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In 2008, WIN started to name its Impact Award after WIN founder Mike Chapman who actually shared the award in 1999 with his wife Bev. Mike has written over 500 columns on wrestling and several books on the sport.

Year Name
2013 Jim & Bill Scherr, Save Olympic Wrestling
2012 Billy Baldwin, Binghamton & Clay McEldowney, ASC
2011 Tim Curley and Penn State Athletic Department
2010 Greg Hatcher, Arkansas Wrestling
2009 Bob Ferraro, NHSCA, and Scott Casber, TDRTV
2008 Tom Ryan, Ohio State head coach
2007 Ivan Ivanov, USOEC head Greco coach
2006 Al and Chris Bevilacqua, Beat the Streets
2005 Jack Roller, World of Wrestling
2004 Rulon Gardner, Two-time Olympic medal winner
2003 Toby Willis and Matt Case, RealProWrestling
2002 Larry Joseph and Eric Pearson, Title IX
2001 Lou Goldstein
2000 Eric LeSher
1999 Mike and Bev Chapman, International Wrestling Institute and Museum
1998 Kimberly Schuld and Doug Brooker, IPTV
1997 Dan Gable, Iowa head coach, and Leo Kocher, Title IX
1996 Dave and Nancy Schultz
1995 Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, and Dale Anderson