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Women’s wrestling, which came on the scene in this country in the late 1980s, certainly had a banner year as 27 states now sanction girls high school tournaments and over 80 colleges have started women’s wrestling teams at a time that the NCAA has awarded “Emerging=Sports” status.

There have been plenty of great moments and great World and Olympic champions like Tricia Saunders, Kristie Davis, Helen Maroulis and Adeline Gray. But at the same time, skeptics about the sport have also risen; forcing leaders in women’s wrestling to find better ways of marketing this style of wrestling.

Meanwhile, college and high wrestling coaches are trying to figure out when, and if, there will be a season this winter as the nation continues to deal with COVID-19. Every state and organization appears to have different plans, where the college season may only last two months, starting in January, and the last high school state tournament may not be held until next June.

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8 – STATE-BY-STATE HIGH SCHOOL SEASON PLANS – In an ever-changing time, states are having to develop unique scheduling plans and calendars to conduct seasons for sports at the safest times. One option three states are doing has wrestling ending next summer.

14 – MANNING UP MOMENTUM Women’s wrestling continues to grow, but recent skepticism by some has forced organizations like Wrestle Like A Girl to broaden their message while top men’s wrestlers are also spreading the word.

16 – FIGHTING BULLYING IN GIRLS WRESTLING – In this feature, former World Team member and later coach Jessica Medina talks about the need of increased awareness of when the sport’s demands can become demeaning.

17 – BOOK REVIEW: AFSOON – Wrestling author Craig Sesker tells the real-life story of Afsoon Johnston, who immigrated from a volatile Iran to the United States and used wrestling to fight prejudice and earn USA’s first women’s World medal.

18 – GREAT MOMENTS IN WOMEN’S WRESTLING – Check out this chronology that has seen American wrestlers capture 82 World Championships medals (20 gold) and five Olympic medals (1 gold) while also making an impact on high school and college wrestling.

19 – LIVING LEGACY Today’s wrestlers like Dominique Parrish continue to enjoy and learn from the story of Tricia Saunders, who became the U.S.’s first World champ in women’s freestyle, and stays in touch with her sport.

24 – REMEMBER 1946 That was the year that college wrestlers returned from a different international event — World War II — to win NCAA championships, including Oklahoma A&M’s two-time champ David Arndt.

25 – THINKING SPRING  – The nation’s top junior college coaches talk about the NJCAA’s plan to start its season in January and end in April, a plan that could also impact recruiting for these coaches.

26 – FIGHTING UNCERTAINTY – College wrestlers and coaches are also ready to take on life’s biggest challenges when it comes to excelling on the mat, but many of the sport’s leaders are unsure what to expect with this winter’s undetermined plans.

27 – LOOKING FOR NEW HOMES – Several former Old Dominion wrestlers are ready to transfer to other programs after the Monarch administration cut wrestling, but first had a hard time saying goodbye to ODU.

30 – GREEN SCIENCE SOLUTIONS – At a time when wrestling battles the ills of COVID-19, this business from the state of Minnesota has turned to its science to clean surfaces for wrestlers and to help the sport fight against the coronavirus.

Also columns by Bryan Van Kley, Rob Sherrill, Kelsey Campbell, Maya Nelson, Wayne Baughman, Mike Chapman, John Klessinger and Mike Finn.

Also inside this issue are the following:

Team USA Technique Tips – Find out the correct way to execute the dramatic arm spin from Senior-level wrestlers Alan Vera and Joe Rau from out at the Olympic Training Center. 
Suples Training Page – WIN’s Zach Even-Esh reminds wrestlers you can get stronger and work on explosiveness during COVID even when you aren’t in a gym or weight room by throwing heavy object likes boulders or logs. 
FloWrestling Event – Photo coverage – In a clash of former World champions, Kyle Dake downed Italy’s Frank Chamizo and David Taylor returned to the mat in dominating fashion. 
RMN Events Outwest Spotlight – See how New Mexico coach Monte Wallace is helping kids in New Mexico choose the sport of wrestling rather than the streets.