2017 WIN Magazine/Culture House Dan Hodge Trophy Fan Vote

Fan voting for the 2017 WIN Magazine/Culture House Dan Hodge Trophy has begun. The Hodge Trophy is the top award in college wrestling and has been presented annually since 1994 to the nation’s most dominant collegiate wrestler.

The award is named after Dan Hodge, the former three-time (1955-57) NCAA champion from the University of Oklahoma, who did not allow a takedown in his career and pinned 36 of 46 victims.

Voting Criteria

Criteria for the award include:

  1. A wrestler’s record;
  2. Number of pins;
  3. Dominance on the mat;
  4. Quality of competition;
  5. Past credentials;
  6. Sportsmanship/citizenship; and
  7. Heart.

The first four criteria are the primary criteria. Number of pins is an extremely important criteria. Part of the reason the award was created was to elevate the importance of the pin, and to motivate top collegians to go for the fall. The Hodge Trophy is a single-season award. However, if you have two candidates who are virtually equal, consideration can be given to past credentials, which is criteria No. 5. The last two criteria should be used to help guide voters to select a winner who also is a good representative of the sport.

For the fourth straight year, fans are being asked to help select the winner from the four finalists. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, March 28th. The winner of the fan vote will earn two first-place votes among the total ballots from a group of formal voters which includes each former Hodge Trophy winner, national media, representatives of national wrestling organizations and retired former college coaches from different regions.

The deadline for your vote is this Friday, March 24, at 5:00 pm CST.

The 2017 Finalists

The following is a statistical breakdown, in alphabetical order, of the four finalists.

J’den Cox

197 pounds, Missouri, Senior, Columbia, Mo.

Record Pins TF MD Bonus Point % Career Record
28-0 6 6 7 67.9 136-5

Three-time Champion: 2014, 2016, 2017 and four-time All-American (5th in 2015)



Jason Nolf

157 pounds, Penn State, Sophomore, Yatesboro, Pa.

Record Pins TF MD Bonus Point % Career Record
27-0 14 8 3 92.6 60-2

2017 Champion and two-time All-American (2nd in 2016)



Zain Retherford

149 pounds, Penn State, Junior, Benton, Pa.

Record Pins TF MD Bonus Point % Career Record
28-0 17 7 1 92.9* 95-3

Two-time champion (2016 and 2017) and three-time All-American (5th in 2014)
*28-0 record includes 1 forfeit.



Kyle Snyder

Heavyweight, Ohio State, Junior, Woodbine, Md.

Record Pins TF MD Bonus Point % Career Record
17-0 4 5 4 76.5 58-4

Two-time Champion (2016 and 2017) and three-time All-American (2nd in 2015)



Hodge Trophy Fan Voting has ended. Please visit https://www.win-magazine.com/hodge-trophy-update/ for the latest updated results.