Exercise of the Week: Working out with One-Arm Clinch Hold

Updated: September 6, 2011

By Scott Goodpaster

The One-Arm Clinch Hold exercise work on Isometric strength and also strengthens the back musculature, which in turn will improve your clinch, one-arm tight waist, tilts, cradles and crab rides.








Lock your hand around an Iso wing using a lock that we have affectionately called the “Gable Lock”.  Make sure to clinch and hold for 30 seconds each arm.







AJ Kowal is demonstrating the benefits of One-Arm Clinch Hold using a tight waist and crab ride on brother, Alex.







(Scott Goodpaster, CSCS, is the Director of Cincinnati Functional Fitness, an MMA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and nationally recognized in the field of strength and conditioning for wrestlers.)