Utah Youth Wrestling: Jordan Juniors Dominate Dual Meets

Updated: January 16, 2011

(Sandy, Utah) Jan. 16, 2011 — Twenty-three members of Jordan Junior Wrestling recently competed in a head-to-head dual with Highland Junior Wrestling at Highland High School in Salt Lake City. The final score was 94-49, with Jordan Junior Wrestling coming out well ahead.

“The head-to-head dual was cool,” said Coach Bill Kilpack. “We got all of our guys who matched up with all of theirs, and everyone got at least one match. Some of theirs wrestler two or three matches where we had more guys, some of ours wrestled two or three times where they had more guys. It was a great experience and a great opportunity to meet up against some new opponents.”

Individual match results are as follows:

* 60 lbs. A — Tanner Orton (Jordan) defeated Nick Lloyd (Highland), decision, 12-2
* 65 lbs. A — Kayden Wood (Jordan) defeated Nick Lloyd (Highland), decision, 8-4
* 65 lbs. B — Elden Yazzie (Highland) defeated Tyler Fay (Jordan), decision, 7-2
* 65 lbs. C — Nick Lloyd (Highland) defeated Jackson Buehner (Jordan), fall
* 70 lbs. A — Kelly Glaubensklee (Jordan) defeated Brayden Vinson (Highland), fall
* 70 lbs. B — Elden Yazzie (Highland) defeated Collin Leishman (Jordan), decision, 10-5
* 75 lbs. A — Joey Revelli (Jordan) defeated Ben Berg (Highland), fall
* 75 lbs. B — Spencer Maxwell (Jordan) defeated Jaren Sierer (Highland), fall
* 75 lbs. C — Ben Berg (Highland) defeated Collin Leishman (Jordan), fall
* 80 lbs. A — Skylar Orton (Jordan) defeated Reagan Gamble (Highland), fall
* 80 lbs. B — Zach Warren (Jordan) defeated Keaton Campbell (Highland), fall
* 85 lbs. A — Trent McMillan (Jordan) defeated Austin Hunter (Highland), fall
* 85 lbs. B — Hayden Heninger (Jordan) defeated Regan Gamble (Highland), fall
* 85 lbs. C — Brian Morris (Jordan) defeated Jaren Sierer (Highland), decision, 5-0
* 90 lbs. — Carson Bushell (Jordan) defeated Braden Holmes (Highland), fall
* 93 lbs. — Austin Woolley (Jordan) defeated Braden Holmes (Highland), fall
* 96 lbs. — Nick Lucero (Highland) defeated Alex Miller (Jordan), decision, 10-6
* 100 lbs. — Adnan Khan (Highland) defeated MacKelti Kilpack (Jordan), fall
* 104 lbs. — Alex Maxwell (Jordan) defeated Adnan Khan (Highland), fall
* 112 lbs . — Marshall Adams (Jordan) defeated Austin Romo (Highland), fall
* 124 lbs. A — Ethan Harris (Highland) defeated Jordan Miles (Jordan), decision, 11-0
* 124 lbs. B — Kent Jensen (Highland) defeated Jordan Miles (Jordan), fall
* 124 lbs. C — Jordan Miles (Jordan) defeated Colton Pulver (Highland), fall
* 128 lbs. A — Garrett Skuster (Highland) defeated Tyson Rogers (Jordan), fall
* 128 lbs. B — Tyson Rogers (Jordan) defeated Colton Pulver (Highland), fall
* 138 lbs. — Tanner Leishman (Jordan) defeated Tyler Marrott (Highland), fall
* 155 lbs. — Nathan Rolling (Highland) defeated Tanner Leishman (Jordan), fall

“This was really exciting,” said Coach Josh Pappas. “Some of the kids really showed how much they’ve improved over the season, which is always great. Others continued marching on, steady and strong, just as always. It was a great night.”

Jordan Junior Wrestling is a folkstyle wrestling program offered through Salt Lake County Recreation, operating out or Jordan High School in Sandy.  The middle school/junior high team is for grades five through nine; the elementary team is for grades four and younger.  For more information, go to www.jordanjuniorwrestling.com or email jordanjuniors@aol.com.