Photo: Oklahoma State’s Daton Fix, who became his school’s first five-time Big 12 champion, is now ranked No. 1 nationally at 133 pounds in WIN Magazine’s Pre-NCAA rankings.

NEWTON, Iowa — The NCAA is just a couple days away from announcing its full 330-wrestler field, brackets and seedings and there could be at least two new top-ranked wrestlers — Penn State’s Braeden Davis and Oklahoma State’s Daton Fix — according to WIN Magazine’s March 12 individual rankings and Tournament Power Index, presented by Cliff Keen Athletic, who could be in position to get the top seed at their respective weights. 

Davis, a true freshman, moved up nine spots from WIN’s previous rankings to take over the top spot at 125 pounds after the Nittany Lion won last week’s Big Ten Championships.

Fix, a four-time All-American, meanwhile, is ranked No. 1 after the Cowboy captured his fifth Big 12 championship last weekend.

Meanwhile, two-time defending national champion Penn State continues to be the favorite to win the team title at the 2024 NCAA Division I Championships, March 21-23, in Kansas City. All 10 Nittany Lions are ranked in the Top 8 of their weight class, including six rated No. 1. In addition to Davis, Beau Bartlett (141), Levi Haines (157), Carter Starocci (174), Aaron Brooks (184) and Greg Kerkvliet (Hwt) are all ranked No. 1.

The Nittany Lions have amassed 160.5 points in WIN’s Tournament Power Index, which predicts team standings at the NCAA Division I Championships, based on a point total associated with individual placement and advancement points that could be scored at the 2024 NCAAs, excluding bonus points.

After Penn State, No. 2 Iowa (66.5), No. 3 Oklahoma State (63), No. 4 NC State (60) and No. 5 Iowa State (58.5) round out the top five.

It should be noted that WIN’s individual rankings are not simply an update of recent wins and losses, but more of a prediction at this point in the season of where wrestlers will finish at the NCAA Championships taking potential seeds into consideration.

The following is a breakdown of those TPI points: 20 for 1st place, 16 for 2nd, 13.5 for 3rd, 12.5 for 4th, 10 for 5th, 9 for 6th, 6.5 for 7th and 5.5 for 8th. Wrestlers ranked 9-12 earn two points each, followed by one and a half points for wrestlers ranked 13-16 and one point for those ranked 17-20.

WIN Magazine’s March 12 Tournament Power Index

Rk.SchoolTotal RankTop 8TPI Pts
1.Penn State1010160.5
3.Okla. State10563
4.NC State9460
5.Iowa State8558.5
7.Arizona State6454
11.Virginia Tech8238.5
12t.Ohio State7337
15.Northern Iowa4334
18.Air Force3222
19.Little Rock3217
20.Oregon State4116.5
23.Lock Haven2113.5
25.West Virginia3112
32.Cal Poly305
33t.Mich. State304
35t.App. State303.5
46t.Utah Valley101

WIN Magazine’s March 12 Individual Rankings - 125

1Braeden DavisPenn StateFr.10th
2Drake AyalaIowaSo.2nd
3Matt RamosPurdueJr.1st
4Anthony NotoLock HavenJr.7th
5Patrick McKeeMinnesotaSr.8th
6Jore VolkWyomingSo.15th
7Richard FigueroaArizona StateSo.18th
8Troy SpratleyOklahoma StateRSFr.4th
9Luke StanichLehighFr.20th
10Michael DeAugustinoMichiganSr.12th
11Jakob CamachoNC StateJr.17th
12Eric BarnettWisconsinSr.9th
13Dean PetersonRutgersSo.19th
14Tanner JordanSouth Dakota StateSr.13th
15Cooper FlynnVirginia TechFr.6th
16Caleb SmithNebraskaGr.11th
17Noah SurtinMissouriJr.5th
18Stevo PoulinNo. ColoradoSo.3rd
19Nico ProvoStanfordSo.16th
20Brandon KaylorOregon StateSr.14th

WIN Magazine’s March 12 Individual Rankings - 133

1Daton FixOklahoma StateSr.2nd
2Ryan CrookhamLehighFr.3rd
3Vito ArujauCornellSr.1st
4Kai OrineNC StateJr.4th
5Nasir BaileyLittle RockFr.6th
6Aaron NagaoPenn StateSo.8th
7Dylan ShawverRutgersSo.7th
8Dylan RagusinMichiganJr.5th
9Evan FrostIowa StateRSFr.9th
10Nic BouzakisOhio StateRSFr.11th
11Sam LatonaVirginia TechJr.12th
12Jacob Van DeeNebraskaFr.18th
13Dominic SerranoNorthern ColoradoSo.16th
14Brody TeskeIowaSr.NR
15Braxton BrownMarylandSo.13th
16Julian ChleboveArizona StateJr.NR
17Zeth RomneyCal PolyRSFr.15th
18Michael ColaioccoPennSr.10th
19Ethan OakleyAppalachian StateSo.NR
20Tyler WellsMinnesotaFr.NR

WIN Magazine’s March 12 Individual Rankings - 141

1Beau BartlettPenn StateSr.1st
2Jesse MendezOhio StateSo.3rd
3Real WoodsIowaSr.2nd
4Anthony EchemendiaIowa StateJr.6th
5Ryan JackNC StateJr.4th
6Brock HardyNebraskaSo.7th
7Cael HappelNorthern IowaJr.8th
8Tagen JamisonOklahoma StateRSFr.5th
9Cole MatthewsPittSr.16th
10Lachlan McNeilNorth CarolinaSo.9th
11Sergio LemleyMichiganFr.11th
12Josh KoderhandtNavyJr.13th
13Josh EdmondMissouriSo.14th
14Jesse VasquezArizona StateJr.19th
15Cleveland BeltonOregon StateJr.18th
16Mitch MooreRutgersGr.15th
17Jordan TitusWest VirginiaSo.12th
18Tom CrookVirginia TechSo.17th
19Wyatt HensonLock HavenSo.NR
20Vince CornellaCornellSo.10th

WIN Magazine’s March 12 Individual Rankings - 149

1Ridge LovettNebraskaJr.1st
2Kyle ParcoArizona StateJr.3rd
3Caleb HensonVirginia TechSo.2nd
4Jackson ArringtonNC StateSo.4th
5Austin GomezMichiganGr.5th
6Ty WattersWest VirginiaFr.7th
7Casey SwiderskiIowa StateSo.6th
8Tyler KasakPenn StateFr.16th
9Chance LamerCal PolySo.9th
10Jaden AbasStanfordJr.19th
11Ethen MillerMarylandSo.13th
12Caleb RathjenIowaSo.12th
13Dylan D’EmilioOhio StateSr.11th
14Graham RooksIndianaSr.14th
15Logan GioffreMissouriJr.15th
16Corbyn MunsonCentral MichiganSr.10th
17Joe ZargoWisconsinJr.17th
18Jordan WilliamsOklahoma StateRSFr.20th
19Cody BondAppalachian StateSr.NR
20Ethan FernandezCornellSo.NR

WIN Magazine’s March 12 Individual Rankings - 157

1Levi HainesPenn StateSo.1st
2Jacori TeemerArizona StateSr.3rd
3Meyer ShapiroCornellFr.5th
4Jared FranekIowaGr.6th
5Peyton RobbNebraskaSr.7th
6Daniel CardenasStanfordSo.8th
7Ryder DowneyNorthern IowaRSFr.9th
8Cody ChittumIowa StateFr.12th
9Michael BlockhusMinnesotaSr.2nd
10Cael SwensenSouth Dakota StateSo.NR
11Ed ScottNC StateJr.18th
12Will LewanMichiganSr.15th
13Peyten KellarOhioSo.16th
14Brayton LeeIndianaSr.14th
15Teague TravisOklahoma StateSo.10th
16Bryce AndonianVirginia TechSr.13th
17Vinny ZerbanNorthern ColoradoSo.4th
18Chase SaldateMichigan StateSr.17th
19Mitch MooreRutgersGr.15th
20Jordan TitusWest VirginiaSo.12th

WIN Magazine’s March 12 Individual Rankings - 165

1Keegan O’TooleMissouriJr.1st
2Mitchell MesenbrinkPenn StateRSFr.3rd
3David CarrIowa StateSr.2nd
4Dean HamitiWisconsinJr.4th
5Michael CaliendoIowaSo.5th
6Izzak OlejnikOklahoma StateSr.6th
7Julien RamirezCornellJr.7th
8Cam AmineMichiganSr.10th
9Peyton HallWest VirginiaJr.8th
10Caleb FishMichigan StateSr.9th
11Giano PetrucelliAir ForceSr.12th
12Antrell TaylorNebraskaRSFr.14th
13Andrew CernigliaNavySr.16th
14Garrett ThompsonOhioFr.11th
15Holden HellerPittSr.15th
16Will MillerAppalachian StateSo.NR
17Brevin CassellaBinghamtonJr.19th
18Derek FieldsNC StateSo.20th
19Nick HamiltonVirginiaFr.NR
20Noah MulvaneyBucknellFr.18th

WIN Magazine’s March 12 Individual Rankings - 174

1Carter StarocciPenn StateSr.1st
2Mekhi LewisVirginia TechSr.2nd
3Shane GriffithMichiganSr.3rd
4Cade DeVosSDSUJr.4th
5Rocco WelshOhio StateFr.9th
6Patrick KennedyIowaSo.7th
7Edmond RuthIllinoisJr.8th
8Lennox WolakColumbiaSr.11th
9Adam KempCal PolyGr.12th
10Phillip ConigliaroHarvardSr.5th
11Jackson TurleyRutgersSr.13th
12Ben PasiukArmy West PointSr.17th
13Nick IncontreraPennJr.6th
14Luca AugustinePittSo.14th
15Justin McCoyVirginiaGr.15th
16Andrew SparksMinnesotaJr.NR
17Brayden ThompsonOklahoma StateFr.NR
18M.J. GaitanIowa StateFr.16th
19Gaven SaxNorth Dakota StateJr.18th
20Peyton MoccoMissouriSr.10th

WIN Magazine’s March 12 Individual Rankings - 184

1Parker KeckeisenNorthern IowaJr.1st
2Dustin PlottOklahoma StateSr.2nd
3Isaiah SalazarMinnesotaSr.4th
4Trey MunozOregon StateJr.3rd
5Bernie TruaxPenn StateSr.7th
6Lenny PintoNebraskaSo.5th
7Sam WolfAir ForceSr.8th
8Bennett BergeSouth Dakota StateRSFr.6th
9T.J. StewartVirginia TechRSFr.9th
10Colton HawksMissouriJr.NR
11Jaden BullockMichiganJr.16th
12Dylan FishbackNC StateRSFr.10th
13Chris FocaCornellSr.11th
14Will FeldkampIowa StateSr.13th
15Reece HellerPittSr.14th
16Aaron AyzerovColumbiaJr.19th
17Brian SoldanoRutgersSo.17th
18Layne MalczewskiMichigan StateGr.15th
19Ryder RogotzkeOhio StateFr.NR
20Nate DuganPrincetonSr.NR

WIN Magazine’s March 12 Individual Rankings - 197

1Aaron BrooksPenn StateSr.1st
2Trent HidlayNC StateSr.2nd
3Tanner SloanSouth Dakota StateSr.3rd
4Michael BeardLehighJr.5th
5Jacob CardenasCornellSr.7th
6Lou DePrezBinghamtonGr.6th
7Rocky ElamMissouriJr.8th
8Stephen LittleLittle RockRSFr.9th
9Stephan BuchananOklahomaJr.4th
10Zach GlazierIowaSr.11th
11Silas AllredNebraskaSo.13th
12Jaxon SmithMarylandSo.10th
13Max ShawNorth CarolinaJr.16th
14Luke StoutPrincetonJr.14th
15Mac StoutPittRSFr.18th
16Luke SurberOklahoma StateSr.12th
17Wyatt VoelkerNorthern IowaFr.NR
18Evan BockmanUtah ValleySr.19th
19Nick StemmetStanfordSr.20th
20Luke GeogOhio StateRSFr.NR

WIN Magazine’s March 12 Individual Rankings - Heavyweight

1Greg KerkvlietPenn StateSr.1st
2Yonger BastidaIowa StateSr.3rd
3Wyatt HendricksonAir ForceSr.2nd
4Cohlton SchultzArizona StateJr.4th
5Zach ElamMissouriSr.5th
6Taye GhadialiCampbellSr.6th
7Nathan TaylorLehighSo.8th
8Nick FeldmanOhio StateRSFr.9th
9Lucas DavisonMichiganGr.7th
10Owen TrephanNC StateJr.12th
11Josh HeindselmanOklahomaSr.11th
12Konner DoucetOklahoma StateJr.13th
13Yaraslau SlavikouskiRutgersGr.17th
14Lewis FernandesCornellSr.16th
15Boone McDermottOregon StateSr.15th
16Josiah HillLittle RockJr.18th
17Hunter CatkaVirginia TechJr.20th
18Dayton PitzerPittRSFr.NR
19Cory DayBinghamtonJr.NR
20Keaton KlueverHofstraSr.NR