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By Leo Kocher Anyone who cares about the athletic program at their local high school should go to americansportscouncil.org and read the letter posted there. This letter, dated June 24, 2010, is from the U.S. Department of Education to the School Superintendent of Idaho Falls, Idaho. The school boards and administrators in 99 percent of […]

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By Leo Kocher In 1999, two native Iowans, Eric LeSher and Dale Anderson, decided that the issue of the destruction of intercollegiate sports opportunities caused by the policies and rules imposed by the federal government should be injected into the 2000 Presidential campaign.   The group “Iowans Against Quotas” was created and the Iowa Presidential […]

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By Jamie Moffatt Let’s set this scene, which could happen any day now, in any town in the USA, of a meeting between an athletic director and the wrestling coach in a mythical Lincoln High School. Athletic Director: Thanks for coming by, coach. There have been some recent developments where our school district is being […]

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By Leo Kocher Another college wrestling program is on the chopping block? Brown University is seriously looking at terminating its program. If it happens, not only does NCAA wrestling lose another team but it would leave only five Ivy League schools with wrestling, jeopardizing the Ivy League Tournament and other Ivy League wrestling programs as […]

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By Leo Kocher, College Sports Council Spring is here. For college sports teams it is an uneasy time when schools announce the termination of programs. Unfortunately for wrestling fans, the spring slaughter has begun. On March 12, the word came down a few hours after the University of Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks took their third straight NCAA […]

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By Alan Leet The College Sports Council is at the forefront in combating what could be a devastating change in the manner in which Title IX is enforced at the high school level. While both high school and collegiate athletic programs have been subject to Title IX for almost 40 years, high schools generally have […]

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By Clay McEldowney College coaches are coming under increasing pressure to run successful programs in the face of ever-present dragons breathing fire down their necks and those of their athletes. They work hard to maintain a well-balanced program and prepare their athletes for competition. However, with greater balance in the quality of college teams (who […]

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