Training Tip of the Week: Spiderman Crawl

Updated: September 27, 2011

By Scott Goodpaster

A great workout starts with a great warm-up.  At Cincinnati Functional Fitness, we incorporate Spiderman Crawls in a dynamic warm-up.  This is an excellent movement combining a crawling motion with a push-up and will prepare your upper body and core for your upcoming workout.

Include Spiderman Crawls as part of your warm-up.

From a push-up position on the mat, walk forward with your right arm as you lift your left leg and step forward.  Now repeat with your left arm and right leg.  With each step, stay low to the mat.  Continue alternating, for about 20 yards while keeping your back straight throughout movement.

Demonstrating this exercise is Scott Goodpaster, CSCS, the Director of Cincinnati Functional Fitness. Goodpaster is an MMA Certified Strength & Conditioning coach and nationally recognized in the field of strength & conditioning for wrestlers.