Sr.            Air Force

18            Spartak Chino            (18th)            So.            Ohio U.

19            Tristan Warner             (19th)            Jr.            Old Dominion

20            Max Schneider            (20th)            Fr.            Cal Poly


165 Pounds             

Rk.            Name            Previous            Yr.            School

1            David Taylor            (1st)            Sr.            Penn State

2            Tyler Caldwell            (2nd)            Sr.            Oklahoma State

3            Nick Sulzer            (3rd)            Jr.            Virginia

4            Steven Monk            (4th)            Sr.            North Dakota St

5            Nick Moore             (5th)            Jr.            Iowa

6            Mike Moreno            (6th)            Jr.            Iowa State

7            Jackson Morse            (7th)            Jr.            Illinois

8            Zach Toal            (8th)            Sr.            Missouri

9            Corey Mock            (9th)            Jr.            Chattanooga

10            Ramon Santiago            (10th)            Sr.            Rider

11            Dan Yates            (11th)            Sr.            Michigan

12            Jim Wilson            (12th)            Fr.            Stanford

13            Cooper Moore            (13th)            Fr.            Northern Iowa

14            Josh Veltre            (14th)            Sr.            Bloomsburg

15            Pierce Harger            (15th)            Jr.            Northwestern

16            Dan Zilverberg            (16th)            Jr.            Minnesota

17            Joe Booth            (17th)            Sr.            Hofstra

18            John Staudenmayer            (18th)            Jr.            North Carolina

19            Nigel Jones            (19th)            Sr.            North Carolina St

20            Chris Moon            (20th)            Jr.            Virginia Tech

174 Pounds                         

Rk.            Name            Previous            Yr.            School

1            Andrew Howe            (1st)            Sr.            Oklahoma

2            Chris Perry            (2nd)            Sr.            Oklahoma State

3            Matt Brown            (3rd)            Jr.            Penn State

4            Robert Kokesh            (4th)            Jr.            Nebraska

5            Logan Storley            (5th)            Jr.            Minnesota

6            Michael Evans            (6th)            Jr.            Iowa

7            Cody Walters            (7th)            So.            Ohio U.

8            Tyler Wilps            (8th)            Jr.            Pittsburgh

9            Lee Munster            (9th)            Jr.            Northwestern

10            Stephen Doty            (10th)            Sr.            Virginia

11            Turtogtokh Luvsandorj            (11th)            Sr.            The Citadel

12            Leland Weatherspoon            (12th)            Fr.            Iowa State

13            Mike Ottinger            (13th)            Jr.            Central Michigan

14            Matt Miller            (14th)            So.            Navy

15            Tony Dallago            (15th)            Sr.            Illinois

16            Austin Gabel            (16th)            So.            Virginia Tech

17            Elliot Riddick            (17th)            Fr.            Lehigh

18            Bryce Hammond            (18th)            So.            CSU-Bakersfield

19            Kevin Radford            (19th)            Jr.            Arizona State

20            Mike Dessino            (20th)            Sr.            Bloomsburg


184 Pounds                                     

Rk.            Name            Previous            Yr.            School

1            Ed Ruth            (1st)            Sr.            Penn State

2            Ethen Lofthouse            (2nd)            Sr.            Iowa

3            Jimmy Sheptock            (3rd)            Sr.            Maryland

4            Ryan Loder            (4th)            Sr.            Northern Iowa

5            Kevin Steinhaus            (5th)            Sr.            Minnesota

6            Max Thomusseit            (6th)            Jr.            Pittsburgh

7            Gabe Dean            (7th)            Fr.            Cornell

8            Jake Swartz            (8th)            Sr.            Boise State

9            Kenny Courts            (9th)            So.            Ohio State

10            Vic Avery            (10th)            Jr.            Edinboro

11            Ophir Bernstein            (11th)            Jr.            Brown

12            Lorenzo Thomas            (12th)            Jr.            Penn

13            Johnny Eblen            (13th)            Jr.            Missouri

14            Luke Sheridan            (14th)            Jr.            Indiana

15            John Rizqallah            (15th)            Jr.            Michigan State

16            Jackson Hein            (16th)            Sr.            Wisconsin

17            Nikko Reyes            (17th)            Fr.            Illinois

18            Sam Wheeler            (18th)            So.            Kent State

19            Nathaniel Brown            (19th)            Jr.            Lehigh

20            Fred Garcia            (20th)            Jr.            Lock Haven

197 Pounds                                     

Rk.            Name            Previous            Yr.            School

1            Scott Schiller            (1st)            Jr.            Minnesota

2            Travis Rutt            (2nd)            Sr.            Oklahoma

3            Kyven Gadson            (3rd)            Jr.            Iowa State

4            Taylor Meeks            (4th)            Jr.            Oregon State

5            Mario Gonzales            (5th)            Sr.            Illinois

6            Nick Heflin            (6th)            Sr.            Ohio State

7            Morgan McIntosh            (7th)            So.            Penn State

8            Richard Perry             (8th)            Sr.            Bloomsburg

9            J’den Cox            (9th)            Fr.            Missouri

10            Dan Mitchell            (11th)            Sr.            American U.

11            Phil Wellington            (12th)            So.            Ohio U.

12            Christian Boley            (13th)            Sr.            Maryland

13            Nathan Burak            (14th)            So.            Iowa

14            Alex Polizzi            (15th)            Jr.            Northwestern

15            Blake Rosholt            (10th)            Sr.            Oklahoma State

16            Caleb Kolb            (16th)            Sr.            Nebraska

17            Nick Bonaccorsi            (17th)            So.            Pittsburgh

18            Jace Bennett            (18th)            Jr.            Cornell

19            Braden Atwood            (19th)            Jr.            Purdue

20            Conner Hartman            (20th)            So.            Duke


Rk.            Name            Previous            Yr.            School

1            Anthony Nelson            (1st)            Sr.            Minnesota

2            Michael McMullan            (2nd)            Jr.            Northwestern

3            Bobby Telford            (3rd)            Jr.            Iowa

4            Nick Gwiazdowski            (4th)            So.            North Carolina St

5            J.T. Felix            (5th)            Sr.            Boise State

6            Adam Coon            (6th)            Fr.            Michigan

7            Mike McClure            (7th)            Sr.            Michigan State

8            Jeremy Johnson            (8th)            Sr.            Ohio U.

9            Connor Medberry            (9th)            So.            Wisconsin

10            Jimmy Lawson            (10th)            Jr.            Penn State

11            Spencer Myers            (11th)            Sr.            Maryland

12            Kyle Colling            (12th)            Jr.            Arizona State

13            Adam Fager            (13th)            Jr.            Utah Valley

14            Ross Larson            (14th)            Fr.            Oklahoma

15            Austin Marsden            (15th)            Jr.            Oklahoma State

16            Adam Chalfant            (16th)            Jr.            Indiana

17            Joe Stolfi            (17th)            Jr.            Bucknell

18            Justin Grant            (18th)            Sr.            Bloomsburg

19            Billy Smith             (19th)            So.            Rutgers

20            Amarveer Dhesi            (20th)            Fr.            Oregon State